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Travelodge (Norwich Cringleford)

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2 Reviews

Address: Thickthorn Service Area A11 / A47 Interchange / Norwich Southern Bypass / Norwich / NR9 3AU / England

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    2 Reviews
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      11.09.2009 10:21
      Very helpful



      OK as a base for getting to see some of Norwich's different attractions!!

      There really doesn't seem much point in writing a review about Travelodges as they are basically all the same. Although I have stayed in one or two that have been nothing like the run of the mill usual Travelodge. So I thought that sometimes it is good to know what the surrounding areas are like and if they are near any special landmarks ( although I suppose you would have checked that out already!) well sometimes there are somethings you may not find out!

      Well as I pointed out before we tend to get about a bit for the odd weekend or visit to family, last week I stayed at a particular good one, up in Yorkshire which had very good amenities, as soon as it comes available on Dooyoo I will be writing about that too ( I hope you don't think I'm toooo boring!).

      We chose this one at Cringleford nr Norwich, particulary for the Park and Ride facilities, that is sitting on the back of the Travelodge.As it was a Friday and Saturday it would be nice for hubby to go into Norwich and have a few beers at a couple of the different pubs and bars.It would make a change for him not to have to drive into a busy town that he doesn't really know, or where to park, as well as not being able to have a drink if he had to drive!. So as silly as it seems we drove our car into the Park and Ride and parked up, before getting onto one of the many buses waiting. Now you may be asking yourself why we did this, well if you went in on foot you would be charged more( I can't remember exactly how much!),but if by car it was £2.80 all day for a car holding up to 5 adults and 3 children, with it being just £1 after 12.30pm, with the same amount of passengers. You can go back and forth all day long on this one ticket which is great if you go shopping and then go back to the Travelodge to freshen up and then pop back a bit later in the day to have a bite to eat, but like Cinderella( actually she got a bit longer at least to midnight!!) you have to be back to get the last bus at 7.30pm.

      Well if you have stayed at a Travelodge you will be aware that the eating side of it is very limited, with it having maybe a Little Chef, Marks and Spencer Food Shop or a Burger King, ( you could grab something from the garage forecourt as they do tend to have hot pies and pasties usually, but this doesn't appeal to me !). This particular one had the latter one, not a great fan of chips or burgers really, so my choice was limited by quite a bit.

      This Travelodge was one of the usual regular one with the trademark blue curtains and bedding with the usual light orangey painted walls, it was clean enough and being that we were only sleeping in there it was enough for us. We found the staff to be pleasant enough and helpful when asking about the park and ride, Norwich shops and where was the nearest place to grab a decent meal in town.

      This Travelodge is also a good base not only for Norwich (4 miles), the Norfolk Broads are only 6 miles away which is really beautiful with it's Rose and Jim barges slowly going down the broads.Snetton Race Track and Sunday market is also worth a visit as this is only 15 miles away. Also if you are down from up north and are staying this way then if you have children Pleasurewood Hills is roughly 20-25 miles away, this is a great place for children to visit. This is a theme park with plenty of exciting rides and sea lion shows daily.

      Cringleford is set out in the countryside next to the Thickthorn Roundabout ( I think thats a great name for a roundabout!). This is at the junction of the A11 and A47, so it is also easy to visit Great Yarmouth as well.

      Well I hope this may have been of some help if you are looking for somewhere to stay in this area!

      The full address for this Travelodge is;

      Travelodge Norwich Cringleford Hotel
      Thickthorn Service Area
      A11/A47 Interchange
      Norwich Southern Bypass
      Norwich NR9 3AU

      Tele; 0871 984 6205

      The prices per night vary here usually £50, but you can get cheaper deals if you look online at their webpage!

      ps. The Park and Ride prices were when I went about 3 years ago so I'm not sure if they have risen ( I expect they have as with everything else!!)


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        22.07.2009 08:46
        Very helpful



        It served a purpose, but I'd not rush back in a hurry

        I came home from Mexico the weekend I did, rather than staying later into the summer as I'd originally planned, because one of my best friends was getting married. Manchester to Norwich is a long drive, and the parties were due to go on into the night, so I booked to stay at this Travelodge, about 5 minutes drive from the venue. Despite the wonderful promises on their website of summer discounts and special offers, I ended up paying £65 for the room for one Saturday night, though this was still a cheap(er) option since B&Bs in this part of Norfolk, are on the pricy side.

        The Travelodge is easy enough to find, though if you're coming from the west you have to go all the way round the roundabout to see it, with no signs confirming it's there. You can see the Little Chef next door first, and then the Travelodge sign comes into view. In addition to the Little Chef there is also a petrol station and a Burger King here, but apart from that it's in the middle of nowhere, on a nondescript A-road roundabout near Hethersett. There is nowhere to walk nearby, though it is also the site for a local Park and Ride, so you can reach the centre of Norwich quick easily and cheaply, which my chauffeur/mother did that afternoon while I was off gallivanting at the wedding.

        We arrived too early to check in, and didn't bother seeing if the room was ready since the website had highlighted the 3pm check in time and stressed that rooms would be available earlier only if you paid an additional £10 fee. I thought 3pm was a little late, but then check out was not until noon so people who like a lie-in would have been happy. We had pre-paid for the room and because there's nothing you could possibly want to charge, you don't have to leave a credit card imprint on arrival. The key was handed over to my mother who had a print out of the confirmation, though it was booked in my name and with my debit card (there's a fee for credit cards). However when I returned, nearer midnight, and asked the room number, the man on reception told me that technically he wasn't supposed to tell me. I couldn't ring the room since they didn't have phones, and we were sharing one mobile between us, so a fuss was made and he eventually told me when I correctly confirmed the booking address. Sure, that's a form of ID checking, but actually most of my friends would know my address off by heart too, so for someone who made such a fuss, I don't know why he didn't just accept my offer of photo ID to prove who I was. This was the only interaction we had with the staff here, so it won them no points in terms of customer service. In fact, we saw no one else the entire time, since without anything on offer except for corridors of rooms, few staff are needed.

        The Travelodge is a pretty standard motorway/A-road services design and was a long, flattish building spread over a few levels. We were on the ground floor, though at the back, away from the car park and, I discovered the following morning, with a really rather lovely view of some unloved, overgrown shrubs. I think Travelodge rooms are pretty uniform these days, but for those who haven't stayed in one recently, we had a spacious but rather sparse room. There was a large double bed, plus a sofa bed and pull out bed. We had booked the room on twin occupancy and though the sofa bed had not been made up, bedding for it had been provided. The beds proved to be extremely comfortable, especially the sofa bed. It was also a rather wonderful design, and I wish they sold sofa beds like that for houses, not just en masse for hotel chains. A very strong Wi-Fi signal was available in our room, but you had to pay extra for the access code for this.

        Tea and coffee making facilities were provided (I stole the Splenda...I wanted my money's worth) though there was only one spare plug for my laptop when both the TV and kettle were plugged in. In the bathroom, the freebies stopped, with only a tiny bar of soap provided. I knew they didn't do bottles anymore, but I had assumed for some reason they did do wall-mounted dispensers of stuff. For the record, they don't. You can buy toiletries from the vending machine in reception, but I just washed with soap and risked being smelly/spotty on the 6 hour drive home. The hotel had no real character, and looked dated. I've stayed in better Travelodges in the UK and abroad, and cleaner ones too - there were layers of dust near the window and behind the desk, discovered while searching for an additional plug socket. The bedding was clean, ditto the towels, but the rest seemed to have had only the most cursory of glances.

        The hotel has no other facilities - it really is just a place to sleep and nothing else. So how was that part, the sleeping? Well, travelling in July, the night was a short one in terms of hours of darkness. No problem, we could just shut the curtains. Except...one sported a rather large hole near the top that let in a steady stream of bright light. Also, from my vantage point on the sofa bed, I could see the smoke detector in the corridor near the door (a view hidden from the main bed in the room). While pleased to note we had such an item (smoke detectors don't really exist in Mexico), I was less impressed by the pulsing red light it boasted, which popped up every few seconds, bathing the area in colour for a split second. I always sleep on my back (sleeping on your front gives you wrinkles, apparently, and if you've ever worked with older people in a hospital or hospice, you'll know what sleeping on one side makes you look like), but the only thing for it was to roll over (carefully, in such a narrow bed) and bury my face in a pillow to avoid the two and feign an environment of blackness.

        Darkness and quiet are the two ingredients for a good night's sleep for me, so having failed on the first, could it deliver on the second? Though I awoke once in the night to a few voices in the corridor (no doubt other wedding guests) it wasn't as loud as I had feared and I soon got back to sleep.
        In the morning I had a complicated but powerful shower, tried not to slip in the tub (a sign warned me not too, but gave no guidance on how to avoid doing so) and dried on the thin, scratchy towels. They had given us enough for two - I'm not sure if this is standard or if more/fewer would be provided depending on how many people the room was booked for.

        The hotel was not one of the Travelodges with a Bar/Café but could provide an overpriced and uninspiring breakfast to go. For £4.05 I would expect more than a cereal pot, a fair-trade flapjack/cereal bar and a smoothie, not least because the tea or coffee they also offer could be made free in your room. I also think it's unfair that you have to book breakfast for everyone in the room, or no one. If you want it for only some people, you have to sort it out on arrival and the cost jumps to £4.50. Instead, we went to the Little Chef next door. In fact between us we went 3 times during our stay. Little Chef's have a quite deserved reputation for being poor but expensive, but with no alternative we made do, and the food wasn't as bad as it could have been. It wasn't cheap though.

        This is not a hotel you choose to stay at for the facilities in either the rooms or the rest of the hotels. It's all about location and price. If I'd been reading a review on this place before I'd gone, I would have wanted to know if it was safe, secure, quiet and clean. It was all of these things more or less (noticeably less clean than the Novotel I was in in Toronto a week before). I still don't think it was a bargain for what we got, but when needs must and you have little choice in the matter, I don't think you will come out of this place injured or flea bitten or having had a sleepless night or anything of the sort, so for that reason it is recommended.


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