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Travelodge Silverlink (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

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4 Reviews

Address: Silverlink Coast Road / Newcastle-upon-Tyne / NE28 9HP

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    4 Reviews
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      31.05.2011 11:30
      Very helpful



      The cheapest accommodation around

      Although I would usually prefer to stay in a hotel in the middle of Newcastle, on this occasion I drove up with a specific mission; to pick up my son and his assorted belongings from University at the end of the academic year. For this reason I chose the Silverlink Travelodge. My son lives in Jesmond and this Travelodge is a mere 10 minutes drive down a very straight road to his house, avoiding the nightmare that is the central Newcastle road system and suiting our needs very nicely.

      In addition, the Silverlink offers the £19 per night special discount, which the central Newcastle Travelodge does not.

      This Travelodge is very suitable for guests with a car, being 15 minutes drive from the centre - but is not suitable for anybody arriving by train or plane. Like many Travelodge hotels, it is located on a major road, away from the centre at the junction of the A19 and the A1058, and about 5 miles away from the centre of town. The Silverlink trading estate contains a plethora of large high street retailers such M&S, Next and Boots, together with a swimming pool and cinema. It also has a variety of fast food restaurants such as Frankie and Bennie and Pizza Hut. For this reason it feels less isolated than many of the Travelodges that are found in motorway service stations, but it would still cost well over £10 to catch a taxi into the centre of Newcastle with all of its attractions.

      ~~Arrival and Parking~~

      Finding the Travelodge was a little more complicated than anticipated, as we took advice from the Travelodge website, and plugged the postcode into our sat nav. This seemed to give our (rather cheap and dated) sat nav a minor breakdown, and as we soon realised she was taking us back to Sunderland, we decided to get the map out and direct ourselves. When we arrived I asked if the NE28 postcode was correct, as it seemed wrong for a hotel which was only 5 miles from Newcastle. The receptionist confirmed that it was correct, but said that many guests had commented that their satnavs had failed to locate the hotel. The hotel is easy to find on a map, and I would recommend switching the satnav off on this occasion.

      A major plus for us was the free parking by this Travelodge. Hotels in the centre of Newcastle have limited free parking and can charge £5 per day to park your car. I had read that there were 50 free parking spaces at Silverlink, and we did not have any problem finding a space.

      Our check in was trouble free; the receptionist was efficient and friendly. As with all Travelodges, check in was not until 3pm and we had to wait for an hour in the bar with the large Stag Party that seems to be a fixture in most Newcastle hotels.

      We were given one card key and two breakfast vouchers, and headed up to our 2nd floor room in a very clean and spacious lift.

      ~~Our Room~~

      The corridor to our room had a security operated security door, which was operated with our card key. I had never seen this before, but felt reassured that there were two levels of security.

      The room itself was a bit of a disappointment. The foyer had been well maintained and modern, if perhaps a little tatty. Our room was definitely not up to Travelodge standards.

      The room was very clean but also very tatty. All walls were painted a rather dirty white, with no paintings or other decorations to relieve the cell-like feel. All the wiring was external to the wall; ie the wires ran down the wall from the appliance, covered with ugly plastic casing. I could see where previous electric sockets had been removed and badly patched. There were two empty screw holes in the wall with old raw plug sticking out. Two very ugly radiators took up a lot of the wall space; one huge one that was powered centrally but looked so old that I couldn't believe it worked, and one electric one. As it was late May, they were not operational so I couldn't judge if they worked efficiently.

      The room contained an LG flat screen TV, a large desk with a very low and uncomfortable plastic bucket chair, a large double bed, and two bedside tables. The desk had six drawers - the only other storage was an open wardrobe with 7 hangers.
      As is standard with all Travelodge hotels, there was a kettle with tea and coffee making facilities. There were no toiletries or hairdryer, but the hairdryer could be requested from reception and toiletries could be bought from a vending machine. Wi Fi was available on request, but seemed to cost a huge £5 per hour, which I thought was ridiculous.

      The furnishings were the most basic I had yet found in any Travelodge. The one chair was neither comfortable for desk use nor relaxing, the storage was inadequate, and although there were plenty of wall lights, the ugly plastic ducting that ran down the walls from each one looked horrible.

      The en-suite was very clean and modern, but again had four screw holes in the tiling above the bath that had been filled with sealant. There was a small bar of soap, and two plastic cups in hygienic plastic coverings. One of the biggest disappointments was the shower; situated above the bath, it had almost no pressure at all. The water was hot enough, but trickled out of the shower head in a very lethargic manner.


      I had deliberately chosen a Travelodge with a restaurant. Many do not offer breakfast or evening meal, but on-site breakfast facilities are important to me.

      Breakfast was served in the large and slightly run-down open space that contained easy chairs, a large bar with seating, a large flat screen TV and the restaurant area.

      We could help ourselves to as much as we could eat. Hot food consisted of scrambled egg, cooked tomatoes, sausages, baked beans and bacon. Cold food was a selection of branded cereals, croissants, and toast, butter and jam. Three types of juice, with tea or coffee, were on offer from a machine.

      The breakfast was tasty and plentiful, and I felt very good value for money.


      I paid £19 for a double room, and £13.30 for two breakfasts, making a total of £32.30 per night for two people.

      Although this was not the best Travelodge that I have stayed in, I still felt that it was excellent value for money. In terms of maintenance and cleanliness, it was head and shoulders above the central Newcastle Travelodge.


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        13.02.2011 02:06
        Very helpful



        Go elsewhere

        This hotel has been there for some time now. In fact it was opened before Silverlink was, it used to be an expanse of fields and makeshift racecourses. Over that time it has changed owners many times, suggesting it doesn't work the owners may have hoped. Past names I can remember include Moat House, Menzies, and now budget chain Travelodge. I never stayed under the previous management, but have stayed twice under the Travelodge name. Both times it has cost just £9 for a night so it's not fair to complain, but I'll write the review as though I'd paid the standard rate, which for a Sunday is around £40-£50.

        The hotel has free car parking which is very big so always has ample space. The hotel is right next to the main parking entrance to Silverlink, but can't advise on taxi's, buses etc as I drove there and know the area anyway. The reception is large and rich in woods and easy chairs, showing it clearly wasn't built as a Travelodge. There's about a 20 metre walk across the huge lobby from the doors to the desk. Everything up to this point is flat so there is good disabled access. The welcome is very poor however as both times the reception staff were huddled around the main entrance smoking and gossiping, then one of them follows you at about 2 metres behind to the desk to check you in. Check in itself takes about 2 minutes maximum as you have to pay in advance with Travelodge. They give you a small piece of card with your room number and your room card, and a breakfast voucher if you had booked it, and that's all you get.

        There is a small set of stairs up to the lifts/main stairs, but this has a mobility lift for wheelchair users. There is a lift or stairs up to the rest of the floors. On the second visit the lift was not working. The corridors, stairs, lobby and surrounding area were all pleasant the first time, though by the time of the second visit they were in a poor condition and had not benefited from any maintenance whatsoever. I doubt that between the second stay and writing the review the condition has continued to deteriorate further and further. Once on your floor there is locked doors preventing access to the wings of rooms, but on the second visit none of these were working and could simply be opened like a normal door.

        The rooms are painted a very depressing 'solitary confinement grey', really not what you want from a hotel room. All the usual lights have been removed and replaced with the standard Travelodge wall lights, however these have been lazily fitted onto a plank of wood with the wires hidden in big plastic boxing down the walls. The TV's were the small old portable types that barely managed to get 4 channels comfortably. In both cases they were placed in a way that meant they couldn't be seen from both beds in the room. In both rooms the windows were manky, one rooms windows wouldn't stay open, and rain poured in the windows of our second room - when they were shut. Also, none of the furniture actually matched with anything. The headboards were a sort of roman column design, the mirror and wardrobe had a triangle pattern, and the desks were some sort of american motel cheap stuff with the standard white plastic Travelodge chair. In terms of cleanliness, the rooms are clean, but the first room had a smashed steriod bottle behind the TV and stains all over the floors and a lot of dust. The second had tobacco paper on the desk and crumbs on the floor, so the cleaning is obviously very brisk.

        My advice is to give this hotel a miss. Back when it was a Menzies it would have been looked after, but now that Travelodge have got it, it will go the same way as all their other hotels and will continue with the absolute bare minimum of maintenance. Pulling through with as little expenditure as possible and offering rooms with low prices in an attempt to justify this.


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        21.04.2009 00:23
        Very helpful



        cheap & cheerful hotel

        I have stayed in a few budget hotels in my time, and a fair few of them have been a Travelodge - so when my and my sister decided to desend on Newcastle for the weekend, all we wanted was somewhere clean to rest our head!

        We paid £19 to stay good friday - we was aware it was several miles outside the city centre and tried to work out roughly cost of taxi's based on distance from places in our home town to the city centre.

        Firstly the taxi was £10 by a private hire car and knocking on £20 in a black cab.

        The hotel staff was very polite, friendly and helpful. The reception is 24hr and was very clean and there was ample parking space and a retail park across the way which had a macdonalds.

        The bar is open 24hrs and had internet access and various vending machines.

        Breakfast was around £7 which was all you can eat with a large selection to choose from.

        You needed the card key to access the rooms on each floor.

        Now the disappointment was the room - majority of the rooms over looked the retail park opposite or the roof - but i suspose only staying 1 night, it doesnt really matter that much!

        The room was clean, tidy with extra towels and pillow -however our carpet was coming away from the wall and unlike other travelodges or hotels i have stayed in there was no shampoo, conditioner or shower gel. But there was hand soap and two plastic beakers.

        There was also a travel ketle with 2 cups and a selection of tea and coffee and a 15" LCD TV with inbuilt freeview.

        To sum up this hotel, clean(ish), friendly & polite staff and reasonable for the price.


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          05.09.2008 15:27
          Very helpful




          **Travelodge Silverlink****

          Not one to usually pick a budget hotel i decided to listen to my mum and save some money on accommodation when i was staying in Newcastle

          **Location/Getting there**
          This travelodge is quite far away from the train station.It cost about £14 in a taxi to get there and took about an hour..On the way there the taxi driver said that it had been owned by a few people in the last few years and i can see why.It is defiantly a rubbish location if you are on a short trip.The only good thing about the location is that it has some shops opposite such as Boots and Borders.Since you can get these in the centre or at the metro centre you could probably miss Silverlink out.

          The entrance to the hotel was very nice,not like a Travelodge at all.When we tried to check in at 2.30 the staff very rudely said that if we wanted to check in before 3 there would be a £10 charge even though it said on the website and in my confirmation email that i could check in from 2.Since i couldn't be bothered arguing i just paid it.

          The room was very basic like all Travelodges-Nothing in the room seemed to work.The tv and kettle were broken.They also only gave us one little towel between two.

          This was 15 if you paid in advance so I'm not sure what the normal price is.Okay so this is cheap but you would end up spending a lot more on taxis/buses getting to the centre.

          I didn't stay there long as i found another hotel but they offered wi fi access and the hotel had plenty of parking.There was a bar where you could get food and drink but this is all the hotel had to offer-there is nothing else to do here.

          I wouldn't recommend staying here especially if you are on a shopping trip or only there for a few days.It takes far too long to get to other places.


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