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Travelodge Southbound Winchester

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3 Reviews

Address: A34 Trunk Road Southbound / Winchester / Hampshire SO21 3JY / England

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    3 Reviews
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      28.08.2011 00:30



      worth for £29 pound

      Me and my boyfriend booked one night reservation,as the next day we were going to go to Southampton boat show.

      We left London late,so was not sure if they would keep the room for us, my boyfriend called them,and they said it will not be problem.

      It was very hard to find the hotel as there were no signs to direct us to hotel and navigation was not finding it either. We had to call reception and they gave us direction.

      Check in was very quick and as soon as the receptionist confirmed our address she gave us key for our room. We paid only £29 when we booked it which was very reasonable price. There was no vending machine, and when we arrived the Little Chef restaurant opposite hotel was shut, only place we could get something to eat was petrol station.

      The room was very basic with big long mirror, double bed. The room was very warm when we went in. The shower was basic but the sink was cracked. There was only one set of towels left in the room so we had to go to reception and ask for another set.

      There was no telephone in the room and there was basic coffee/tea facility with 2 cups and tea bags/coffee/sugar.

      Check out next morning was quite quick too and receptionist helped us with direction to Southampton.

      Only thing we were not happy there was a lot of noise at night.


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      20.09.2009 23:57
      Very helpful



      Not bad for one night, wouldn't want to stay any longer.

      We stayed here just for one night when we went to the Southampton Boat Show. We travelled down to Southampton on the Saturday morning, then travelled home the following Sunday. We choose this Travelodge because it was cheaper and still had rooms available unlike many closer to Southampton.

      When we arrived we found the hotel easy because it was light and we could see the sign. Near the hotel was a Little Chef and a Shell petrol station.
      We parked in the car park next to the hotel and went into reception.

      The reception was very basic. Straight ahead of the main door was a large desk. One woman was sitting behind the desk and took our booking. We had booked and paid online so check in was nice and quick. The receptionist was very friendly, if a little quiet.
      There were no vending machines in the reception or anywhere in the hotel so you couldn't buy any drinks or snacks.

      All the rooms are on one level. The reception is in the centre at one end of the long building, so there is only two ways to get to rooms, through the door on the left, or the door on the right. So its very hard to get lost.

      The receptionist gave us the keys, they still use regular metal keys with a large plastic key ring with the room number on instead of those electronic key cards.

      We found our room quickly, the numbers on the doors are not easy to see until you are right next to the door though as they are not printed in the middle, instead they are just near the lock, but its still easy enough to find your room.

      The rooms themselves are extremely basic. You walk in and there is a door on your left (possibly on your right if the room layout is flipped) to the bathroom. On the opposite side of the door is a closet area (just a few shelves with a hanging rail). You then enter the main room which consists of a double bed, a sofa (which is also a sofa bed as it has a full out bed underneath), there is a large fixed desk opposite the bed which has the tv and coffee and tea making facilities. There is a large mirror above the desk.

      The bed was surprisingly comfortable for such a cheap hotel. A nice soft but firm mattress (hope that makes sense) with a simple white sheet. Then a white duvet and two white pillows. The pillows were a bit rubbish and thin but there is a spare pillow on the shelf, and you can ask for more at reception if needed.

      The TV was pretty poor. Its an old 17 inch CRT tv fixed to a swivel stand so you can't move it anywhere else on the desk. The only channels were BBC One, BBC Two, ITV1, Channel 4, Five, Sky News, Film 4 and 4Music. The TV did not have any built in tv guide so you couldn't find out what was on each channel without a tv guide.

      The coffee and tea making facilities consisted on a simple kettle, two mugs, a spoon (yes only one), two tea bags, four coffee sachets (two regular, two decaf), four little milk tubs, and some sugar.
      There is also a basic plastic chair for you to sit at the desk.

      The room was actually well lit. it has two ceiling lights, one in the main part of the room, and one in the little hall way. There was also two wall mounted bed side lights, and two wall mounted desk lights all with their own switch. Then of course there was the large window at one end. The two opening windows have those safety locks on them so you can only open them about two inches and these rooms are always too hot and it was very hard to cool them down. The curtains were brilliant though, they are double lined and don't let any light through when closed which was great for me as i struggle to sleep when its not dark. Not that i sleft that well anyway due to the room being so warm.

      The bathroom was also very basic. it consisted of a bath with a fixed shower head and a horrible plastic shower curtain. A toilet and a sink. Nothing special about the toilet or sink, they both worked fine. There is a large mirror above the toilet and sink.
      The shower on the other hand was not so simple. its one of those systems where when you turn the water on it comes out the bath tap, and you pull up a trigger to switch the water to the shower head.
      There are two taps, one controls the amount of water, the other controls the heat. Now its a simple system if it works, but when i had a shower, it took ages to get warm, and it never got hot even on the hottest setting.
      Then it kept going cold and back to warm on me. I only just managed to get my hair washed and i just wanted to get out.

      Another problem with the bathroom is the lack of hooks/rails. There is one cheap plastic hook on the door, a simple double toilet roll holder and thats basically it. So you either have to put the towels and your clothes on the toilet, the small table unit behind the toilet, the tiny hook or on the floor. Is it really that hard to add a simple towel rail??

      When we got in, we couldn't find the tv remote and just thought someone had taken it. We told reception but they didn't actually have any spare remotes. We did find the remote later though. When we pulled out the spare bed we found the remote under this.

      The sheet on the bed had an old stain towards one end. It didn't really bother me but it seems bad that the hotel are allowed old stained sheets to still be used.

      There is WiFi available in all the rooms, but the prices are high. It costs £5 for just one hour, then £10 for a day, £20 a week or £30 a month.

      I mentioned earlier that we arrived when it was light, but if anyone arrived at night, they may struggle to actually find the place. The main sign was not lit up, and most of the outside lights were not on, both in the car park and around the hotel. We found this very poor.

      For someone who just wants somewhere to sleep then this place would be fine, but for more than one night it may be a bit unpleasant.


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      05.12.2008 11:28
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good, standard place to stay for a short while

      I was recently in Winchester for my cousins wedding.
      My mum had booked three separate rooms at the Southbound Travelodge on the A34 in Winchester. We had originally booked the rooms for two nights but when me and my boyfriend got into London a night earlier, Mum made another separate booking for an extra night for us. When we got to the hotel, we explained that we were also booked in for another two nights after the initial night we were staying, and the lady said there was no problem to keep the same room for all three nights, which was great meaning that we wouldn't have to check out and check in again in the morning to go to a different room.

      Since the room was already paid for, checking in was really easy, all we had to do was give our name and then we got the key to our room. The check in desk is straight in front of you as soon as you enter the Travelodge, so no problems in trying to locate the reception.

      The Travelodge is situated in a service station. What was quite confusing when we got there, was that the Travelodge sign was actually on the main building where the restaurants and toilets were, so naturally we went in there first, but it turns out that the building was actually about 50 metres away with no sign on it! In the service station is a Little Chef, a Shell petrol station, a little newsagent type shop (where everything is really expensive!) and a Café Tempo.

      As soon as we came into the hotel, we notice that the roof was leaking from one of the long, large lights. There were two buckets on the floor and the entire carpet was soaked. It was right in front of the door to the hallway where the rooms are situated, so you sort of had to squeeze past and try not to get dripped on as you went by.

      The rooms are pretty standard and generic. I have stayed in Travelodges before and all of the rooms seem to look the same. In our room we had a double bed, this was actually really comfy and gave a good nights sleep. The bed had simple white sheets on it. There was also a kettle, two mugs and a selection of tea and coffee. This consisted of two tea bags, two normal coffee sachets and two decaf coffee sachets, four little tubs of milk and some white and brown sugar.

      There was a blue sofa in the room which doubled up as a sofa bed, you could pull out the bottom part and in it was a mattress so that a second or third person could sleep there. There was also a desk and chair, two bedside tables and lamps (one on either side of the bed) and a really good, big mirror. There is a tv in the room which has the normal five channels on it. There was also a working remote for the tv.

      The curtains in the room were great. Even though it was really light outside, the heavy curtains shut out all the light and made the room really dark which made it a lot easier to sleep. It was really hot at night though, and since there were window restrictors on the window, it was really hard to cool the room down.

      When we went into the bathroom, there were some hairs in our bath. Since the shower head is attached to the wall you can't remove it, so we were trying to throw cups of water to try to flush them away since we didn't really want to wash with them in there. Another thing in the bathroom was that no matter how tightly we tried to turn off the taps, they still seemed to leak! There was also no soap in the bathroom, so we resorted to using shampoo to wash our hands instead. Also, even though they knew there were two of us in the room they had only put one towel in there. We did have our own towels with us though, so this was not such a big problem. The bathroom was well stocked with toilet paper though, so no worries about running out! The only problem was that the flush on the toilet wasn't very strong so it sometimes left the toilet paper in there which was pretty annoying.

      There is wireless internet available in the hotel. This did work out to be quite expensive but we did pay for an hour to go online. The prices are £5 for 1hr, £10 for the day, £20 for the week or £160 for a year (you would have to stay there a lot to get your moneys worth!) Obviously it is cheaper the longer that you want to go online, but we only needed an hour so we just paid £5. You pay online with you credit or debit card, it will ask you for your details as soon as you open your internet window.

      There is no actual restaurant in the hotel, but we were asked when we checked in if we wanted to buy a breakfast box. These cost £4.50 and included some cereal, flapjack, coffee and a couple of other things. We though £4.50 sounded quite a lot for what it was though, so we decided just to get some sandwiches from the petrol station which worked out cheaper.

      The walls in the hotel seemed to be quite thin, you could easily hear people out in the hallway and opening and closing the doors. However, despite being so close to the motorway we didn't hear any outside noise coming in at all.

      There are various items available to borrow from reception if you need them. We borrowed the iron to iron a suit and it was falling to pieces and didn't really work that well. Also they didn't have a plaster they could give me after I cut my leg. I thought that was quite bad that they didn't have basic first aid stuff available. The staff were friendly and approachable though. They had no problem refilling our coffee and tea after we had drunk it all on the first day.
      There is a car park right next to the hotel for guests to park in. There always seemed to be spaces there so there was no trouble getting parked.

      There didn't seem to be any buses running from the service station into Winchester. I guess they expect everyone to have cars if they stay at the hotel. If not then you would be in trouble trying to get anywhere. It is a really isolated area to be in, right on the side of the motorway, it is about 10 miles(ish) away from Winchester. Until my parents and sister arrived the next day in the car, we were stuck in the service station and hotel and were getting quite bored with nothing to do.

      The standard room rate is £56 per room per night. I guess that is quite normal, and the going rate for most Travelodges. We had a comfortable stay, the bathroom wasn't quite up to scratch but we didn't spend too much time in the hotel. For a standard hotel it was fine and the staff were friendly. It's ok for a night or two, but not for much longer! And take your car, I think that is essential if you don't want to be stuck at a boring service station with nothing to do.


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