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Travelodge (Sunderland Central)

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2 Reviews

Address: Low Row, Sunderland, SR1 3PT / Tel: 0871 984 6050

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    2 Reviews
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      17.05.2013 18:28
      Very helpful



      Hit and miss, worth a gamble if you need somewhere but only if it is cheap!

      Travelodge Sunderland Central

      I am writing this review on the Central Travelodge Sunderland not the new one located at Sunderland High Street West.

      I have used this hotel many times over the years, mainly because of it's location to Sunderland Empire. It is only 2 minutes walk to the theatre and I see quite a few shows there, so sometimes choose to stop at this hotel.

      This hotel is one of your standard old style Travelodge hotels, there are double rooms that can sleep up to two adults and have a single double bed and then family rooms which have a double bed and a sofa bed. These rooms can cater for 3 adult's and 1 child or 2 adults and 2 children. The reason that these rooms are not suitable for a fourth adult is that the mattress that pulls out from under the sofa bed is too small for an adult to sleep upon. As far as I am aware this hotel has the original bath with shower set up in all rooms. I am yet to have a shower room at this hotel if there are any.


      This hotel has no cafe/bar of it's own, however there is a Weatherspoons under the hotel which is perfectly adequate for a breakfast or meal for many. If not the hotel is only 2 minutes walk to the centre of town so there is plenty of choice.


      This hotel does have 10 parking spaces, however I will warn anyone using this hotel to park with great caution!! Although I have heard that it is now illegal to clamp in private car parks a few years ago when stopping at this hotel with my mum we were clamped and upon checking as of today their website still says that they do clamp. Anyway the warning! The 10 spaces are only for guests of the hotel, we were travelling over 2 hours in the car so we actually arrived at the hotel 20 mins before our 3pm check in. This was before the early check in option was available and they were very strict about the check in time. As we were guests of the hotel we parked our car in the car park and went into weather spoons under the hotel for a quick drink until we checked in. When we came back out our car had been clamped because until you check in you are not a guest of the hotel! At check in we were provided with a slip of paper to place in the car to show we were a guest. In my opinion this was an awful system and very unfair to clamp guests simply awaiting checking in.


      The rooms at this hotel really are hit and miss, I have had some that are alright but I have had others that I can only describe as disgusting!

      The rooms are your basic Travelodge rooms, they have bedding, towels, toilet roll, a bar of soap, kettle, teabags, coffee, milk, sugar and mugs.

      Upon check in on this particular occasion my mum discovered that the mugs were filthy, I would say that they had not been cleaned out from the last guest they were that dirty. I ended up using the soap in the bathroom to wash them out so we could have a cup of tea.

      The vanity area of the room had also not been wiped down from the previous occupants, they had clearly spilt some alcohol or fizzy drink, the vanity was stained, ringed and sticky but worst of all, the previous occupants had left us a nice bit of their hair stuck into this sticky mess that had not been cleaned up.

      The light fittings were also covered in a layer of dust so thick that mum wrote a letter in it and these were also topped and finished off with a bit more hair for decoration!

      There was also a filthy layer of dust on the toilet roll holder in the bathroom. The towels and bedding however were clean enough.

      As is usual with Travelodge hotels the sofa bed is not made up for you so you are required to do this yourself.


      This hotel is about half a mile from the main train station in Sunderland and around 2 minutes walk to the main shopping centre and shops.

      A word of warning there are pubs/clubs under the hotel and along the same street as the hotel so you can get noise coming from these at times, however I will admit to finding them often perfectly quiet. In fact the most noise I have experienced from the pubs was the staff binning the bottles in the early hours but friends have said from other rooms that their had heard the music. The back of the hotel over looks a busy road so this also can be noisy.


      This hotel is alright for a single night stop, it can be hit and miss the quality of the rooms, it is worn and tired and I have had to change rooms sometimes because they were just to dirty for my liking. We have never again taken the car after the clamping incident and I really would warn customers to park with caution and check with the staff on check in about their current policy.

      Because of it's location I would give this hotel 3 stars, however because of the amount of problems and the run down state of the hotel I am taking one star away and feel that this hotel has the value of 2 stars. Whilst I have no issues with a room being basic, I do not feel there is any excuse dirty rooms.


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        24.02.2011 17:38
        Very helpful



        Don't stay here, for any room rate!!

        Welcome was fine, clean lobby and given/told everything needed by the receptionist. Access to rooms is controlled by keycard which is good as normally Travelodge hotels have this facility but don't actually use it. A lift and stairs are available. The ends of the corridors were dark, and unlit.

        At first glance the room appeared pleasant, well lit, roomy and clean. However it wasn't really clean at all, besides the bed, which was. The sofa was heavily stained and uncomfortable and just looked horrible (see photo). The sofa had a wheel missing and the carpet was heavily torn and instead of being replaced, was just covered up by the sofa. The carpet was very dirty and visibly stained in various obvious places, highlighting that no vacuuming had been performed. What's more, there were various stains all over the walls and plenty of cobwebs. It is such a shame to be able to say I could look at virtually any patch of wall, and it would be stained/damaged in one form or another. The window was filthy, and the track of where a net curtain used to be was still there.

        Without a doubt, the worst area of the entire room was the tea & coffee facilities. This may seem like a small area, but they need to be clean. There was two cups, which looked like the cheapest money could buy, 1 spoon (in a family room) which again looked like the cheapest money could buy. One of the cups was fine, but the other one had hairs in it, as well as fluff, something yellow and sticky around the side, and two large and very noticeable (and dangerous) chips out of the rim. To summarise, not the least bit of effort had been put in to cleaning or checking them. I boiled both cups and cleaned them properly since it appears to have been a while since this was done.

        I am pleased to say the bed was comfortable with great pillows, and the bathroom appeared clean. Though given the experience with the cups, I didn't give using the bath a thought, and the shower curtain was torn and mouldy.

        There is also the late checkout policy. I paid £10 for the privilege of a lie-in, which I didn't get. I confirmed with reception at check in that the late check out was noted in an attempt to prevent the exact eventuality that happened, and she confirmed this. From around 9am my door was randomly lightly knocked on (the do not disturb sign was present), later followed by vigorous banging and shaking of the door. This was at 12:30pm, and needless to say it woke me up. I am sure it would have been scary for a lone female guest. I got up and heard two staff very loudly discussing and realising outside my door that they had been trying to get into my room instead of the one opposite. They found it hilarious. I thought they had realised their mistake and that I was on late checkout. Yet right after this, a woman receptionist banged on my door, to which I answered. She asked me when I was checking out in a 'get out now' way. I told her about the late check out which she clearly had no clue of whatsoever and she walked off. She then knocked on a guest room next door who was very apologetic at running late and she very rudely interrogated the guest for their mistake. But did they apologise to me for their mistake? No.

        Ironically, you would expect the biggest problem with a hotel above 2 nightclubs, would be the nightclubs. However, this did not present one single sleep problem during the stay!

        Travelodge hotels can be good and value for money, but this one is an absolute dive.


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