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Windmill Village Hotel, Golf Course and Leisure Club (Coventry)

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3 Reviews

Address: Birmingham Road / Allesley / Coventry / CV5 9AL England

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    3 Reviews
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      04.10.2012 00:43
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      A nice hotel, but lacking in a few areas.

      I was booked into this hotel through work as I had to attend a 3 day training course. I had expected to be booked into a 3* hotel in central Birmingham so was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had 3 nights in the 4* Best Western Windmill Village.

      I drove up from Norwich after work and knew that the hotel was on a dual carriageway. The sat nav found the road for me, and then I was stuck AND it was dark! I spotted the hotel eventually, on the other side of the dual carriageway - how incredibly frustrating. I had to continue driving for about 5 minutes down the dual carriageway until I could turn around and return to the hotel.
      I finally arrived and couldn't wait to get checked in! I was dark when I got there so I can't comment on what my first impressions were, all I was saw was the large car park attached to the hotel that is free for guests. As I was travelling for work, I was fully laden and had a wheelie suitcase, my wheelie laptop case as well as my handbag and a carrier bag. It seems that you cannot access the hotel from the side where the car park is, meaning that I had to walk around to the front. This was a little frustrating as I was tired and cold and just wanted to get there. It was also a pretty uneven surface, meaning that my case and laptop bag took a bit of a battering and I struggled a bit.

      When I entered the hotel, I received a warm welcome from the friendly receptionist. The reception area was nice and bright, I could see a nice, public area with comfy sofas. I was given my room card to room 308 and headed off. There was a lift as well as stairs (phew!), so I took this and came out right near my room. My first impressions were that the room was a bit dated, but looking back, maybe I was being a little harsh. I had just come back from a weekend in a modern hotel in London and think it was a direct comparison! The carpet was a hideous mustard colour with a blue pattern on it and the furniture was a little dated, but it was fine. The room had the biggest bed I have ever seen and had a proper wardrobe, table and chair, writing desk and sideboard. There was also a TV unit with a flatscreen LG TV - this had all Freeview channels on it.
      The room had tea and coffee making facilities, which was great, but I was a little disappointed that there was no fridge. I had brought a bottle of wine with me (to save money) and ended up having nowhere to keep it cool. Most importantly though, the room was very clean.

      The bathroom was a good size and had a bath with a shower over it. I also REALLY liked that there were miniature bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion. I went to use the toilet and there was something sitting in the bottom of the toilet (not what you're thinking, but not sure what it was!). I flushed the toilet and it went, but it was just a shame that I had to get rid of it!
      The room was always cleaned when I got back from my training and the bed had been made. However, I used one of the glasses on my first night and found that the next day, it hadn't been replaced with a clean one. I tried to leave the glass in a more prominent position; however, even after leaving it out for a second day, it still wasn't replaced. As I wanted to use the glass on my third night, I ended up having to wash it up myself which I thought was a bit bad for a 4* hotel!

      It is possible to get free WiFi in hotel rooms. You just need to get a code from reception and it is possible to access the internet free for up to 24 hours. If you are staying longer and need more internet use, you can just pick up more codes from reception - I ended up with 3 different codes and had free internet for 3 days - brilliant!
      It had been dark when I arrived, so when I woke up the next morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had a view from my window over the golf course. I'm not especially keen on golf, but it was so nice to look out and just see green and not a car park or a wall!

      Breakfast is served from 6:30am until 9:30am in the Fairways restaurant again. I was greeted by the friendly waitress from the night before and taken to a table overlooking the golf course and brought a coffee. There was a good selection on the buffet - typical fried breakfast, pastries, fruit, yoghurts, cereals and toast. I had a fry up and it was fairly average, pretty much what you would expect from a hotel breakfast. The only downside was that I wasn't given a teaspoon with my coffee, so had to stir it with a knife!!!
      Breakfast on my second day was ok, although the waitress was clearly more interested in the business men in suits than me. She took one look at me and dismissively sent me off to find my own table. Most of the tables had been used and not yet cleaned, so I managed to find a table for 4, which had one remaining place setting. Today, I wasn't offered a tea or coffee until I was about to leave. I politely told the waitress that it was a little late for coffee and left - not a great experience.

      I was on a dinner, bed and breakfast rate, so on my first night, I made my way to the Fairways restaurant for something to eat. I was greeted by 2 young girls and instantly felt uncomfortable - one of the girls was lovely, but the other looked at me as if to say 'you're here on your own?'! I was taken to a table and sat down and ordered a diet coke. The restaurant was fairly large and I guessed that they serve the breakfast for there as part of it was set up for a buffet. One thing I noticed was that there was no music in the restaurant; I found this a little uncomfortable as I was seated near a large, noisy table and could hear everything they were saying. We are usually allowed to claim up to £20 per dinner on work expenses and I soon realised that this would make things very difficult. The food all sounded lovely, but the average price for a starter was £6-7, the cheapest main was £12.95 with the most expensive being £18.95 and desserts were £6-7. I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't be having 3 course meals on this work trip and ordered the sea bass (£15.95). It was typical of a 'posh' restaurant and the food came all stacked up in the middle of the plate with a few carefully placed dollops of sauce around the edge. It was very tasty, but there wasn't a lot of it unfortunately! On my way out of the restaurant, I asked one of the girls what was actually included on my dinner, bed & breakfast rate and she told me that I am entitled to a 3 course meal. I didn't feel as though I could go and sit back down and demand my starter and dessert so I chalked it up to experience and thought I would treat myself the next night!
      The following evening for dinner, I joined a table of 3 colleagues who had just ordered. The restaurant manager seemed to be incredibly stressed out; although I didn't think that the restaurant was overly busy. I had to get up and order at the desk as I was left waiting for quite a while. I ordered a glass of water, which I never received - very frustrating. I ordered vegetarian enchiladas which were nice, although it was really annoying that I didn't have a drink to wash it down with. We finished our meals and asked for the bill - the manager asked if we could go over to the desk to sort out the bills as he was getting in a muddle. This was a little annoying, and it seemed that the service really slipped as he was so stressed.

      Dinner on the third night was a fantastic experience. A colleague and I had a starter and a main course, the restaurant was a little quieter and we received excellent service. The food, as usual, was to such a high standard and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
      One of the things I was most excited about with this hotel was that it had a swimming pool, steam room, sauna and jacuzzi. There was also a gym and 18 hole golf course, but these weren't quite so appealing! I went down to the swimming pool, signed in and got my towel. The changing room was quite spacious and was nice and clean; I put my things in the large lockers and went into the pool area. The first thing I spotted was the showers, there was a pad on the wall and you had to wave your hand infront of it to make them work - amazing! The swimming pool was nice and everything was very clean; unfortunately there were quite a few people there when I went and there wasn't really space for everyone to do lengths (there is probably space for 4 or 5 people to do lengths at a time). The jacuzzi isn't really a proper jacuzzi, it is joined on to the swimming pool so uses the same water. It has seats around the outside and does bubble up, but because it isn't particularly warm, it just doesn't have the same impact as I was hoping for. The steam room and sauna were both lovely - both rooms were fairly large and had fairy lights in the ceiling which I loved! Both served their purpose perfectly and I left the swimming pool feeling incredibly chilled out and relaxed.

      I was here for a 3 day training course, so I got to experience the conference facilities. We were only a small group of 7, so were in the Blenheim Room which was the perfect size. The staff were incredibly attentive and brought in fresh tea, coffee and biscuits 4 times during the day, which was a god send! We had lunch in the restaurant and were assigned a table; it was a buffet style lunch with a salad bar for the starters, either beef stew or salmon for the main and then a very rich chocolate cake for dessert. The only downside to the location of our room was that it was a long walk to the toilets (about a 5 minute walk if you don't get lost). Overall, I found the conference facilities to be very good. There were a lot of rooms available and almost all of them were in use while I was there, so it's obviously a popular venue.
      My room was initially booked on a bed and breakfast rate of £85 per night. This seemed to be fairly standard for hotels in this area and I think that it was pretty reasonable considering that you could use the golf and leisure facilities within this. It cost £20 per day to upgrade to dinner, bed & breakfast which could include a 3 course meal a day - this is definitely worth doing if you are planning to eat this as a 3 course meal is likely to come in at just under £30!

      I found it really bizarre that some aspects of the hotel really lived up to the 4* standards - eg. the food, the location, the leisure facilities etc. But some aspects were really lacking from a 4* hotel - eg. the service sometimes, the standards of cleaning the room, the lack of a fridge in the room. Overall, I have given this hotel 4 stars as I had a good stay and enjoyed myself. But some areas were not quite up to the standard that I would have expected from this hotel.


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        11.01.2012 22:25
        Very helpful



        Very happy with the service received from Windmill Village!

        We enjoyed a pleasant and relaxing weekend at the Windmill Village Hotel located in Coventry in the West Midlands. It was my grandmothers birthday and its only on very rare occassions that we get a time where the majority of our family can all meet up at the same time.

        We only booked to stay at the hotel for one night, however were allowed in to our rooms from 2pm in the afternoon and stayed until late afternoon the following day.

        The rooms cost around £45 for 3 people sharing in a family room, and the hotel staff made us feel welcomed from the time we arrived till the time we left.

        The complex is situation on a large Golf course, which also had a small practice putting area. There were several large chill out rooms and function rooms which were available for dining and private hire.

        The venue itself was exceptionally clean throughout even travelling about the hotel there was nothing which looked warn or damaged, clear signs that the hotel had been reguarly maintained to a high standard.
        It had lots of large windows throughout letting in plenty of light, and many relaxing areas with comfy settee's.

        We enjoyed a lovely 3 course meal on the evening which dispite the small size of the main course the food was very tastey, and included options like fried seabass, Duck, and Lamb.

        There was also a buffet style breakfast, which included cooked breakfast egg, sausages, bacon etc, with toast and a choice of cereal's and fruit alternatives.

        The staff were very efficient in catering for our party of 24 people, and had helped arrange our table and room with birthday decorations, the food arrived in a speedy manner and was piping and hot, and generally the majority were very happy with there meals.

        We also enjoyed a few games of pool in the cellar bar, however drinks were priced at hotel prices and within only 2 hours of been in the bar I had managed to spend around £80!

        There was also a decent sized swimming pool, jacuzi, steam room and sauna which was were we spent the majority of our first day, the steam room was extremely warm and was generating fresh hot steam every couple of minutes, again the sauna temperature could be increased manually so no issues there. However the downside was the pool and jacuzzi was almost to cold to use, not for any longer than 10minutes anyway as they were sharing the same water!!

        The rooms in general were very comforting, plenty of room around 3 single beds in our room. We also had a flatscreen TV and on-suite bathroom which again was very clean and up to the 4 star standards that we were expecting. There we plenty of hand and bath towels and toiletries such as Shampoo and Conditioner etc were provided with the price.

        Having had such a mixed age group stay at this accomodation I would quite confidently say that all of us had throughally enjoyed our visit and had plenty to keep us occupied.

        This is a very nice venue for a special occassion.. However anyone on a tight budget may consider staying elsewhere!


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        21.06.2009 18:08
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        would recommend for a wedding or VERY special function, but not for a routine stop off as is costly

        I chose the The Windmill Village Hotel in Coventry as the venue for my wedding reception in 2005. There were a quite a few reasons why. Firstly, the location was a good one, we had many guests travelling from Birmingham, so they just had to nip down the A45, the in-laws, live fairly close by so taxi fares etc would not extortionate for them. Having said about the taxi fares.... its a by pass and you have to drive for miles and miles before being able to turn around and head back in the direction you actually want to be in.

        Secondly, the venue itself is pretty and very impressive. There are two large function rooms that they use for Weddings. We were shown around the bigger one first which has the most amazing ceiling lighting. That sealed it for me. Sadly, when it came to booking, that room was already taken so we had to settle with the other room, but as neither myself nor my guests spent any amount of time looking upward to the ceiling, it wasn't the end of the world. It is set on a Golf course and has very picteresque surroundings (apart from when you look out front to the bypass). Third reason for choosing the Windmill Village was The Wedding Package - it included a round of Golf for the Groom and Best Man the day after the Wedding. As the Groom is an avid Golfer this just seemed like the perfect finish to the festivities and celebrations.

        The Wedding Package - COST
        If I remember correctly we paid £37.50 per head for the Wedding Breakfast, which was a three course meal of soup/melon, beef/chicken/veg option, profiteroles/strawberry gateau/fruit salad, a glass of wine with the meal and a glass of champagne for the toast and speeches. This also provided the Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies and I know a couple who paid £150 for this service at their own Wedding at another venue. Admittedly, the only course i actually finished was the soup because I was so nervous. I did try the main of roast beef and the pudding of strawberry gateau and both were wonderful taste sensations. I do remember that there was not quite enough vegetables for my liking if I had have wanted to eat more of the meal.
        The evening buffet was £8.75 per head, for something like 12 items per head, ranging from open filled bathes, chicken pieces, quiche, sausage rolls etc, that sort of finger food. By the time the buffer was being served I was at the point were I would not remember much more about my special day!! However, the feedback from my guests was that the buffet food was of really good quality.

        I do know that the drinks at the bar were very expensive, £11 ish for a beer and double G & T apparently.

        There is also a cellar bar for those of us who wanted to carry on the party all night.

        We stayed overnight in the Honeymoon suite. It is an amazing room, with a four poster bed and terrace/balcony (on the basement floor) overlooking the Golf course. The bathroom was good, clean with all the expected facilties of bath, shower, hairdryer etc. We did pay £110 for this room. I would never normally splash out that much for a room, but as this was a particularly 'special day' it was worth it. The Hotel do take advantage of this though, knowing that very few Bride and Grooms would choose to leave the venue and spend the night elsewhere becuase of the cost. There is also a swimming pool and gym on the basement floor for all the guests to use. the pool was empty while we were there but we didn't dip in!

        The breakfast was great, Full English and continental. The service was great, the restaurant and staff themselves clean and presentable. The plates etc were cleared away quickly so the table space was freeed up and they were sure to seat all from our party close to one another so we could talk about the night before.

        All in all the day and night and following morning was amazing and the (now Ex- lol) hubby enjoyed his round of Golf. There were plently of photo opportunites in the beautiful grounds.

        I would happily recommend the venue for a friends wedding, but wouldnt stay there myself due to the cost, would rather get a travelodge. lol

        Review also on ciao - theshinyone


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