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Accentra PaperPro Stapler

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2009 11:49
      Very helpful



      A nifty stapler but some might find the cost a bit too much

      A big claim huh? Well it's not MY personal claim but that of the company who manufactured and markets this "revolutionary" new stapler, Accentra, Inc. Labelled as "The Revolutionary PaperPro Stapler" with the tagline "Drives staples thru 15 sheets of paper with the press of a finger"! I couldn't wait to try this new stapler out at work to see if it delivered what it so bravely promised!

      I'm reviewing the PaperPro Stapler code #1507 which claims to staple through 15 sheets of paper with the effort of just one finger. It also claims "with Staple Gun Power"! Big claims for such an innocent looking bit of equipment. But does it deliver?

      My first thought on grabbing this stapler out of the stationery cupboard was that it had really annoying packaging - the plastic packaging which is so awkward that you can't open it without using scissors and even then it's a real challenge. It's impossible to prise the packaging apart with one's fingers so I had to take my scissors to it and even this took several minutes to get through the tough packaging leaving me to rate the packaging as a poor 1 out of 5. This seems to be common practice with the smallest of stationery items or printer cartridges these days *sigh*!

      Once I'd managed to get inside the packaging I found that they had very conveniently included a strip of staples to allow you to get started straight away - this was very considerate of the manufacturers I thought but it wasn't exactly obvious as to how to open the stapler and insert the strip of staples inside it. I had to refer to the little instruction booklet which was also included. The instruction booklet was in a concertina format and quite small - I had no problems reading the very small print but those with less than perfect eyesight might struggle to read what looks like a size 8 font. Unlike the everyday stapler one might come across in an office whereby you pull out the staple stripe loader quite easily from the front or back; with the PaperPro you have to yank back the top part of the stapler away from the bottom part as if to try to separate the parts completely - your stapler will end up horizontally and the strip where you insert the staples pops out automatically. Be warned though, the strip does pop out quite suddenly and with some force but I wouldn't consider it dangerous. It might surprise you the first few times you open the stapler... Marks out of 5 for the instruction booklet which is written in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian? 4 out of 5. A very important bit of information within the booklet informs you that the stapler has an "Exclusive "Cease Fire" Safety Feature" which stops the stapler from being fired into the air. If you're not using the stapler or it's not in contact with a solid surface the stapler locks so as not to accidentally fire a staple out. There's also a warning not to let children use without an adult supervising.

      As they so kindly include a strip of staples for you with the packaging, you can insert the free strip in your new stapler and you'll be good to go, bearing in mind once you've inserted the staples you have to give the strip holder quite a hard shove to get it to stay in. I'm only describing this process as for someone who's worked in an office for over 20 years I've never experienced such force necessary in opening a stapler or for shutting the staple holding strip! Then you just grab top and bottom ends of the stapler and push back together - mind your fingers when you do this as there's a spring inside which almost yanks the stapler back together at the last moment!

      The PaperPro does not weigh more than a regular stapler of a similar size. It's not dissimilar in looks to a regular desk stapler
      * just shorter than 6 inches in length
      * just over 1 inch in width and
      * just over 3 inches at its highest point.

      In case you forget what it's all about; it has the words "PaperPro (R) One Finger, 15 Sheet Power" printed across the stapler on two sides lengthways.

      Performance-wise the PaperPro stapler delivers all that it claims and more! I tried initially with 10 sheets of paper and it was not a problem, then tried 15 sheets which is what it claims to do and again, no problem. I then got brave and tried 20 sheets. I know, I know, it's only supposed to work on 15 sheets, but hey, I wanted to test its endurance! What do I find? 20 sheets pose no problems either. I've gone as far as 25 sheets and it has still worked fine but I don't want to push it any further. I'd like this to last a long time and by over-doing it, I feel its lifespan will be reduced. Plus I rarely need to staple more than 15-20 sheets anyway, so what's the point of trying to test a staplers limits when its not a quantity I'm likely to be needing. By the way the manufacturer's warranty says it's good for 2 years but I've never ever had to worry about this in the past with staplers so I'm not worried that I'll have to worry about this now. Oh and did I mention that I barely have to push down with my finger for this to snap into action and stample my document? Barely any effort required!

      It does what it says on the box and that is what counts for me as a consumer - one finger needed to push the top down to staple your documents and it works perfectly. Just be careful of the force as it can make you jump the first few times you use it.

      For performance and overall rating I'm rating the PaperPro as a near perfect 4.5 out of 5, it does what it's supposed to do and I can't fault it so far. It just loses that half point on having to apply some force to get the staple strip back in once you've filled it.

      These staplers retail for about £10-15 in the UK, it might seem a bit pricier that the average stapler but personally speaking I find the quality second to none so far; so it's worth paying that little bit extra. I spotted these on Amazon for about £10 but I believe they're more freely available from US stationery websites (which is where we got ours from).

      If you're interested in knowing more about the PaperPro range you can check out their website here http://www.paperpro.com

      p.s. All due respect to you for getting to the end of this review on a stapler; it's really not something I ever envisaged writing a review about to be perfectly honest!

      This review may appear on other consumer review sites under my same username.


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    • Product Details

      Staples up to 20 sheets of paper with the push of a single finger. Patented spring-powered mechanism - similar to that of a staple gun - that can convert 8lbs of finger pressure into 30 lbs of staple driving power.