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Afton Zesty Jasmine Air Freshener

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Brand: Afton / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      11.12.2009 13:34
      Very helpful



      A nice day to day air freshener!

      When it comes to air freshener I'm rather addicted to the stuff to be totally honest with you. If I'm not out and about with friends (which is more often than not lately, I'm more often out than in lol), I live at home with my parents and I tend to spend alot of time in my bedroom as I simply love it. I have everything I could possible want or need in my room and I take pride on keeping it clean and tidy and recently my folks (whilst I was out) gave it a bit of a revamp and up turned up with a new bed and things and made it super cosy for me!

      However I have one nasty habit (well one that I'll own up to on here at least lol!). I am a smoker and I live in a none smoking house. However I do tend to have the odd crafty fag and I lean right out of the window to smoke it but occasionally my folks can smell it no matter how careful I think I am. On top of that I sit in my room alot and will drink in it and eat in front of a dvd and things as well as of course sleep in it and although I'm rather fond of opening windows I do feel that a spray of instant freshness is sometimes very much needed.

      However I am wary of the products I use in my room. Far too often I have used an air freshener that has been damp/wet and made my carpet sticky or the spray has shot up to the ceiling and put greasy marks on it! I want a fragrance that doesn't just mask smells but sort of gobbles them up too after-all!

      I spotted this in a pound shop and it was any two fragrances from within the range for £1.00 however I have seen this in my local Nisa shop costing 59p a can and of course it is available to purchase online too! (So keep your eyes open for this one if your interested in it!)

      The Packaging:

      300ml white and orange cylinder style can with an orange integrated push button aerosol sprayer to the top of it. On the front of the can I'm told it is 'Improved' Afton Air Freshener and that it neutralises & fragrances and that it is 'Zesty jasmine' in fragrance and there is a photograph of what I think is jasmine flowers and peaches on there. On the back of the can other information includes ingredients, cautions, directions for use and contact details for Barony (the manufacturer of the product) all being listed. It's a nice enough can, informative enough and very easy to hold and spray too.

      Using It:

      This is very straightforward to use as are many air fresheners of course! All you do is spray it into the air in short bursts of course!

      It sprays out as a fine white mist and does so very evenly indeed. It is a little damp so short bursts in my opinion is enough. It immediately fragrances and although I'm not told that the fragrance contains peach I'm pretty sure that it does as for the main part as that is what it smells of but it isn't faked or too sweet or anything it simply smells really natural. The jasmine 'pop's the fragrance out a little though you can't smell it really on it's own type of thing but all round the fragrance is rather warming and pretty!

      Once sprayed the smell lingers in the air for about half an hour and it really does disguise odours in a none heavy way. However although this freshens the air it only achieves that whilst the fragrance lingers on and it doesn't 'eat up' smells so they do return eventually.


      Easy to use and it is a lovely fragrance. It temporarily disguises smells and it is a very economical purchase. I don't like room fragrances that make it hard for me to breath and that are far to over the top and this isn't. It gives a nice but still light fragrance that isn't breathtaking or overwhelming and yep it's recommended from me!


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