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Air Wick Aerosols

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11 Reviews

Brand: Air Wick / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    11 Reviews
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      23.11.2012 09:23
      Very helpful



      Helps remove smells well indeed.

      I have pets and so my home sometimes has that pet smell when I arrive home, I hate the smell and so I buy air fresheners just to help the rooms smell a little better. Usually when I arrive home after I have been out for a full day open the windows to allow natural air to enter my rooms for half a hour or so. The air fresheners are just a quick fix to use just to freshen them a little. The one I am reviewing is the Sweet Pea.

      This air freshener comes housed in a tall can, it has a inverted nozzle and so no top to lose. It looks quite attractive looking with flower pictures on the can. The nozzle isn't difficult to press. After the first time it has been pressed it becomes less difficult to press, the first time isn't hard but you just need to press it a little harder just to start its process.

      It sprays a really fine, even mist into the air, it isn't a heavy spray and doesn't drip from the can. The mist is so fine it just floats in the air and settles down nicely on surfaces and doesn't wet them.

      It has a really nice flowery smell to it and like smelling fresh flowers with a little sweet smell to it, does also have an added perfume kind of smell to it too, of which is fairly strong, the flower smell and the perfume one give this spray a blend of a nice fragrance. It helps eliminate odours in the rooms and removes those nasty cooking smell. When I have cooked fish or a curry, this spray works very well indeed to help mask those cooking smells. Just a quick spray into the air and in a few minutes or so the smell in the rooms smell a lot better.

      For anyone who has pets will know what the smell can be like when we arrive home. I don't like my home to smell of pet odours and I don't like visitors to smell it and so when I am expecting some visitors, I just get out this spray and give it a spray in the main entrance and the lounge.

      You only need to press it for a couple of seconds in each room to make it smell nicer, using too much isn't necessary with this spray because it is of a good quality.

      For a 240ml can it only cost me £1.20, for this price I couldn't pass it buy and it went straight into my trolley. I have bought this brand lots of times and knew it was a good quality spray for my home.

      I recommend this brand and this choice of fragrance to anyone who wants to buy a nice fresh smelling air spray. This one gives all of my rooms a nice smell of the fresh countryside kind of smell and I will buy this fragrance again.

      I rate this spray 5 stars.


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        02.11.2011 07:28
        Very helpful



        A great fresh fragrance with excellent value for money but just let down by the spray action

        With hectic lives that are getting more and more fast paced we all struggle to keep on top of it all at some points so having a little helper to aid you in at least one of the chores is always going to be great. Air Wick aerosols are just the little helper I mention as they are designed to break down and tackle odours before leaving a light and fresh fragrance in their place but do they manager to deliver?

        Most aerosols on the market are powered by butane gas to enable them to be sprayed which can lead to the fragrances used needing to stronger. Thankfully this is not the case with Air Wick as their aerosols are powered by fresh air to ensure that the fine mist can smell as natural as possible.
        The fragrances available are all very fresh and clean so that when you spray them they more natural than some of the other air fresheners out there on the market. For me this is a real bonus too as it means that I feel more inclined to use this in any of the rooms in my flat which makes for a quick and easy refresh that is great for if you have guests coming to visit.
        The fragrances you can get from the Air Wick range all seem to last very well in my opinion and do leave the room smelling very fresh and inviting.
        Air Wick aerosols are very well priced and are normally available for between £1 and £1.50 per can (240ml) but each can will last you for quite a while as it does not require too much spray each time to get that fresh fragrance you are looking for.

        I am not the biggest fan of the design of these aerosol cans by Air Wick due to the spray action. Other aerosols I have used simply have a trigger which I find very easy to use but for some reason Air Wick have decided with their product to go for press down button on the lid which is right behind the nozzle. For me the design makes it quite uncomfortable to use this spray and so I have found myself being put off using this.

        Overall I do like the Air Wick aerosols range as the fragrances on offer are all very clean and fresh and do give you room that inviting feel after just a few sprays. The value for money is amongst the best you can find for branded air fresheners and as each aerosol will last you quite some time then this is a really big selling point but unfortunatly I am put off by the spray action they have used with these as I find it so uncomfortable to use when compared to other aerosols on the market.


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        04.09.2011 13:30
        Very helpful



        4/5, this works well I'm just not in love with the smell

        As you may have guessed by now, I love home fragrance products! I always have a can of odour eliminating spray in the cupboard, and I use them well. I generally buy whatever is the best deal at the time, and I do try to get different ones where possible so I can experiment! Air Wick aerosols come in a variety of flavours, the one I am reviewing here is freesia and jasmine. I have tried the cotton (cant remember the proper name of the scent) and really disliked it as I found it smelled a little musty! I have also tried the lavender and chamomile one, which was a little better though I'm not crazy about lavender. I adore jasmine and figured freesia is pretty inoffensive so thought I would get on better with this scent, which I got in a 240ml size in Poundland for, yep, £1.

        The packaging looks clean in white and green, with a mighty bonny flower on, and I was drawn by the the claim "Powered 100% naturally". On reading the back of the can, it appears these sprays are now powered by fresh air instead of the traditional butane, which is supposed to prevent the fragrance smelling artificial. Unfortunately I can't see how this is done, but I do agree with their further claim that this method of propulsion will "deliver a cleaner fragrance in a dynamic soft mist".

        The scent is extremely clean and fresh, well blended and I can't pick out the individual scents - I was actually a bit disappointed in this, as I was hoping to clearly smell jasmine. It does not smell at all chemical and is quite sweet but not excessively so. Neither is it overpowering or cloying. It's not my favourite smell but I don't find it offensive at all. The product comes out in a nice fine mist which is a bit wet but gives good coverage, so you don't have to use an excessive amount. You can see the spray dispersing through the room, which it does quite well, but a lot of it does fall to the floor quite quickly. This isn't necessarily a downfall to me though, as I do like it to cling to carpets etc. Wetter sprays are actually my favourite as I find them more effective - the only dry one I like a lot is Neutradol.

        You are directed to simply spray into the middle of a room, and told that this is not intended to be used directly on fabrics. I do however spray it on my sofa and curtains, and have had no problems. I like to spray on these areas as this is where smells can stick. And a wetter spray works better I think, since it sticks as it dries. I have found this to be entirely the case with this one. Since it leaves its scent on my soft furnishings as well as cleaning the air, it is very effective at making the place smell good.

        Results last a decent length of time, but not ages; I can smell the fragrance for a little while after spraying, especially when it's caught on the sofa as well, but once it fades from my senses there are no cheeky bad smells lingering. It leaves a very pretty scent on my sofa throw that is noticeable when you rest your head back, but not really when you are just sitting on it. I also spray it right on my stair carpet as the front door opens onto the bottom of the stairs, so anybody coming in hopefully gets a whiff of this.

        This is definitely one I would buy again, for no more than £1, but probably in a different fragrance. For the sake of trying something new and to see if there's one I like better. I spotted one with orchid something or other in Poundland so I want to try that. I would recommend this one if you like to freshen the entire room, eliminating odours from furnishings and not just the air. It works brilliantly for this even if that's not quite its intended purpose. I also think it's pretty good value as it lasts pretty well - it lasted me about a week and a half which is longer than a lot of others, as a little goes a fair way.


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        16.05.2011 02:57
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great product and leaves your house smelling homely while smelling of spring and summer.

        I am not often one for buying air fresheners as they don't seem to last very long. However, one evening in Tesco I noticed that the Air Wick Spring Moods Refreshing Green Apple & Water Lily was only 25p (on offer, expect to pay around £1-1.50). I thought I may as well give it a go, you can hardly go wrong with 25p after all. Plus living with 3 other people, it can be a handy thing to have around.

        Air Wick are quite a well known brand for air freshners and have quite a variety of fragrances and modes of fragrance delivery, depending on your preference. They also appear to be quite good value as well.

        -- Packaging and Use --
        This particular product was in the usual 300ml cylindrical can. Though without a lid and just the press down button instead. I prefer this as I have a tendancy to leave the lids off and then lose them. Its coloured mostly green and has a picture of apples and water lily's on the bottom. It looks appealing and as though it lives up to its 'refreshing' claim.

        As with any aerosol air freshener, to use you simply hold the can in your hand and spray pointing into the room and away from yourself. Not much spray is needed so only hold down for a few seconds. Remember to shake the can well before use.

        -- Odour --
        This product is rather refreshing and the scent does linger for some time. Both the green apple and water lily can be distinguished quite easily and not one is instantly smelled above the other. The green apple does give the scent its refreshing attribute while the water lily softens the scent. The two scents do work very well together and smells perfect for those warm spring and summer days (or those dark winter days when you want a reminder of light and warmth of summer).

        -- Effectiveness --
        I feel that this product works well. It provides a nice, refreshing scent that does brighten up the room. It lasts for a while. If there is quite a noticeable unpleasant scent hanging in the air (e.g. food smells or bathroom) it does tend to mask the smells and is not always great at removing them. However, I find the bad smells do not linger so long after spraying. In rooms that do not have unpleasant smells it does work very well.

        -- Overall opinion --
        Overall I really recommend this product. It does give off a very enjoyable scent that does linger for some time after spraying. I usually use air freshener after doing housework. It gives the entire place a much more cleanly smell and more homely than any chemicals or the scent of the hoover. I don't use the product often but does seem to last, also. For 25p it was a definite bargain. If you are looking for an aerosol air freshener I would recommend Air Wick. Mostly due to the lovely scent, effectiveness and lastability and also the value for money this produces.


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          17.10.2010 18:38
          Very helpful



          a fresh smelling home for a small cost

          Air Wick aerosols come in a variety of different scents and are great value and smelling air fresheners to make your home smell fantastic.

          ~~~~~The Container~~~~~
          The air wick air freshener's come in a 300ml aerosol can with a press top cap which dispenses the air fresher. The spray produced is a very fine mist that disperses quickly in the room to provide a lovely fresh scent.
          The container displays the air wick logo on the front as well as a picture relevant to the fragrance. On the back you can find directions for use, cautions to take when using as well as company contact details. The container is also widely recyclable.

          ~~~~~Directions for Use~~~~~
          Instructions for use are much the same for any aerosol air freshener, you are directed to shake the can well before use and to release the spray vertically. You should always be careful not to spray the air freshener directly onto surfaces, if this does occur it is recommended to wipe the surface with a damp cloth.
          I always spray the air freshener at arms length as well as it does tend to fall through the air quite quickly and it saves you getting any on your clothing or yourself.

          I am currently using the air wick Cashmere and Vanilla which is my favourite flagrance in the range. It has a lovely pleasant sweet smell with a slight floral hint, some people may find it a little too sweet but for me it reminds me so much of white chocolate and smells divine. I have also tried the Lavender and Chamomile which is also great but a little too strong for frequent use.
          The air wick range of aerosol fresheners is currently available in the following fragrances:
          Cashmere and Vanilla
          Lavender and Chamomile
          Cotton Breeze
          Peach and Jasmine
          Mulled wine and Crackling Fire
          Magnolia and Cherry Blossom
          Green Apple and Water Lily
          I will be trying the Mulled Wine and Crackling Fire a little closer to Christmas, as the smell will fill my home with cosy scents associated with the season.

          As with any aerosol container the air freshener comes with quite a few cautions of how to use and store. This includes keeping the container away from direct heat, sunlight and electrical equipment. Also ensuring you only use the air freshener in well ventilated rooms and that you ensure you do not come into direct contact with the contents if you suffer from skin related problems.

          The cost of a standard 300ml air wick air freshener is approximately £1.40 but my last bottle was from Tesco on offer at £1.00.
          The air fresheners are excellent value as you only need a small spray in each room to give a burst of freshness. Therefore the can does last a long time and I only normally buy around 4-6 cans per year.

          ~~~~~Overall Opinion~~~~~
          Air wick aerosol air freshener's are a quick, easy and cheap way to provide a burst of instant freshness to any home. I do also use gel block air fresheners but if you have been cooking or have guests coming over then a quick spray freshens a room instantly and masks any unwanted odours.
          Although the smell of the spray does not last very long I think it is still an excellent product and for longer lasting fragrance then a block air freshener or continual spraying one such as automatic electric freshener should be used instead.
          So for the price and great fragrances in the range then air wick is a product I will recommend and continue to use.


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            31.08.2010 18:12
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Other options such as essential oils are more effective and environmentally friendly

            I have only ever purchased air freshener on a couple of occasions. This is due to the fact that in my experience they have very unnatural, chemical odours, and only mask smalls rather than eliminating them. The only Air Wick air freshener I have purchased was the Spring Moods Awakening, Magnolia and Cherry Blossom variety. However, there are several other products in the range:

            - Cotton Breeze
            - Green Apple and Water Lily
            - Lavender and Camomile
            - Mulled Wine and Crackling Fire
            - Soft Cashmere and Vanilla
            - Peach and Jasmine

            The Magnolia and Cherry Blossom spray comes in a long metal canister containing 300ml of product. The design is not particularly attractive, in my opinion. The main panel depicts a selection of pink magnolia flowers on a bubblegum-pink background, while the back label is a brighter pink still, on a lime- and forest-green background. The canister is also adorned with butterflies and daisies. The cap is fashioned from pale pink plastic, and there is a push down mechanism that causes a spray to be released vertically. The canister is recyclable, where facilities exist.

            To fragrance of the air freshener was a lot more pleasant than I had been anticipating. It has a clean scent that is mainly dominated by the cherry blossom aroma, although the magnolia creeps in subtly. It is quite sweet, but is a lot lighter and fresher than many other products I have caught a whiff of. When you use the product however, the scent does not last for very long at all. When the mist has settled the scent diminishes rapidly, and one spray will be detectable for perhaps ten minutes. In terms of freshening the air, the product is somewhat effective in making a room less stale, but for smells of any real magnitude the air freshener will merely provide a distraction for a few minutes and then recede to leave you with the initial stench.

            I like the design of the nozzle and the way the product emerges vertically, but you should be mindful to direct it away from your face when using the product. I also believe the mist could be finer, as when it begins to descent after initial release the drops are quite large and can damage delicate surfaces such as wood in the long term. This air freshener has a lovely scent, but it is simply not very effective.


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              10.03.2010 12:49
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Definitely my preferred air freshener spray

              I always like to have two, or even three air freshener sprays around the house for times when the dog embarrasses himself, or for the usual unpleasant odours which may occur.

              I keep one in the small downstairs loo, which doesn't have an opening window. Although it does have an extractor, sometimes a little extra help is needed. I also have an aerosol spray in the bathroom and an extra one in the kitchen, which I use after a smelly meal, such as fried onions, chilli con carne or curry.

              I might sound neurotic, having three sprays around but I use them sparingly and not too frequently. As there are two asthmatics living in the house I go easy on chemicals, (As I have said in past reviews) and open a window whenever possible but, as we all know, there are times when a short sharp burst of an artificial odour is the best option.

              Sometimes I will spray a little air freshener in the living room or hallway. This is usually when guests are expected and I wonder if my house smells 'doggy!' When I do this I am often reminded of my late mother in law. It was always amusing when we arrived at her home and she would quickly get out the air freshener and spray quite liberally, almost choking us! She must have used at least a bottle a week!

              I think, when the housework has been done, a few squirts of Air Wick make it seem (even if only to oneself) as if you've done a great job. Also if you don't manage to complete all the household chores because, like me you're reviewing products on Dooyoo, then my tip (but don't say I told you!) is: squirt a little bleach around the toilet bowl and sink overflows, spray a small amount of polish into the air and lastly squirt some Air Wick,sparingly, around the house. After a short space of time the aroma of these products is faint but the house smells 'finished!'

              I use various air fresheners but my favourite at the moment is Air Wick 4 in 1 cotton breeze. I love the smell of Cotton Breeze in particular from this range, as this is a lovely smell. It isn't overpowering and you only need to use a little for the smell to spread around the room so, therefore, it lasts longer than most other air fresheners that I've used.

              As, I find, such a small amount of the spray is all that's required it is long lasting and thus economical.

              As with nearly all my household sprays/ cleaners I will usually purchase in a pound or 99p store so rarely pay more than one pound.

              Air Wick 4 in 1 is made by Air Wick, which was formerly known as Haze.

              It is 4 in 1 because, as it says on the container:

              1- Premium fragrance

              2-Eliminates odours

              3- Acts in seconds

              4- Lasts up to 1 hour

              I would agree with these claims.


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                28.10.2009 17:19
                Very helpful



                Smells nice but does not work as advertised.

                I have noticed that my house was smelling rather stale. I have not been able to open the house up to air for some time due to the weather. So being tired of smelling the same stale smell every time I walk through the door. I thought I would get an air freshner.

                I chose the Air Wick as it was a 2 in 1 it was supposed to eliminate orders and freshen the air. The scent that I chose was Aquamarina on the can it has a very nice picture of a water fall with water lilies floating on the water. Its a rather cartoony picture but still very nice.

                I got the Air Freshner home and walked through the house spraying it. I did notice a nice smell that seemed to spread through out the house rather nicely. I finished spraying and left to run errands. I figured that if I was able to smell it and my house did not smell stale when I got back that I would know it was a good product.

                I walked into the door and took a big sniff. I was very saddened when I realized that the smell was the same as it was before I had used the spray as a matter of fact it was as if I had never used the product. My house still smells stale.

                Will I buy it again not on your life. I want and need something that will work. It did have a nice scent to it but its just not worth it if the product does not work as advertised on the can.


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                19.09.2009 19:39
                Very helpful



                A Lovely Air Freshener That Isn't Just For Christmas

                I know it's only September but that doesn't stop me using the Air Wick Festive Vanilla air freshener in my bedroom. I love the sweet smell of the air freshener and have had 2 that I've kept since Christmas and just used them sparingly because I like it so much!

                The can will stand out from the air fresheners that are available all through the year because it's decorated with a picture of a roaring log fire and is a lovely creamy vanilla colour that looks very festive.

                It's quite a strong vanilla small that lasts for ages in the room. When you first spray it you might think it's going to be a bit overpowering because it comes out proper strong but it settles down quick and then just leaves a nice sweet vanilla fragrence in the room.

                Vanilla is one of my fave smells ever but sometimes vanilla smelling household products smell much too synthetic but this one doesn't and even though it's proper sweet it isn't sickly.

                It covers any smells in the room and it seems to help make them go rather than just covering them up. Sometimes my uncles dog comes to stay with us and I have him in my room because he doesn't like being left on his own downstairs, even though he's not a smelly dog I can smell him afterwards because we haven't got a dog so aren't used to dog smells. A short burst of the Festive Vanilla spray got rid of the smell and had my room smelling back to its sweet best.

                I think it does smell Christmassy but because vanilla is a pretty smell I don't feel embarressed using it all year round, this year I'll remember to buy extra so that when they are out of the shops I can still enjoy the smell without having to make 2 cans last me for 12 months!


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                  24.02.2009 11:13
                  Very helpful



                  a good range of products which can make the home smell fresher

                  I try not to use too many aerosols in our home because my daughter sometimes suffers from mild asthma & partly because I'm aware of the environment. However, with a dog that has a habit of trumping & a cat that sometimes gives off that 'cat' smell, the use of aerosols is sometimes essential.

                  I've tried cheapo types but have been disappointed as they've always been too weak/ too strong or just smelt nasty so when I do have to buy a can I always go for Airwick.

                  They do a large variety now so it's really a matter of deciding what suits the home best eg.

                  - do I need one on a 'stock' that releases smells all the time unless pushed down & closed?
                  - do I need one that's wall-mounted & releases air freshener periodically?
                  - do I need a can that I can use only when needed? etc.

                  then there's the fragrance - eg

                  - do I want a floral smell or an 'odour stop' smell or one that smells like nature or coconut? etc

                  It can be very confusing & over the years I've tried dozens of different types - some which I've liked more than others.

                  One that I'm not keen on is Peach & Jasmine (98p from Quality Save) - much too strong & overpowering. The other one I don't really like is Green Apple & Honeysuckle - this can stays in the loo for emergencies I'm afraid.

                  The problem I've found is that you can't actually tell what the smell is like until you get it home so you've only got the picture & the name on the can to go off.

                  Hubby came home from Makro the last week with a pack of Air Wick Odour Stop & I must say these are really nice. There were 2 fragrances (but there are probably more available) one's called 'Mountain Air' & the other one's 'Lavender'.

                  I think these are a new addition to their range as I haven't been able to find them in our local shops or on Tesco's website so I can't give you a RRP.
                  They are SO easy to use as these cans have a lever which you just squeeze to release as much or as little as you require.

                  Neither of the above two have that overwhelming smell that some aerosols give off & on the can it claims the products 'eliminates odours & freshens the air' - I'd agree with this as it seems to leave a fresh fragrance which gives the impression that the room has just been spring cleaned.

                  Unlike other fresheners I've not had a headache after spraying & the pleasant smells stay for quite some time.

                  All directions, cautions & ingredients are listed on the back of the can - in very small print & the Odour Stop cans (with lever) are 300ml which is a good size & should last ages depending on how it's used. 1 or 2 squeezes a day should be enough for a medium-sized room so, although more expensive than cheaper brands, will probably work out to be more economical in the long run.

                  - attractive-looking cans as far as any aerosols can be (?)
                  - Airwich aren't the cheapest but generally have nice fragrances & last a long time.
                  - So much choice that there must be something for mist air-freshener users.
                  - Not good for health or environment if overused.


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                    12.09.2007 16:02
                    Very helpful



                    Air Wick aerosol 2 in 1 air freshener for freshen up the indoor air

                    We do not have any fixed choice for air fresheners. If we need one, I buy anyone see in the shop but generally try to buy from the brands like Air Wick, Oust or Dettol. The freshener may be aerosol spray, plug in or any other type. This time I bought Air Wick aerosol 2 in 1 Peach & Jasmine. I have used this product (Air Wick) before but the fragrance was simple Jasmine. That had a mild but very pleasant scent but unstable. I like that scent, but this time I have not found any single Jasmine variety and so I bought the Peach & Jasmine

                    ****Air Fresheners Availability & Price ****

                    The Air Wick is a well known and reputable company. There are several ways how we can freshen up the air in our home with Air Wick products so several products are available in the market, for example aerosol spray, freshmatic automatic spray, Mobil’ air, plug in diffuser, crystal air design, perfumed candle etc. Well, this time I have chosen Air Wick aerosol spray air freshener, 2 in 1, Peach & Jasmine. This was formerly known as Haze product and now it is sold under the brand name of Air Wick. This aerosol 2-in-1 products are available in fragrances include Lavender, Peach & Jasmine, Green Apple & Honeysuckle, Aquamarine and Freesia & Jasmine.

                    The 300 ml Air wick 2-in-1 aerosol is found in supermarkets and various online store, price ranges from (any fragrances): Tesco 0.72 Pound, Asda 0.72 Pound, Somerfield 1.21 Pound , Amazon co.uk 1.12 Pound

                    I bought the Peach & Jasmine fragrance from Somerfield. I didn’t research about the
                    price and availability before I bought it otherwise I could have saved a little from Asda.

                    ****The Container****

                    The aerosol spray packed in a pressurized metal container with a plastic top. The container is about 6 inches long. Container for this fragrance, Peach & Jasmine, has a deep orange plastic lid and rest of the metal portion has three different color, white, orange and green.
                    The top of the metal part is white and green and the rest part has a light orange background with all writing in green such as necessary information, direction for use etc. The brand name is written on the top half of the can, on a white background with a green surrounding. The brand name “Air Wick” is in green color letters and large font and underneath this, written “formerly Haze”, also in green color. When you go further down the container, it becomes two different shed of orange and on this part the first word you find is “ELIMINATES ODORS”, in green color letters and next to it “2 in 1” also written in green color figures and letters and bellow this one, “ADDS FRAGRANCE”, again in green color. Actually many different shades of orange and green are used for this container. This combination looks nice on the metal can with a bright orange lid on the top. Fragrance type is written on the half way of the can which is “PEACH & JASMINE” in bright orange letters.

                    Rest of the front part of the can is decorated with images of peaches and jasmine with few green leaves. The overall look of the container is soothing and refreshing.

                    Back top of the container has also the brand name written on it in the same fashion as on the front. Under this name, there is a red border line and the fragrance name is again displayed on the border portion by white upper case letters and further down, the white small square portion describes in three different languages (UK-English, DK-Danish and IL-Russian) how this 2 in 1 variety works. Next to this again the color changes to a yellowish orange shed on which the direction of use is written in three languages, all in green color letters and smaller font.

                    Further down to the end of the can, you can find the information and contact address of the company and customer services phone number, website URL for UK and EU and on the right of that, there is an “Extremely Flammable” caution again in three different language with a small image of flame on it. Just above this caution there is another alert about solvent abuse.
                    Right to these caution there is the barcode for this product. Just over the barcode there you can find the composition written as : sodium nitrate, R8, R25, Butane.

                    ****Direction For Use****

                    The spraying system or the aerosol dispenser (designed to produce a fine spray of liquid) is situated on the top of the metal can, practically covered by the plastic lid. It has a plastic button with a small whole and when you press the button the spray releases vertically through this whole. There is no separate or removable lid.

                    One must be careful about eyes and inhalation of the aerosol while spraying it. The product should be used in well ventilated areas only. The solvent is extremely flammable so the product must not be exposed to temperature higher than 50ºC and should be protected from sunlight. This is specially because the aerosol, which is a highly volatile solvent, is packed in a pressurized closed container and if it is exposed to higher temperature, it can explode.

                    As the solvent is highly flammable so spraying must be avoided in the close proximity of naked flame or any such thing like electrical fire or equipment in use. Even smoking should be avoided in presence of this spray, ignition may occur.

                    Spraying not recommended on surfaces, food and fabric. As this is a solvent, it can dissolve those materials on spraying.
                    And last but not least is keep out of children.

                    ****The Way It Should Work****

                    This can be found on the back of the container written again in three language. It should neutralize tough odors and then leave a light clean fragrance in the air, both works in one spray that’s why it is a 2-in-1 product (also two fragrance in one container). When you spray, it should spread a fresh fruity aroma capturing the essence of Peach combined with a subtle hint of Jasmine.

                    Does it work accordingly?

                    Well, to be very honest I have not found this product is very effective for both the above purposes. I have used the Jasmine fragrance before which was quite a mild one but the current one is Peach and Jasmine which is a much stronger than only jasmine and it works a little better but not upto my satisfaction. The peach is very strong which is actually the dominating aroma and the only essence I can get from it.

                    Elimination of odor is a little more effective than scenting the air but either the peach or the jasmine scent does not stay in the air for longer. The fragrance stays longer in the air if I spray it in the room and keep the room locked but according to the MSDS, the spray should always be used in well ventilated place.

                    This is not very effective if you expect a constant aroma in your room, in that case you have to spray it again and again as it stays maximum 45 minutes to 1 hr. This is probably because the hydrocarbon (solvent) used in the aerosol are highly volatile and evaporates quickly so giving a overwhelming burst of perfume initially and then a short longevity period. I found the perfume level initially is too strong and very much localized but not long lasting. It actually disappear before spreading from one corner to the other. So I am not much impressed by this particular product but for an instant and short time local effect its ok.

                    ****Hazard Possibilities****

                    We are actually adding toxins to the air we breathe. Are we?

                    The solvent used in it is butane, which is extremely flammable and not a common gas found in the air, so its kind of polluting the air!
                    The other ingredients written on the can (R8, R25) are not clearly understandable. Generally it contains formaldehyde which is a toxic compound by itself.
                    Interestingly the complete chemical composition of most air fresheners (including this product) are still a closely guarded secret.

                    Something we never know from the container:

                    The Independent and Guardian published the results revealed from the researches in different Universities of US and Eu:

                    It could damage pregnant women and new-born babies.

                    It is shown that 32% of babies suffer from diarrhea and babies less than 6 months, 30% of them suffer from ear infection in homes using air fresheners daily compare to the houses once a week.

                    Mothers are likely to suffer 10% more from headaches.

                    16% Of Mothers suffer from maternal depression using aerosol spray type product on daily basis.

                    These results are originally published in Environmental Health journal.

                    Most air fresheners interfere with our ability to smell by coating our nasal passages with an oil film, or by releasing a nerve deadening agent.

                    The best way to freshen up the air is opening windows but in practical, it is not always possible so we have to buy the synthetic air fresheners but we must use it according to the direction.

                    In the end, the Air Wick 2 in 1 aerosol air freshener (Peach & Jasmine) product is not very much effective either to freshen up the air or scenting the air, specially for a longer effect. Only suitable for an about 30 minutes scenting effect for a particular portion of the room.

                    ****Further Information****
                    For consumer service, help & advice:
                    PO Box 118, Clevedon BS21 7ZH
                    Website: www.airwick.co.uk
                    Ph: 0845 769 7079
                    Manufacturer in Eu:
                    Reckitt Benckiser U.K. Ltd
                    Delta Business Park, Swindon, SN5 7XZ
                    Manufactures address in DK, IL also available on the container.


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