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Air Wick All In One Lavender & Camomile Spray

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2 Reviews

Brand: Air Wick / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    2 Reviews
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      27.09.2012 10:56
      Very helpful
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      Nice smell.

      I bought this air freshener from my local shop. I have pets and so sometimes my home smells of pets as all homes do when we have animals living in the home. My home is just like any other home and sometimes needs refreshing just to help it smell a little better.

      I bought this air freshener for only a £1 from my local shop some time ago and only just recently used it. It comes in a canister of 300ml. It has a press down nozzle which doesn't stick when pressing it. It has just the name on the front with purple flowers. It means that I don't lose the top and just have to pick up the can and spray it.

      It gives an even spray and a very fine mist. It isn't one of those heavy sprays that is too heavy and so it is too wet and doesn't land on my furniture or tables. This spray is just a nice even spray. I just spray it in the centre of the room for a couple of seconds. This is enough time for my home. I usually spray for longer if I have cooking smells that have lingered a little from my kitchen. It is good for removing curry smell or for when I have cooked fish. These smells do tend to linger for a while and this spray works well to help remove them.

      This helps eliminate nasty smells in the home in no time at all. It has a nice lavender smell and one that I find really nice. I cannot smell the camomile at all, all I can smell is lavender, but I am happy with this smell. It is quite a strong smell and does last in the room it is sprayed into for a while after spraying. So it does have a lasting smell, which is a good thing because it means it is a good quality spray.

      It is not to be used on surfaces, fabrics or near food. It is best to use it with care and not use it also near a naked flame.

      I have used this spray in my bathroom. It has removed the bathroom smells well. I have found it good value for money. I like the way it works for my home without having to keep on spraying just to get results. Just a quick spray is enough and so the can does last longer than some other brands. It also doesn't have a direct spray as some brands do and squirt on a wall etc. this doesn't do that at all. It does annoy me when sprays directly come from the can because it means that I have to clean the area it has hit. Not with this one, no problems at all, so for my home I am happy with this spray.

      I like this spray, I recommend it because it is worth the price and has a really nice smell to it. One I think most people will like if like the smell of lavender.

      I rate it 5 stars.


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        31.03.2011 17:14
        Very helpful



        a great product I'm happy to recommend

        I'm sure much as we'd all like to deny it, our homes can all sometimes have some nasty smells; whether it's the bathroom, pets, curries anything. When this happens it's essential to have a good quality air freshener to ideally both remove the smells and add a nice fragrance in it's place. I have tried several of these products the one I am reviewing now is the Air wick Lavender and Chamomile.

        I chose this one quite simply because Air wick is a company I have used for many years and so I trust them to create good products. The scent appealed because I love the scent of Lavender and find it quite a calming scent to have around the home.

        The aerosol tells me that this is an all in one product and is designed to have a long lasting fragrance. All in one means that it will both eliminate nasty odours and freshen up your home. The scent is designed to be of "aromatic lavender essence, herbal notes rounded off with gentle camomile and precious woods."

        This is all well and good but does it work?

        As soon as I got home after buying this I sprayed it. Not because it smelt bad but because I just wanted the place to smell of Lavender! The nozzle is easy to press with an indent that seems to fit my thumb perfectly. The spray is quite powerful but this is fairly normal for scented aerosols so didn't worry me.

        The dominant scent is definitely that of Lavender and this is all you can really smell to start with. Once it settles however there is a very faint woody undertone to it but this is barely noticeable, I would still say that the scent is that of Lavender. I don't know what Air Wick classify as "long-lasting" but I've found that this can still be smelt for around two hours which I guess is a long time for an aerosol as all too often they disappear almost as soon as you have sprayed it.

        As for covering bad smells I use this in the bathroom and in the kitchen to cover the smell of cooking curry. I've found that it removes both of these without any problems. I was a bit concerned the first time I used this as it seemed to just be covering the smell rather then removing it but this didn't last long at all and within a few minutes the bad smell had gone and was replaced by the lavender.

        Anything Else?

        As with all aerosols this comes with a few warnings, namely that aerosol abuse can kill, the carton should not be pierced or burnt even after use and should not be stored in sunlight or above 50degrees. It should also not be sprayed directly onto surfaces, food or fabrics.

        It should also be kept away from sources of ignition, this includes not spraying near heat sources or electrical appliances. You should also avoid contact with your eyes and avoid breathing the spray. ( I never understood that last one, isn't the whole point to breathe it since you're using it to scent your home?)

        This can also be recycled once empty.

        Price And Availability

        I bought my 240ml can from ASDA for £1.19 but it is on offer allowing you to buy 2 for £2. It is however widely available online and in supermarkets. Prices may vary so shop around.

        Air Wick is a part of the Fresher Homes Club, if this is something you're interested in then you can get money off vouchers by signing up with them here: http://www.airwick.co.uk/fresher-homes-club.php

        I'm giving this product 5 out of 5 as it does exactly what it's supposed to and the scent does linger longer then most other aerosols I have tried.


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