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Air Wick Decosphere

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Brand: Air Wick / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2009 20:16
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      A great full -bodied smelling air freshener.

      I was very surprised to read that the first air odour eliminator was developed during 1943 but quite obviously the American innovation quickly rose to fame, stale smelling homes and unwanted cooking smells that tended to linger were fast becoming a thing of the past.
      As Airwick introduced more styles and fragrances they then decided that it was time to share their valuable air freshening products with the rest of the world. During the 1950's Airwick products were introduced throughout Europe, in Canada and Australia.

      Airwick have gone on to be one of the many best known household names, their range of products is wide and their fragrances are exhaustive.
      Now rather than have just one or two different fragrances we have so many to choose from, seasonal scents to match the time of year, fresh fragrances such as morning mist and cold mountain air, zesty citrus scents, fruity aroma's including berries, spice, apple and honeysuckle,water lily, peach and jasmine and mango.
      A good selection of floral fragrances are available and these include freesia, jasmine, ylang ylang, lavender, chamomile, magnolia, cherry blossom and rose. Then there are a few very spicy aroma's, mulled wine, orange and festive spice and vanilla and festive spice.

      The range of fragrances is superb and given that we all tend to like and buy different fragrances at least we all have plenty to choose from. I really love the fresh fruity smells, for me they are the ones that tend to end up in my shopping basket, if I had to choose one to take second place it would be a floral mixed with vanilla.
      I don't feel that Airwick expect their products to mask heavy smells, lets face it there are some smells - maybe cats, dogs and smoking that are really hard to get to grips with.
      But sometimes it just gives you the feel good factor if you spray the house with something aromatic and let it all waft around you.

      In the shops there is so much to choose from, we are offered mini sprays, maxi sprays, aerosols, candles, diffusers, electrical plug-ins, freshen-ups, the list is endless.
      Like the majority of us I like to give them all a trial run but that only applies when I can pick them up for reasonable prices , sometimes I am lucky and manage to buy a discontinued line for a knock down price.
      The last good deal that I got was the Airwick Decosphere - have to be honest I managed to get it from stores bargain basket for less than half price ( £2 ).

      There is a well known saying that clothes don't make man but packaging designs often do make or break products and the bright orangey coloured box certainly caught my eye.
      On the front of the box there are ripe papaya and mango which let you know what to expect when you open the Airwick Decosphere.

      When I took the air freshener out of the box the first word that sprang to mind was `retro`.
      Now I will explain why - the flat bottomed plastic orb allows you to clearly see the mixture of papaya and mango that is responsible for the fragrance and the top of the air freshener is a white plastic dome with a couple of snazzy looking vents that have been cut away.
      The colour combination looks really 70's, add the vents and the word retro is screaming out at you but as we all know `retro` is the `in thing`.

      Before you can allow the fragrance to start flowing into the air there are one or two things that you have to remember to do.
      The Airwick Decosphere is made of two pieces which snap together in the middle, so remove the top half from the bottom half and sitting inside of the bottom half you will see a thick pipe with a small lid covering the top. Remove the lid from the pipe to let the liquid air freshener start to set to work and then replace the top half of the Decosphere.
      Now the air freshener is ready for use.
      It is highly likely that you don't want the air freshener in full-flow, so the top half of the Decosphere swivels allowing you to regulate the amount of fragrance that is allowed to seep through the vents at any one time.
      I swivelled the top half around until the vents were half open and that allowed an ample amount of fragrance into the air.
      The papaya and mango aroma is deep, fruity and very rich. You can smell that `peachy` smell rising from the mango and it is lovely.
      Although the combined fragrance is a heavy mix it is very pleasant and as you walk back in through the front door I could instantly pick out the rich sweet smell.

      The Airwick Decosphere is supposed to last up to six weeks, although I wonder what would happen if you fully opened the vents to let the maximum amount of perfume flow.
      After three weeks my Airwick was decidedly low, the orange liquid just evaporates and it is easy to see and smell that you need to renew the freshener.
      I had a bargain and it was one that I enjoyed, if the product had been full price then I would have thought twice.
      Four weeks worth of fragrant air for just over £2 - not bad !
      Maybe next time around I will be lucky enough to pick up another Airwick decosphere in one of the other fragrances.


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    • Product Details

      Fragrance diffuser to fill your home. Soothing Jasmine /Kiwi Scent, Evergreen Essence, Harvest Spice, Lotus Flower & Blue Orchid, Magnolia & Cherry Blossom, Papaya & Mango. After removing unit from packaging lift up on tab to remove plastic cover. Unscrew cap from the glass art and remove. Replace plastic cover securely Unique: To adapt the intensity of the fragrance, just turn the outer cover to adjust the opening level. /

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