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Air Wick Fresh 'n' Up Green Apple & Honeysuckle

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Brand: Air Wick / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    2 Reviews
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      11.02.2012 15:50
      Very helpful



      Pleasant sweet smelling air freshener

      I do like a clean smelling house, especially when the smells are fruity and tasty.  I'm not one for candles, so rely on air fresheners - usually the spray types.  However, I saw an Airwick Fresh' N Up at somebody elses house recently, liked the smell so I thought I'd get one for my downstairs toilet - always a good place to put an air freshener!
      The product
      In a plastic bottle that looks like the type of bottle fruit sauces to pour over ice cream come in, it contains a liquid which is quite a pleasant green.  Into the liquid drops a wide fluffy cotton wick, which is attached to the underside of the cap.  The cap unscrews, and when lifted it reveals the wick and exposes the wick's fragrance to your room.  The more of the wick you have exposed, the stronger the scent.
      The product is a "4 in 1" - the four aspects are a premium fragrance, neutralises odours, acts in seconds and lasts for eight weeks.  To boost the fragrance, you are instructed to close the cap, shake, then re-open the cap.
      The green apple and honey suckle smell is very sweet - a nice mixture of fruity apples and floral sweetness from the honeysuckle.  I've found that the liquid does last for slightly more than 8 weeks, but the smell fades as time goes by.  I've tested this by noticing whether or not I can smell the scent when I'm sat on the downstairs throne from it's hiding place behind an ornament in the downstairs loo - a distance of about 4 feet.  For the first few weeks, I can smell it as soon as I walk into the downstairs loo, but then it fades. However, I have found that the instructions on how to re-invigorate the smell do work and give a temporary boost to its strength.
      I've read various things in the news about how spray type air fresheners contain chemicals that can cause asthma in young children, but haven't been able to find any information about the chemicals in this product and their associated risks so can't give an informed opinion about its contents, other than to say it does have the obligatory safety warnings on the back about not letting children or pet armadillos lick it, snort it or use it as an eyewash.  
      I prefer these low fuss, silently sitting there doing its job type of air freshener over the spray can types for one main reason - I hate walking through an area of a room where I've just sprayed air freshener and having to breathe it in and getting that horrible feeling of the cold wet spray settling on your skin that makes you smell like you've just had a fight with a florist in a public institution's toilets.  Do you know the smell I mean? - it's quite literally eau de toilet.  You don't get that with the Airwick Fresh' N Up, it's very passive and unobtrusive, happily hiding behind a naff ornament of a seagull sitting on a beach hut while I drop the proverbial log.
      Also, I feel it's very good at masking the smell of "man poo" - I live in a house of girls and am violently berated if there's ever any trace of number 2 scent left in the toilet after I've used it - not so now we have a Fresh' N Up in there.
      So, to summarise, it smells good, prevents family disputes and is easy to use.  The full five stars from me.


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        01.06.2010 12:55
        Very helpful



        Don't bother!

        I prefer to open windows and have fresh air penetrate my home as opposed to *fake* scents caused by air fresheners. Unfortunately that is not always possible so I like to have some kind of neutraliser for my bathroom at least.

        I wanted something other than an aerosol that I could put in an inconspicuous place, to give off a nice aroma but not be too overpowering at the same time. I've tried various other 'pop up' air fresheners that claim to last a few weeks but have been disappointed so when I saw this - '4 in 1 Fresh 'n' Up' by Air Wick I thought it was worth a try at least..

        This, as mentioned, is made by Air Wick which is Reckitt Benckiser branded.
        The air freshener comes housed in a plastic tear drop shaped bottle which is opaque but the liquid can be clearly seen.

        As this is Green Apple & Honeysuckle fragrance the liquid is green in colour to match. If you shake the bottle (which you have to do to activate) the consistency is surprisingly very watery, which for some reason I thought it would be more solidified.

        Using the air freshener~
        This claims to give 8 weeks of fragrance and starts to work in seconds so I was quite confident about this being the *ideal* neutraliser for my bathroom.
        To activate it you must vigorously shake the bottle whilst the screw top cap is still tightly in place, then after the contents have been thoroughly mixed up remove the lid and pull the material wick (that is attached to the lid of the bottle) out at least 3cm to give off a 'normal' scent and for a stronger fragrance extend the wick to 6cm.

        My experience~
        As we have a very old cottage our house sometimes has a slight 'musty' smell (though we do have a powerful dehumidifier that works well at eradicating moistness in the air) which is more noticeable in the bathroom and this is where I wanted something to help take the onus off but I didn't want a product that would just mask any smells.

        I used this at first on the 'normal' setting of 3cm after shaking the bottle and the scent was at first very strong. I'd be lying if I said I could smell any honeysuckle but the green apple was very evident and had a fresh scent which amazingly didn't smell artificial - so far so good.

        After a few minutes of placing the Air Wick on my window sill (for the record it must be placed on a flat surface) the scent dramatically faded to practically nothing which was very disappointing.

        I left it a few hours thinking maybe my nostrils had just got used to the strength of the fragrance and hoped when I re entered the bathroom it would be much more prominent..it was not sadly!

        I replaced the lid and shook the contents again to make sure the wick was soaked in the liquid, then opened to the full 6cm.
        It was a lot more noticeable this time and I placed it back on my window sill and went on my merry way hoping it would start working 'properly'.

        So did it work?
        Well after having this in my bathroom for over 2 months it has finally run out; which is why I'm writing this review now after giving it the benefit of the doubt.
        It DID last for the promised 8 weeks as stated on the bottle however the scent was very, very faint. It was so faint that unless you got right up to it and had a sniff it was not noticeable at all! The only time the fragrance was strong was when the lid was replaced and the bottle was shook up - yes this did work but I wanted something that I could place in my bathroom and leave to work on it's own.

        Would I recommend this?
        I paid £1.99 for this 375ml bottle which okay is not a lot of money but it is when a product fails to work. Yes it gave off a nice fragrance at first but it faded far too quickly and didn't really have much of a scent a few minutes after activating, so it gets the thumbs down from me.


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