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Air Wick Freshmatic Refills

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Brand: Air Wick / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    2 Reviews
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      13.03.2012 18:36
      Very helpful



      A good air freshner for the lads golf week,

      A couple of weeks ago I needed to buy a refill for the Air Wick Freshmatic Mini which I have placed in the living room of the house that I work in. This house belongs to my boss and he very frequently lets his friends and family have the use of it. The first group of the year was to be a golfing party and I wanted everything to be as spic and span as possible. We had just finished having some painting work done and I was worried that although I couldn´t smell it that might have been because I had got used to it but I resolved to replace the defunct cartridge in the Freshmatic with a new one.

      I was looking for something not too floral, the old cartridge was a one which is sold in Spain, where the house is, and roughly translated it said it would bring you into the cosy world of babies and the nursery!. Well maybe not for this lot who are mainly ex rugby players who now play golf!. So, what to choose? We had a trip along to our local Morrison´s in Gibraltar and I was relieved to find quite a good selection. I took the old cartridge with me to make sure I got the right thing and happily Air Wick have had the good idea to put a little tester patch on the front of the pack so I didn´t have to go on just the description. What a good idea.

      I tried out a few fragrances, Crisp Linen and Lilac, maybe not. Blue Ocean Coral, no keep the sea in it´s correct place place please, not in the lounge. Pink Sweet Pea, well this smelt quite nice but in the end I went for the fresh and zingy scent of Green Citrus Basil in the Colours of Nature range. Here´s what it says on the back of the sealed pack " Take a deep breath and experience the natural freshness of green citrus married with an aromatic burst of freshly picked garden basil" Couldn't have put it better myself. The packaging is very green and fresh looking too with slices of lime and basil leaves very hard too miss with an easy to spot "Air Wick" on the pack.

      On the back are many warnings which accompany this type of product, Do not misuse it and keep away from the face and eyes, don´t concentrate it and inhale it or swallow it. It is a pressurised container so treat it as such and keep away from extremes of temperature. This is a good point as if you leave one of these in a boiling hot car you could be in trouble! Keep it out of the reach of children and just keep in mind that it is extremely flammable and also may cause an allergic reaction to people sensitive to perfume.These warning are also repeated on the cartridge which holds the canister.

      If this lot has not scared you then it is easy to insert the new canister into your existing Freshmatic. Rip open the plastic blister pack, which is easy to do and then the open the door in the base of the unit. Placie the new canister which is encased in it´s little plastic cartridge inside the unit. It fits snugly and it can only go in one way so even dumbo like me can get it right. Then press the door back firmly and choose your setting. Mine has three settings low, medium and high, I put it on low when the house is empty and high when people are in.

      Air Wick say it can last up to 60 days depending on which setting you choose the last refill lasted for ages so I assume this will as well.

      My opinion.

      I´m quite impressed, it gives a fresh, zingy not overpowering scent which has competed with beer, pizza, take aways and more beer! The kitchen is part of the living room so it has dealt with cooking smells of toast and bacon as well as any paint smell that might have been left. I think that the re fill is quite expensive , I paid 4.19pounds for mine. I also think that if I had children I would maybe choose a different type of air freshener that did not have so many safety restrictions but I will certainly buy this scent again as it suits these conditions very well .

      4 stars from me as some of the warnings are a bit scary!

      Thanks for reading my review which may also be posted on Ciao under splishsplash.

      Readily available from supermarkets around 4.00pounds.



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        29.10.2010 16:39
        Very helpful



        See review.

        After recently purchasing a mini freshmatic battery operated freshener, I decided I wanted a new scent for the hallway, something preferably different but festive, yes I am already well on the way to the Christmas spirit!

        After seeing there was an offer on in my local Asda on the refills, I was pleased to find just what I was looking for.

        The refill in question couldn't be more suited to this time of the year if every time it sprayed the scent it didn't go "ho, ho, ho" as well!

        The refill itself is a small tin canister, that slides into the base of the afore mentioned freshmatic freshener, and comes complete with the plastic casing that is needed to hold it steady in the main unit.

        Each refill potentially holds enough essential oil enriched scent to keep a room smelling beautiful for around a month, though this of course depends on the frequency of sprays, this can be determined by the main unit itself.

        Now to the important part, the scent!

        The smell of this is Christmas in a bottle, with the initial scent being that of strong and spicy cinnamon, with the suggested "crackling fire" scent being more a warmth that can be gained from the strong Christmas scents, this is a really lovely scent that is compounded somewhat by the essential oils in the spray, meaning a better and more realistic scent that lasts a little longer.

        The cinnamon can be attributed to the "mulled wine" scent, with a host of other warming and delicious Christmassy spices, this really is wonderful, though not ideal for a small room, with the scent being quite strong.

        Within the range there are about 20 different scents to be had, with there being at least three winter themed fragrances to choose from, though be warned that if you suffer with bad heads these are not for you, as they can be a little too strong, like walking into Lush for the first time, instant headache!

        For me these are a welcome addition to my home, adding a lovely scent that masks any odours without adding there heaviness to the air, nothing worse than walking into a smelly room and have an acrid undertone to a nice scent, it seems to catch the back of your throat more!

        Price wise these are currently on offer for "2 for £6.00" in Asda, full price however these can be from around £5.00, so when on offer it would be advisable to stock up.

        For more information on scents available visit - www.airwick.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x


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