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Air Wick Freshmatic

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4 Reviews

Brand: Air Wick / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    4 Reviews
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      07.02.2009 21:04
      Very helpful
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      easy way to make your home smell great

      hi,being someone who like most women are a little conscious how they house smells especially the bathroom. well now you don't have too really worry anymore with freshmatic.whilst the initial cost is about £11.00 which is a bit expensive,but when you average it out it works out about 19p a day as it last about 60days(2 months).a battery life last a long time too so it does not have to be change regularly either.
      i have also found out that if you can remember before you go to bed to switch the switch to off this prolongs the life of the spray thus making it much more economical making it last about 120 days (4 months).once the spray has sprayed it does make a difference to the room getting rid of any bad odours.
      when the first spray runs out you can then purchase a refill at about £3.o which is about 5p per day and if you remember to knock it off at night it is about2.5p.
      the only downside is the initial purchase of the machine and no other refill will fit.
      this is a great little machine with many different scent to suit individual taste and you always got the peace of mind your house smells nice without any real effort from you.


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        01.10.2006 20:11
        Not Helpful



        the best

        I am an owner of 6 cats and 8 dogs and as you can imagine i need a good air freshener i have used so many but i have yet to find one that comes close to the freshmatic when it is wet outside there is nothing worse than the smell of wet dog!!!!! now i no longer have to worry about it thanks to freshmatic. This has to be one of the best products i have ever used.


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        01.02.2006 14:36
        Very helpful



        Good fresh, effective air freshner.

        I am a bit a bit of a sucker for the fancy new air fresheners that come on the market and I have tried all sorts.

        A few days ago while shopping in Sainsbury’s I saw the Air Wick Freshmatic on sale for £4.99. This was half price! At £9.99 I think this is a bit steep for the full system but half price was worth the risk.

        **WHAT IS IT**

        Well the Freshmatic system is a kind of tall rectangle shaped box, which houses a canister of air freshener. At selected intervals through the day it squeezes the spray on the canister inside and sends out a squirt of your chosen air freshener.

        **HOW DOES IT WORK**

        Well, this where I had a definite blonde moment! (apologies to any blondies out there - it's just a phrase). You have to flip open the box when you first buy this. Insert the batteries in the relevant compartment inside - 2 AA’s that come with the pack - and select the intervals you wish to have your device squirting. You can chose between every 9 minutes, every 18 minutes or every 36 minutes. All this was extremely easy to do.

        Then you need to insert the canister! This is where I fell down, twice! The first one I brought, I read the instructions and followed what I thought was the right thing. Inserting the canister so that the little nozzle was poking into the mechanism within the box. I shut the box up and waited to see if it would squirt. Nope! Ok, so I opened the box again and noticed the nozzle look a bit on the wonk and surely that was why it was not working. So I attempted to take it out but it was stuck good and fast. I'm not a delicate person usually so I gave it a good yank and oopps! the nozzle broke off, rendering the whole canister useless. I was really peed off now, as I was keen to see how good this little machine was.

        I went back to Sainsbury’s with it and told them the nozzle was broken when I brought it (sorry Sainsburys) and they replaced it with a new pack. I took this one home and repeated the process again. The canister went in well this time but it would still not spray. I took a closer look and realised my huge, almighty blunder. I had put the canister in the wrong way round. The nozzle was not meant to go where I thought it was meant to go and in fact it should have just sat in there completely the other way round. When I did it properly it closed nicely and after 15 seconds a little squirt of freshener came out - practically in my face as I was watching it to make sure it worked!


        I have to say I am not easily impressed when it comes to the actual smell of fresheners and their quality or lasting effect but this one seems to be the royalty of air fresheners. As it is a canister that is providing the smell it is always fresh smelling. Unlike plug ins which fade as they run down or candles that also fade, this is a fresh squirt of freshener every 18 minutes. It would be like me giving a squirt on a can or air freshener every 18 minutes but this takes away the hassle. The smell is actually pretty close to what it is meant to be. In my case I chose Lavender but they do Citric as well, which I might get for the bathroom. It is an immediate smell that is fresh and floral every time it sprays. The smell does linger for a while but has gone by the time the next ones sprays. I think it does leave the room smelling fresher though and I hope if a visitor comes they will be able to smell this lingering in the air.

        **OTHER STUFF**

        It says on the packaging it will last 15 days if set to spray every 9 minutes. 30 days for every 18 minutes and 60 days for every 36 minutes. I have set mine to every 18 minutes to start with.

        The batteries need to be replaced when the small green light on the front of the holder stops flashing. Not sure how they will last at the moment but will update review when they run out.

        It says to house it at least 2 metres from floor level. I think this is because it squirts out and if it is at face level you are likely to be in pain if it squirts you in the eye unexpectedly.

        It also comes with a small sticky hanging hook so you put it up even higher if you like but I would not trust these as the sticky never seems strong enough.


        My overall opinion will be that of 4 stars for the following points.

        The plastic packaging it comes in is extremely difficult to cut open. It leaves very sharp edges as you battle to get the gadget out the packaging.

        The instructions although good leave a bit to the imagination when inserting the canister. (I'm not taking the whole blame on that one!)

        Smell is lasting and effective.
        Unique in it's squirt every 9,18,36 minutes.
        Stands up high out of the way.
        Refills available.

        Well, hope you enjoyed the review and get down to Sainsbury’s quick if you want one while they are still on special offer!



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          12.07.2005 14:27
          Very helpful



          Helps to freshen my home

          Having two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in the house, I am always conscious of any "doggy" smells, even though I am very house-proud and my dogs get groomed on a regular basis.

          I have tried all the fresheners on the market - sprays, gels, plug-ins, candles - you name it and I have tried it. Some work, some don't.

          I had a most unfortunate incident a few weeks ago. We had been out for a couple of hours and upon returning home noticed a car parked directly in front of our house and recognised the occupants as my son's neighbours (son now emigrated to Australia). The husband got out of the car and asked for my son's Australian address etc and so I invited him into my home. Why on earth did I do this? Because I am a polite person! But I wished I hadn't on this particular occasion.

          I live in a bungalow and as I opened the door I was greeted with the most hideous, foul smell anyone could imagine. I was so, so embarrassed as this guy was right behind me. I apologised profusely for the smell and then noticed that one of my dogs had "done a dirty" in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this was the beginning of a very nasty stomach complaint for Molly and it wasn't her fault that she had sickness and diarrhoea.

          So, air freshener sprayed and mess cleaned up whilst hubby occupied the guy and gave him the details he needed. But the spray just didn't do anything. The smell seemed to linger in the air and I was still totally mortified at what had happened. You know what it's like, you get a particular smell up your nose and just can't get rid of it no matter what you do.

          So, browsing around Wilkinsons shortly after this incident, I noticed they had a special offer for a brand new air freshener product call Air Wick FreshMatic. Now this spray is similar to the ones that are placed on the walls in the toilets at work (which always smell nice and fresh) and I had often thought that it was a shame that I couldn't buy one for home.

          This particular spray has been specially designed for the home user in order that we can take advantage of continuous sprays fragrancing our home for up to 60 days. It was on special at £6.99 and I thought I would try it.

          It is quite large - approximately 8" x 3" and is white in colour so it is not totally unobtrusive and activated by battery powered fan. An adhesive hook is provided if you want to hang it on a wall but I placed mine in the hallway on the table. However, you should be aware that if you stick it to a wall or similar using the adhesive hook then it cannot be repositioned.

          Now you have to get the freshener set up and I found it fiddly at first but once I got the hang of it then it's easy.

          There is a button on top of the gadget and you have to press it and pull it to open.

          Inside there is a switch which should be in the OFF position. The batteries must now be inserted (2 AA/LR6 batteries which are included). Always make sure that you insert the batteries in the correct positions.

          The aerosol spray should be inserted but only after having checked that the internal mechanism is in the correct position (there is a diagram which shows you how this should look). If the mechanism isn't in the correct position then just use a pen or pencil to push it up. The aerosol spray can should be fixed with the nozzle facing outwards and this is why you need to have the switch in the OFF position at first. Always be careful not to look directly into the nozzle.

          Inside the gadget is your timing device which can be set at intervals of 9, 18 or 36 minutes which gives you a continuous fragrance for 15, 30 or 60 days - depending on the time interval.

          Once the gadget has been activated (by turning the switch to ON) then you should see a flashing green light and it will automatically start spraying at the time intervals selected. You can always change your timing but do remember to first switch to OFF.

          I had bought it and put it aside and just before going to work remembered about the FreshMatic and so fixed it together and set it for 36 minute intervals then went off to work.

          I came home from work and hubby said he thought we had some kind of vermin under our floorboards as he kept hearing a loud scratching, hissing type of noise. Horror of horrors, I thought. Oh my God, what can we do. Are you sure? Yes, yes, he said - hearing it all the time. Keep quiet and see if you can hear it too. So, we were sitting in the computer room being very quiet when all of a sudden I heard this loud noise which appeared to come from the direction of the hallway. He must be right I thought. Oh, yuk, a rat, a mouse under the floorboards? Panic set in. We sat in the computer room discussing what we should do and then I went to make a cup of tea. As I was passing the hallway I heard the noise again but at the same time a lovely smell of lavender wafted past my nose. The penny dropped! It wasn't a mouse or anything of the kind! It was the automatic air freshener!

          So, beware, it is quite noisy when emitting the fragrance and it irritates the hell out of my hubby.

          But, it does the job. My home smells lovely and fresh all the time. As soon as I enter the front door I am greeted with a lovely smell of lavender and I wouldn't be without my FreshMatic gadget now. In fact, I have bought a refill so that I will have continuous fragrancing when the original canister is empty.

          I think I paid about £2.37 in Tescos for my refill but I did notice that the FreshMatic is approximately £9.99 in the supermarkets and in Wilkinsons now. I guess I was lucky to have bought mine for £6.99 - probably an introductory offer price.

          Would I recommend it to you? Most certainly. I think it is an ideal way to keep your home fresh especially if you are going on holiday. I would never go away for a few days and leave plug-in fresheners on as I hate leaving electrical items plugged in and the gel type fresheners just didn't seem to work.

          Check it out on:



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        • Product Details

          Harvest Spice, Sparkling Citrus, Fresh Waters, Papaya & Mango, Spring Blossoms, Floral Garden, Citrus Delight, Fruit Medley. Automatic Spray unit. Lasts for up to 60 days when used on the unit's 36 minute setting. /

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