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Air Wick Mobil'Air Diffuser

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3 Reviews

Brand: Air Wick / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    3 Reviews
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      23.02.2009 00:02
      Very helpful



      Air freshner that lasts and can be placed anywhere in the home

      Living in a small flat - each time i saw these on the tele i know this would be ideal for me to have near the front door just so it'd be a nice welcoming smell when you walked in. However i was not willing to pay £4\£5 that they were selling for in asda.

      I'd picked up a few cheaper alternatives in my local pound shop but the first, the fan didnt work and the 2nd the fan worked but the battery's ran out in a day!! Not only that you could hardly smell it and was useless.

      Anyway one day when i was in my local B&M store - what did i see one of these for the nice price of £1.99 - of course it went straight into my basket!!

      When i got home i couldnt wait to get it out of the packaging. Armed with sissor i ripped it open.

      The battery pack and the actual air freshner unit was seperate to the white plastic casing with the fan. the battery pack then clicks onto the plastic casing and then the top can be put on to hide the battery pack.

      There is a slide button on the outer casing that can be set to off, min or max. The min setting means that there is a longer pause that the fan turns on and the max is the shorter setting putting the fan on every 2 minutes.

      My little mobil' air fan doesnt work - HOWEVER this is unlike the cheaper versions you find in the pound shop because you dont need the fan on to smell the fantastic fragrances and just because the fan doesnt work doesnt mean it will stop me buying the refil for it.

      But for £1.99 i might as well just buy another one when this runs out!!


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      12.08.2008 19:55
      Very helpful



      Fresh smell, nice burst of fragrance when you need it

      Nothing beats a fresh, clean, homely smell as you walk through the door, and having pets make that a bit more difficult to achieve as, quite frankly, they stink! My husband never notices the smell of the pets but I do, and I often worry about what guests think when they visit, especially if they don't have pets.

      Whilst looking after a neighbour's dog for the day while they were away I found a solution to my problem. As I opened the porch door and stepped inside I was greeted by an inviting pleasant fruity fragrance. I glanced around the porch as saw a white item sitting on the windowsill, from which the fragrance seemed to appear. A lightbulb lit above my head as I realised this is what I need for my house.

      I have plug in air freshners in all of my rooms, except the toilet and bathroom, and at the top of the stairs, but after a while these seem to give me such a headache, they are unbearable to have switched on, so something that is more subtle and not too heavy is what I had in mind.

      ~~~~ The product ~~~~

      Whilst browsing my local bargain shop in the town centre, I came across the Air Wick Mobil-air. It was priced at £1.99 for the diffuser and the refill. My local pound shop also sells these but separately so you have to buy the diffuser and refill separately, but only for a penny more. The only fragrance that they had in the bargain shop was Mandarin and Green Tea. It had a 'scratch and sniff' panel on the front of the packaging so I was able to smell this before I bought it. The pound shop only had an evergreen pine fragrance, which I thought was more for a toilet than the living room or bedroom etc, so I purchased 2 of the mandarin ones.

      Be sure to check out any nearby bargain stores for this item. I have looked in Asda and Wilkinsons and neither have this product so I am not sure at how much these usually retail for.

      ~~~~ The diffuser ~~~~

      The diffuser stands approximately 4 inches high and has the shape similar to that of a flame. It is white in colour and is made from a hard plastic material.

      The bottom of the diffuser is removed by pressing in the 2 clips at either side of the base. The base has a small plastic fan and 2 battery contact points. There is also the space for the refill to sit. It is small enough and portable enough to sit on a windowsill behind a curtain. There is also a slide at the bottom with 3 settings, minimum and maximum and one in between to allow you to control how much fragrance is to be diffused into the room.

      ~~~~ the refill ~~~~

      The refill is a small plastic bottle filled with a liquid substance. The batteries for the unit are attached to the bottle and sold as one unit. You can not remove the batteries from the bottle. The bottle has a 'wick' in the fragrance which soaks up the liquid to the top of the bottle where there is a pad at the top of the bottle.

      To insert the refill into the base, you have to line up the battery contacts and the small plastic spike and push it into place. You should hear a click when it is correctly pushed into place.

      ~~~~ Does it work? ~~~~

      Well I have these situated in my dining room/hallway as my front door opens into this room and one in my living room. I have strategically placed the one in my dining room close to the front door so it is the first thing that you can smell when you come in the door, also the dog's bed is in the hallway so it keeps nasty niffs at bay there too.

      The fragrance is definitely noticeable, but not if you have been sat next to it for a while. It is quite subtle, but very noticeable if you go out of the room and come back in. My husband has also mentioned that he has noticed the smell of the oranges, so at least something is working.

      The smell is not too overpowering and I am yet to experience a headache with this product, so the outlook is good for me. I just need to get more for every room now.

      I am off to the bargain store.............................


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      10.07.2007 10:32
      Very helpful



      A great air freshener.

      After reading a recent review from a fellow review writer about Mobil' Air Freshener I decided to purchase one to get rid of the ever present male smell in my bedroom. As up until a year ago I was used to the nice floral scent in my bedroom at my parent's house, however I finally moved in with my partner in crime my fiance.
      I had really been struggling to find an air freshener that he was not allergic to the plug-ins had him sneezing like mad so this was definately not an option but would this work?? I could turn it on when he was out to freshen the room but it would not be constantly providing a scent this was ideal.

      I do remember that I had seen these advertised in my local Asda but was not really wanting to spend over £5 on an air freshener and to be honest didn't really have that money to throw away on a product that would last a little under 2 months, however during my regular visit to my life saver store Home Bargains I came across an Air Wick Mobil'Air freshener for the bargain price of £1.99! Knowing how expensive that these can be I quickly snapped one up and my common sense was rapidly disappearing as I was thinking of getting one for each room however I soon realised that I had to test it out on my partner first and see if he had an allergic reaction.

      Mobil-Air works in a similar way to the plug-ins the main different is that the mobil-air freshener is battery operated, I assume that the mobil-air is different in that it can be used in any room including the bathroom as a plug is not required.

      Air Wick also offer alternatives to the Mobil' Air such as:-

      Freshmatic Automatic spray which is also powered by batteries
      Air Wick Candles, which I love especially the seasonal scents as they really fragrance the room.
      Plug-in Air Fresheners
      Crystal Air Fresheners which I also like as they come in a nice clear design and don't look too horrible in the corner of the room or on the windowsill.

      *~*The Product*~*
      The mobil-air is in packaging that I hate, I really hate it, you know the type that you have to have the sharpest pair of scissors to open it and you just know that you are going to get a nasty scratch from trying to get into the packaging and this time is no different, blasted things and I admit defeat scream and ask my partner to open the product as I have lost my patience.

      10 minutes later and the product is out of the packaging and there are 2 parts to the product that need to be assembled to make it operate, the outer casing and the fragrance with the batteries.

      The instructions are on the reverse of the card that outlines the product and it shows that the base of the product needs to be removed in order to add the fragrance, this is done by depressing the two catches that holds it to the outer casing.

      The fragrance simply clicks into place and the next stage is to remove the lid to release the fragrance and the outer casing then clicks back on top and that is it assembly complete so simple!

      *~*Using the Product*~*
      At the base of the diffuser is a small pale blue control and this controls the level of fragrance that is released. The product claims to have an 80 day fragrance life line however this is based on the minimum setting.

      Minimum does not operate the fan, however the fragrance is very slowly released.

      Medium is where the fan circulated for 1 minute on and 5 minutes off.

      Maximum is where the fan circulates for 1 minute and has 2 minutes off.

      I use the boost button which circulates the fan for 8 minutes to release the fragrance and then the fan shuts down if the setting is set to minimum, even when the boost button is pressed it is not over powering and a subtle fragrance fills the room which is nice and quickly gets rid of any unwanted lingering smells.

      The controls are easy to use and although I think that the diffuser is extremely bulky, I hide it behind the curtain and just press the button or put the fan on when I need a boost of the fragrance, but I definately think that they could improve on the design and make it less bulky.

      *~*The Fragrance*~*

      My Air-wick is from the "Memories" collection offering premium fragrance. There was only one fragrancee available at my Home Bargains store and this was called "Baby after bath" described as a soft fragrance with the scent of baby lotion, this smell is ideal for the bedroom which is where I keep my mobil' air at the moment as it is light and fresh and does not provide anything too feminine so that keeps my partner happy and he has not overly noticed the fragrance which is a good sign and he has not had an allergic reaction to it either so this will definately be another item that I get in the future and now I have the main product I will only need to purchase refills which are a lot cheaper and as each refill comes with batteries there is not an added cost to replace the batteries as well as the fragrance.

      The portable device can be recycled so if you do finally get bored with this item you can ensure that you do your bit for the environment and recycle, however I do not think that the refill can be recycled.

      I think that the Mobil' air diffuser is great for providing a light scent to any room andthe smell is calm and relaxing and ideal for use in a bedroom, bathroom or any room!!!

      I have also since been to the shop and purchased a second one with a mango fragrance which I use in the living room and this is so lovely and fresh and have decided to use the fan so the fragrance constanly freshens the room.

      I don't think that I would pay more than £3.00 for this product as I think that anything more than that then I would want it to last a long time but I think I will be quite happy to purchase refills for this product as I only plan on using this in the bedroom.


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    • Product Details

      Air Wick Mobil'Air portable electric diffuser provides the same fragrance quality and effectiveness of a plug in air freshener, with the freedom to use it anywhere in your home. /

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