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Air Wick Odour Stop Lavender

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Brand: Air Wick / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    2 Reviews
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      22.04.2012 14:18
      Very helpful



      A decent spray for getting rid of smells, not just masking them.

      I always like to have a spray for the house and bathroom but usually vary what I buy between a few brands I trust depending on what's on offer. Air Wick is one of them and I've been fairly pleased with the lavender scented Odour Stop spray.

      Air Wick is a popular brand probably better known for their candles. It's one I have reasonable faith in to make good quality, effective products, so I happily opted to try their Odour Stop spray a few months ago. This comes in a long metal lavender-coloured canister with a plastic purple lid with a trigger spray. The design on the front has a picture of lavender and the brand name is clearly recognisable, so it's clear to see what it is from the get-go.

      The product clams that it 'eliminates odours, freshens the air' and it does this without 'covering them up, leaving breath of freshness in the air'. Rather than what most sprays and similar products do, which is to fill a room with perfume, this is supposed to eliminate the odours themselves. I'm not sure of exactly how it does this, but it does appeal to me more than simply masking smells with a sickening amount of lavender.

      This is very straightforward to use by simply shaking well and spraying in to the air. The trigger spray is easy to pull back to get just the right amount of spray; not too fine a mist that you have to use more to get a scent, but not too much that you suffocate on the stuff. I like that it's so simple to use and actually prefer there not being a lid to put on. It's also good to know that the can is recyclable, though it should hopefully be a little while before having to do this as the spray seems to last a reasonable amount of time depending on how often you use it.

      I tend to keep one of these in the bathroom but it's suitable for anywhere in the house. The lavender scent is quite uplifting and not too heavy, and it does seem to work well at 'eliminating odours' by leaving a pleasant fragrance in their wake. I've noticed that when the scent starts to disappear, the underlying odours don't remain, and for that I'd say the product effectively does what it claims. I'm still not the biggest fan of lavender sprays for the house, but this is probably one of the better ones I've tried because, as I've said, it doesn't seem too heavy or overpowering and you need only use a spray or two to do the job in one room.

      All in all, it's one I would recommend and would buy again, despite not being overly thrilled by lavender (hence 4 stars not 5). It's easy to use, leaves a pleasant enough scent and helps to keep the secret of fried chips and bacon when you have guests coming around!

      300ml sells for just over the £1 mark.


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      02.06.2009 11:24
      Very helpful



      well worth a try if you use aerosols

      It's strange how everyone's house has it's own smell isn't it? When you live there permanently you don't seem to notice it but I'm always aware that visitors may detect something our family have become used to.

      I'm not a great fan of aerosols to be honest. preferring candles or pot pourri, but these aren't always available/practical & having a dog & cat I like to think our home smells good which is when I reach for Air Wick Odour Stop.

      Air wick produce many fragrances in different forms from plug-ins, candles, blocks to areosols. I prefer using something that gives an instant, quick burst of freshener rather than a continuous fragrance & Lavender Odour Stop is my favourite.

      It cost just over £1 for a 300ml which is easy to use & is attractive enough not to hide in the cupboard. It has an unusual dispenser action (as shown in the picture) & just a quick squeeze, in my opinion, does the job in a small-sized room so I think it's very economical to use.

      It not only seems to stop obvious odours but also releases a fine mist which has a subtle, pleasant & not overpowering lavender smell which works straightaway & creates a relaxed atmosphere.

      Although the product is manufactured in Swindon, the ingredients are printed in another language - Hebrew - so I can't tell you what's in it. However, there's a long list of cautions written in English re: flammability, solvent abuse etc plus storage & disposal advice.

      Airwick claim the aerosol 'eliminates odours without covering them up' & I'd agree because when I've used cheaper, non-odour stop products I've noticed that the underlying smell returns as soon as the fragrance has faded.

      I wouldn't use this all the time & it certainly wouldn't be advisable to use around people who may have breathing difficulties & asthma etc. I'm also aware of 'doing my bit' for the environment but feel when used in moderation, this certainly does the trick & will continue to buy it.

      - well-priced as you only need a squirt.
      - looks attractive & is really easy to use.
      - seems to stop odours rather than mask them.
      - lovely lavender smell which isn't overpowering.
      - recommend this Lavender as well as Mountain Air.


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