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Air Wick Refresh Tobacco Odor Neutralizer Cedar & Citrus

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Brand: Air Wick / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      13.06.2008 16:31
      Very helpful



      One to avoid; the spray can version is a lot stronger and does what it says.

      These days I find there are far too many claims on sprays and potions designed to rid nasty odours that lurk indoor at home; I love my Yankee Candles but they are candles and a premium product I like to burn for their scent, not necessarily ridding my house generally at the time of any strong pongs. "Neutradol," "Neutra-Air," by Dettol and any other clinical products for example claim to rid the air of nasty odours whilst remaining usually too clinical smelling or have an expensive price to match their clinical research and justification. Then at the other end of the market there are the cheap cough-inducing Poundland sprays such as Charm products that do little to mask odours, plug in models which need replacing after a time and take up too many power sockets in your home if you have a limited supply, and old faithful gel fresheners that sometimes dry out far too quickly than they suggest on their advertising and claims. Then there is Air Wick. Air Wick as a company produce many great products but they also sell a huge quantity of "after market" products which carry familiar spray scents true to this company.

      Originally bought for my mum, Air Wick's Cedar & Citrus air spray is an Anti-tobacco air refreshener spray first and foremost and has a musky cedar smell that seems to bring out the pine in my wood furniture whenever the strong orange and woody cedar gets a chance to circulate around my rooms. To my understanding this spray has been on the market since 2002 and I go out of my way to buy it because it is a generally trustworthy spray that largely does what it says and remains very strong in scent.

      I must admit however that I do like a bargain and whilst traipsing around Poundland one day and saw the size of the queues forming, I grabbed what I thought would be a particularly good air freshener even though it is not a spray. Priced at £1 then, this product looked quite promising for its large 365ml sizing and quantity of liquid contained within it. It is branded " Air Fresh / Refresh," alongside the green and white labelled Air Wick symbol and title and carries a picture of an orange with a few cut slices to suggest its scent if you don't get the colour of the orange liquid already.

      Trapped in a frosted clear plastic bottle with a screw top, this is a very old-fashioned type air freshener where a scented wet foam pad can be adjusted or lowered as desired and is open to the air in the home for it to permeate whilst the rest of the liquid stays at the bottom of the bottle. Here, the clear orange liquid and a series of folded up foam sponges impregnated with the freshener oil water mix sit on a permanent plastic cartridge that holds the sponge in, and there are acres of this sponge attached to the grid which by itself is made of cheap clear plastic and if the lid is pulled roughly it can come off rendering the whole design a bit of a nonsense really. These kinds of air fresheners arrived on the market a few years ago and were initially marketed as the types you could leave behind toilets or in the bathroom to lightly perfume the room concerned.

      The scent however is slightly fruitier and reeks of citrus such as that of oranges and lemons rather than the Cedar wood smell from the spray version. However after the first couple of days with the lid revealing 4cm of the pad open to the room air, I found this product took too long for the scent to spread through the flat let alone the room when the door was closed over; even my plug in is stronger than this and that's when it is plugged in the first time around. Here for example it took four days for the scent to escape from the bottle and short of putting it right down beside me next to my computer, the scent is too weak to counteract tobacco smells long term with only a fairly light spread of scent permeating around the room rather than the home - but you have to put your nose up to the sponge just to check that it is still working - even if the sponge remains wet throughout use. This product also reminds me ever so slightly of old taxi cabs which have the hanging "Magic Tree," air freshener dangling from the central rear view mirrors. Whilst there is some cedar contained in the scent, there is also a musky over tone I'm still "out in the jury," of pinpointing what is exactly pricking my nose over the fruity tones; it is not the heart warming tones of Cedar I'm used to from the spray version for example and the air freshener certainly doesn't cover up any other pongs because of its fairy light impregnated design.

      One of the reasons for purchasing could well be an advantage for consumers if they don't like using sprays or plug in type air fresheners and want a fairly light air freshener. The fact that it can be opened and used straight away reminds me rather of the old fashioned sealed and bonded plastic gel air fresheners that give off a very strong scent from the word " go," but fail to last as strong the next week. Despite the obvious lack of gel in this respect, this Air Fresh sub-branded product strikes a very similar outlook whilst also presenting problems in use, if the bottle falls over or put in a place where it is likely to be knocked over. It doesn't carry the usual fairly hazardous warnings although it does state that it contains fragrance oils and is an eye irritant. Other guidelines like not squeezing the bottle appear as common sense because of the open nature of the bottle with the sponges out in the open, and if the product gets spilt on surfaces to wash off as soon as possible.

      However as for it's anti tobacco odour neutralizer qualities, and after a month's purchase I am still of the mind that this product is next to useless and for a better spread with extra longevity and scent I wholly recommend the spray version. It may cost more at £2-99 but at least it does a better job of refreshening the air when smokers have been present; why else would such a product exist if it states that its suitable for neutralising tobacco odour? Even if you like the smell of oranges, there are better citrus air fresheners out there that produce a thicker scent whilst also managing to at least cover up or lower generally bad odours; Air Wick's Refresh however is about as strong as applying an air freshener outside = hopeless! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2008



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    • Product Details

      Fragrance diffuser to fill your home. Affordable, long-lasting fragrance alternative that helps neutralize unpleasant odors right at the source, while leaving a pleasant scent. The product is incredibly simple to use. Just twist open the cap and adjust the height for desired fragrance level - you get continuous fragrancing for up to six weeks! Tobacco Odor Neutralizer Specially designed to help neutralize tobacco odors, like cigarette and cigar odors, with concentrated odor-fighting ingredients. /

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