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Alessi Merdolino Toilet Brush

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3 Reviews

Brand: Alessi / Misc House Type: Toilet Brush

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    3 Reviews
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      23.10.2009 00:55
      1 Comment



      For a creative, colourful loo!

      I cant believe I spent the best part of £30 on a toilet brush. Oh the shame!
      I hate to admit it, but its actually well worth the extravagence as it's so brilliantly designed, and is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.
      Mimicing a cactus in a plant pot, its a really striking cleaning instrument and is very noticable plonked pride of place next to my loo.
      Being a very recent impulse purchase, I'm pleased to report that I've already had lots of compliments about it.
      The bold blue and bright green colour combination suits my bathroom and gives it a funky edge, so much so that I went out recently and plumped for the Alessi toilet roll holder.
      Although it's a different design, it matches perfectly and makes me feel I'm cutting edge for having an Italian designer touch to my bathroom.
      Now to the boring yet necessary bit - it actually cleans really well, despite being more rubbery than the average toilet brush.
      Im not sure if its hygenic in the long run, but who cares when it looks this good!


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        01.10.2009 19:36
        Very helpful



        nice product and you are paying for the name here

        As a girl with a passion for Alessi items and contemporary stylish designs in my house I just had to have this, it's fun and quirky and gives my guests a good laugh when they visit our toilet. I must say though it is an expensive purchase for a toilet brush but you have to remember that this is an Italian designer Merdolino made in thermoplastic resin. They say the colour is light blue and green but i beg to differ here as the pot colour is definitely blue as in primary blue and bright primary green not light blue. Set aside it's beauty, it is a good toilet brush, sturdy and cleans the toilet as it should do. I'd say it looks like a cactus inside a pot, the brush has good quality bristles and looks like it should last quite some time. Plus the good thing about Alessi is that they tend to increase with time as they are certainly designer items of the future.


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        16.09.2009 12:48
        Very helpful



        Adds Alessi cartoon grace to those unplesant toilet unclogging/ cleaning moments

        Whilst trawling through ebay late one night (I still to this day have no idea how or why I was searching for "toilet brushes"..), I was momentarily struck dumb after seeing what looks like a cartoon version of a bare pot plant.

        After getting quite excited and deciding I had to buy it, the next day, I was overcome with a sense of shame that I had spent £27 on a TOILET BRUSH. I decided to just not let on how much it was to my husband and quickly delete the transaction from my ebay list... But, he got to the post first a few days later and was all ears when I was trying to explain why had bought a "designer" toilet brush (trying to make it sound credible and hide the invoice!). Hmm...

        *The Product*
        For your £27 you get a tall, thermo plastic resin (tough plastic with a rubber feel to you and me) product that consists of a coloured pot (looks like a plant pot), and the "brush" that sits inside. The brush has a round piece of plastic just above it so when this closes it forms a seal and from the top down looks like a green shoot growning out of brown soil in a blue pot.

        The bristle end that sits inside the coloured pot is something to behold- it does not have bristles like you would find on any other toilet brush I have ever seen- it can only be described as looking like a cartoon hedgehog with rounded rubber nodules as spikes- forming the toilet brush.

        Having since read a little about this product and Alessi (who are known for making cartoonlike versions of mundane products) this was designed in 1993 by Stephano Giovanno for Alessi. "Merdolino" actually translates as 'Pooh- Mover' (to be polite). I could not make this up.

        These can be bought online- so far I have not seen these anywhere in Leicester- most Alessi stockists I have seen tend to only stock the kettles and cute kitchen utensils and the smaller bathroom bits like Otto and Rondo the floss/ toothaste cap guys.

        I have done a search online for these and this is currently selling for between £25 and £44.90 (yes, some places will try to hike the price as Alessi has that reputation now for commanding high prices!). They are available in a range of colours (the pot comes in blue, brown, yellow and orange).

        It looks brilliant and will brighten up your bathroom.
        It comes in a range of colours.
        It is tough plastic that is easy to clean.
        It is a self contained unit- as the top sits securely so the brush is enclosed inside the pot.
        The brush part does not have bristles that on other toilet brushes go all nasty after a while (you all know what I mean)- most toilet brushes go all discoloured and end up with bits of toilet roll wound around them... Here- there are rounded nodules that are more substantial and sturdy for the job in hand- but will not discolour or splay out in different directions.

        Fortunately in the six months we have had this product for, we have not had to wield it against any severe toilet blockage issues... Its normal duties are just to help with cleaning the toilet basin which is does brilliantly due to the shape of the brush nodules. It has a sturdy feel to it, so, should it be required for anything really quite unpleasant.... I cannot imagine that it would fail in its duties (unless of course it was a job for Dynorod).

        I really cannot think of any disadvantages to this apart from the price or that if you have a dog it may be inclined to cock its leg against it. Or that a small child may think it is a toy as it looks like it should be in the house on the Simpsons.

        I cannot recommend this more- if you are looking for something sturdy, cute, functional, easy to clean and have £27 to spare.... than this is for you.


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      • Product Details

        Toilet brush in thermoplastic resin.

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