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Alessi Rondo Toothpaste Tube Cap

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Bathroom Accessories

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    1 Review
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      13.09.2009 12:52
      Very helpful



      Cute and functional but fiddly to use day to day

      To provide a friend for Otto the Floss Holder (as I thought he may feel a little lonely stood on the sink all on his own and a little intimidated by the tooth brushes) I was delighted to see Rondo the Toothpaste dispenser man on sale from Alessi.

      This is a tough plastic man (with the same feet and arms as Otto the floss holder) that you screw your toothpaste tube into the back of (minus its lid). Rondo then becomes the Lid for your toothpaste.

      This is easy to fit- just remove the lid from your toothpaste and screw Rondo on instead. To use- you then simply move Rondo's arm away from covering his mouth and squeeze the toothpaste out. When done, you push his hand back over his mouth and it clicks closed.

      These sell on e-bay and on homeware websites for £6-7. I have also seen them for sale in small design or gadget boutiques (such as SET in Leicester).

      -I have read these were designed to encourage children to brush their teeth. I can really see how this would work as Rondo is a friendly looking chap and he does a good job.
      -The closure of his hand over his mouth is strong enough to stop children squeezing toothpaste all over the place should they get hold of this and decide to draw all over the bathroom using toothpaste (unlikely, but it could happen).
      -When closed, as it clicks closed it is reassuring it is forming a lid like seal so the end of the toothpaste will not go hard.
      -Rondo stands on his feet- so he looks cute and it will certainly get your visitors talking when they see this in your bathroom.
      -This is easy to clean (just wash in the sink) and made from tough plastic.
      -The range is six different colours so you could choose one as part of your bathroom ravamp or to co-ordinate with your existing design colours.

      -Price- it is cute and an Alessi product (Alessi holds its price and is synonymous for quality) but at the end of the day, this is not a necessary item- toothpaste comes with a lid already so it is a luxury/ quirk.
      -The lid/ closure can be hard to open/ fiddly- you need nails or some pinch power in your paws to open this- you have to use your nail to open it using Rondo's thumb that sticks up for leverage. So this would not be any good for anyone with poor hand mobility or arthritis for example.
      -It you simply close the hand to (ie do not snap it closed) then it will be easier to use, but the toothpaste will clog around the mouth part so you will need to clean this frequently to stop dried toothpaste build up.
      -When you squeee the toothpaste out some of it will go on to Rondo unless you take excessive care when squeezing toothpaste out (no-one is realistically going to take that much care over squeezing toothpaste!) so as not to get toothpaste on Rondo.
      -Also I have found some tubes of toothpaste do not have enough turns on the thread of the lid cap so the top (name/ brand/ front of the tube) of the toothpaste tube is facing upwards when Rondo is screwed on.
      This is a minor point but I like the front of the toothaste to be facing upwards as it just looks better. It can be quite fiddly to get this correct.
      -It only works with standard tubes of toothpaste and not the stand up toothpaste dispensers.

      Overall, although I am impressed with this as it is cute and brightens up the bathroom and it is a quirk, I find that it gets covered in toothpaste from daily use and the lid closure is too fiddly for my liking.

      I am glad I bought this, but I cannot close the lid completely so it clicks each time as then I have issues opening it again, so for me to use this, I have to leave it part open which means it easily gets covered in toothaste!


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    • Product Details

      Cap for toothpaste tube, blue.

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