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Ambi Pur Puresse

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4 Reviews

Brand: Ambi Pur / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    4 Reviews
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      12.07.2010 14:51
      Very helpful



      An average product

      I came across Ambi Pur Puresse airfreshner on offer for £1.00 at my local Semi Chem store. I had just ran out of my regular brand of room freshner and decided to give this one a try instead. I only tend to use an airfreshner in the bathroom for obvious reasons!

      Semi Chem had 3 different fragrances available, and I opted for the one titled 'Air'. This has a scent which is supposed to be a sparkling citurs smell, but unfortunatley it doesn't smell anything like I would imagine. It isn't a great smell, but it is sufficient to leave a half decent aroma in the air. It does smell clean and fresh, but I couldn't even begin to descibe what it actually smells of.

      Part of the reason for choosing this particular product, aside from it being on offer, was that it is allergen reduced, which, since I have asthma, I thought would be a good idea, as my asthma can be triggered by allergens. It is supposed to be specially formulated to reduce the risk of skin allergies too, but I have found no evidence of this. This could also be partly due to not using it regularly enough to notice any difference compared to other brands.

      Another dissappointing thing regarding this airfreshner is that the scent doesn't last very long. It recommends spraying it towards the centre of the room for a few seconds, which I do, but like I say, the scent disappears within a minute or two. Even when I have sprayed it, have left the room, then returned, I still can't notice much of a scent. It is rather light, perhaps too light for me.

      Would I buy this again? I would have to say no. There are much better airfreshners on the market, which in my opinion have better fragrances, and last much longer once sprayed, for around about the same price. I shall return to buying my regular brand.


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      22.07.2009 15:52
      Very helpful



      A delicate but hard working air freshener!

      Air freshener in my home is a must have! What with a damp dog (well he always smells that way to me no matter how often we wash him lol) and cooking odours along with me craning me neck to smoke out of my bedroom window simply opening up the windows isn't enough to keep my home smelling fresh and sweet so both me and my Mother are fans of air fresheners and buy rather alot of them. Whilst her chosen one of choice is always Febreze (please read review I did on that if interested in it) mine actually isn't so, so once a week I buy a can of whatever I fancy from a shop (which is usually whatever is on offer to be perfectly honest with you lol) and this week I purchased this one to try out!

      To be clear I am reviewing one in particular and that is the fragrance 'Bamboo'.

      The Packaging....

      300g slightly curved lime green can with a push button integrated sprayer to the top of it (it is aerosol). On the front I'm told it's Ambi Pur Puresse Allergen Reduced 'Bamboo' Home fragrance and the size as I've stated already is displayed on the bottom of the can. On the back of the product I'm told a bit about it and given directions for use and warnings, contact details for Sara Lee are given (the manufacturers of the product), the size and recycle symbol are displayed along with a bar-code. It's a nice large can of aerosol but still easy to handle and I like that about it alot.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Can....

      The first range of Allergen reduced aerosols for your home. Dermatologically tested and specifically formulated to reduce the risk of skin allergies. Ambi Pur's high quality fragrances help you take care of your family's home.
      Enjoy the soft and light fragrances!

      'Bamboo' (this fragrance) is a colourful blend of citrus and green notes that gives your home a touch of fresh spring breeze.

      Directions For Use....

      Shake well. Hold can upright, point away from body and spray for a few seconds towards the centre of the room.

      Me Using It....

      Well I use this as directed of course and spray into the air which is incredibly easy to do via the push button sturdy dispenser that's integrated into the can. A white mist comes out very evenly with no drips and it is a dry spray with no wetness to it which means no mess on furniture as the sprays falls and no more sticky flooring/carpets either!

      As soon as you dispense some of this highly fragrant air freshener it's aroma smells immediately meaning you don't need shed loads of it, making this an economical (in the long run ) product!

      This particular fragrance is light but heavy. By that I mean it does have a light aroma to it but it is heavy enough to last in smell for a good hour or so! It has a 'green' smell as promised with an undertone of citrus which is light and totally fresh and has a slight sweet smell to it. Like I say though this is fresh and it's suitable for men's and women's nasal passages in my opinion!

      Once the smell is faded so are the bad odours you were trying to disguise in the first place! It seems to eat up bad smells and long after the fragrance has gone the home still feels fresher!

      It doesn't annoy my sensitive skin or the dog and is all round a safe to use one harsh smelling air freshener and I'm a real fan of it's dry formulation!

      Expect to pay about £2.29 per can for this and it is available in all good supermarkets etc in a range of fragrances too and in plug in's!

      A great buy!


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      22.01.2009 01:38
      Very helpful



      Worth using as it smells great.

      As the owner of a house cat, I am constantly aware that we also have to have a litter tray in our home, and because of this I am constantly trying new ways of making sure our home doesn't end up smelling of cat litter... or worse. Although by using Catsan we don't tend to have too much of a problem, I still feel that I'd like a nice fragrance in my home.

      I first came across this range from Ambi Pur in my local Home Bargains store and actually bought the cotton fragrance spray, and also the same fragrance in a mini click spray form for the bathroom as they both had quite a bit knocked off their normal retail prices. They were both really easy to use, the spray had your usual spray action that wasn't stiff to use, but wasn't easily knocked and sprayed by accident.

      The mini click spray was easy to set up and put the little canister in place and then exceptionally easy just to give it a squirt as and when needed. It also came with a peel off sticky bit of foam so you can attach it to your bathroom wall (or wherever you choose to keep it) but I decided to keep it loose as I didn't know how easy it would be to remove from the wall, should it ever break or I ever wished to change it.

      I really liked the clean smell of these and the fact that whilst they fragranced the room, they weren't overpowering to the point that you were coughing because of the strength of the fragrance. This is good for us especially as my fiancé has asthma and we have a cat so wouldn't want the smell to be so potent that either of them, or myself for that matter suffered. I was also pleased that although it wasn't a really potent smell, that you didn't need to use too much for it to do its job at the same time, which meant it would be economical to use.

      Being so pleased with the 2 products I purchased initially prompted me to try out more fragrances and items in the Puresse range.

      The next fragrance I tried was the air fragrance and this too had a lovely fresh to it with just a hint of citrus, it fragranced the room beautifully and seemed to hang around for a while, again without being overpowering.

      Recently I noticed 2 new fragrances in this range and I have to say, I absolutely love both of them. The first one is Lotus which is a more floral fragrance but with a bit of a tang to it to stop it being too flowery, I really like this one.

      The final fragrance in the range is the second of the 2 newer scents and is called bamboo and I think this is possibly one of my favourites. It's got a citrus edge to it, but not a strong one and it's quite sweet, with a hint of floral scent in it also. It's very hard to explain but it is utterly gorgeous. The sweet smell fills the room quickly after being sprayed, and hangs around for a while after where you just keep getting a gentle waft of the scent.

      They also do this range in plug in fragrances for both singular and triple diffusers. The single one has just one Puresse fragrance included, and the triple is named 3volution. The 3volution diffusers contain 3 fragrances that change every 45 minutes so that you don't get used to the one scent and stop smelling it, thus by having 3 scents and changing you get the full effect from using it.

      I don't use the single scent diffusers much, if at all personally; the reason for this being that I do prefer the 3volution range for my 'plug in' needs... that sounds rude, or is that just my mind? Hmmm!

      There's no fragrance in this range that I don't like, and more importantly there's none that my fiancé doesn't get on with, be it for scent reasons or on the basis that it aggravates his asthma. My 6 year old nephew has actually learned what this is, and if he ever trumps he makes sure to get hold of one of the sprays to stop what came out of his bottom from stinking the whole house out haha. It seems to do the trick, which I will be eternally grateful for.

      These fragrances are meant to be more gentle and contain less allergens, thus being 'family friendly'; and based on my experience with them I find these do exactly as they're meant to which makes a nice change to buy something that does what it says it will.

      The cost for the different bits of the range varies and whilst it's not the cheapest range out there, I find it's one that definitely suits this household. I am pasting the list of the range and their RRP from the website, but this doesn't mention the 3volution cost. It can obviously vary from one supermarket or retailer to the next but I'd expect to pay around £7-9 for the starter pack, and around £4-5 for the refills. These do appear on offer quite a lot in my local Tesco's so it may be worth holding on and seeing if you can get them with half the price knocked off.

      * Aerosols - £1.99
      * Plug In - starter £4.99 refill £3.99
      * Mini Spray - starter £2.99 refill £2.29
      * Instantmatic - starter £10.99 refill £2.99


      I don't know how I've managed to write so much on this product range, I thought I'd struggle making 400 words if I am honest. I hope it has been of some help anyway; thanks for reading.



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        24.10.2008 15:55
        Very helpful



        Good especially if your family have skin allergies.

        I bought this from Tesco as it was on offer. It's currently around £2.00 for a 300ml aerosol can. I have only tried the 'Air' fragrance and i'm very pleased with it. I bought it as my Daughter gets excema. She hasn't had it since i've been using this air freshener. This is probably just coincedence. On the can it says that it has been dermatologically tested and specially formulated to reduce the risk of skin allergies.

        I think I may stick with this fragrance 'Air' as the smell is not overpowering or sickly, infact sometimes I can hardly notice it but I know it gets rid of bad smells and doesn't just mask them. I use it after I've cooked and after nappy changes and it certainly gets rid of the smell.

        The can is a nice shape and is easy to hold with a easy to press nozzle.

        Air fragrance is a sparkling citrus and vibrant fragrance that gives your home a wave of freshness.

        I'd like to hear about people who have tried the other fragrances.


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    • Product Details

      Freshen the smell of your home. An allergen reduced air freshener that will keep your home smelling fresh without producing allergenic reactions for those with sensitivities.

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