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Argos 6 Piece Ribboned Towel Bale

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Brand: Argos / Misc House Type: Towel

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    3 Reviews
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      25.10.2011 02:19
      Very helpful



      These are ok in feel but not exceptional!

      I have, up until recently been a white towel towel fan. However I bought them when I first moved into my own flat but I soon learnt how through washing them often they went a funny shade of grey and showed up every stain under the sun! Originally I thought that was a great aspect to them of course meaning that towels after washing would be seen to be clean but I'm afraid to report I just got sick of them and found them a real pain.

      Moving recently into my new flat, which is very modern indeed I wanted to really put my mark on the place with colour, something I have up until recently been very opposed to indeed and I've always had very plain tastes when it comes to homeware items in the past.

      So for my birthday I asked my parents to buy me some things I had my eyes on for the flat. I had spotted these towels in the Argos catalogue and I wanted the 'Funky Fuchsia' towel bale costing £11.99. Other colour options these come in are Super White, Cream, Ocean Blue, Poppy Red, Purple Fizz, Lagoon, Chocolate, Mocha, Slate, Jet Black and Aqua all of which retail at £11.99 as my bale did though Apple Green are currently retailing at £8.99 a bale and all come in a thick matching coloured ribbon and within a see through plastic bag.

      The Bale:

      Well I guess we should talk about what a bale consists of and in the case of these bales you get 2 face cloths, 2 hand towels and 2 bath towels. The face cloth/flannels measure: L30, W30cm so are large square clothes, the hand towels measure: L90, W50cm, so they are oblongish in shape and the bath towels measure: L120, W70cm. All in my opinion are decently sized, plain apart from one section of each being thinner and giving a sort of thinner look to the edges of the towels and you can buy two bath sheets to match your chosen colour bale for £11.99 too, to complete the set if you want to!

      Made from 100% cotton these are fully machine washable and tumble dry safe. I initially loved the rich pink colour these had to them and felt that although they wernt all that fat and fluffy were a good enough quality and a none fluff giving off set however that was before I washed them!

      I washed these as soon as I received them. Simply on a 30c wash with just washing detergent and on a quick cycle too. I was gutted when I got them out as the colour fade made them look old and no longer pristine and new, and that was before I ever used them even!

      After using them, I do find them to be an ok towel. Yep I'm used to using better quality towels but like I stated earlier I thought these were good enough but since washing them a couple of times since I'm just so disappointed with the colour fade which has got worse and after about 4 washes through I'm ready to invest in a better quality set very soon indeed.

      My advice is that if you like the set go for a set that isn't really rich in colour as my colour has drained out and they now look right shabby!

      Only available from Argos stores or from Argos.co.uk


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        21.04.2011 09:24
        Very helpful



        A Great Bathroom Bargain

        I recently bought my first home and I had quite a strict little plan of how each room in my house would be decorated, the colour schemes, the furnishings etc. and I had decided for my bathroom to go with a Hot Pink & Black theme since I'd bought some gorgeous accessories in these colours.

        I can't stand mismatched towels that are all different colours and I wanted just Black & Hot Pink ones but everywhere I loooked they seemed to be quite expensive. I was actually quite shocked at how much towels cost! In the majority of stores you had to buy each sized towel separatley for example - Bath towel, Bath Sheet, Hand towel, Flannel etc. and they were all £6 or £7 each meaning if you were to buy all the sizes then you would be spending quite a lot of money!

        When I saw the 6 Piece towel bale in the Argos catalogue I thought it was an absolute bargain considering how much the separate towels cost everywhere else. The bale was £7.99 at the time but I have noticed that it now costs £9.99 in Argos but that is still very good.

        The set is 100% Cotton and includes 2 Face Cloths, 2 Hand Towels and 2 Bath Towels - everything I needed! The bale is available in several different colours too including Funky Fuschia which is the exact shade of Hot Pink that I wanted so I bought this bale too. The other colours are; White, Cream, Apple Green, Blue, Cranberry, Purple, Chocolate, Mocha, Navy, Slate and Lagoon. All of the colours are actually really nice and there's pretty much a shade for everyone's Bathroom!

        The only problem I had with these towels was that my partner and I used them straight away from new and when we came to dry our bodies after taking a Shower we were covered in Black fluff! Our white Bathroom suite also had the Black fluff everywhere which was quite annoying, so if you are buying these towels in Black it would be a good idea to wash them first before using them to get read of the "New fluff". Other than that these have been great, they haven't faded in the wash and are just as good quality as any other towel I've used.

        I remove only 1 Star from my rating because of the Black fluff!


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          07.04.2011 22:23
          Very helpful



          A good set of towels from Argos

          When I purchased my house a couple of years ago one of the many items I needed to buy were some bathroom towels, I looked around many shops looking for something suitable and some places were charging a fortune for just one towel, with this being our first home I obviously needed to buy more than one towel and at the prices a lot of places were charging it was going to start getting rather expensive. I decided to have a quick look in the Argos catalogue I had picked up and saw that they were selling a 6 piece towel set at a very reasonable price. I decided to give them a go after all I thought that if they didn't last very long I hadn't wasted a huge amount of money and could always replace once we were settled in.

          We purchased 2 of the sets of towels as we do somehow seem to go through them rather quickly. The towels came nicely presented, neatly folded up, piled on top of each other in size order and held in place with a ribbon of the same colour wrapped around them to form a bale. When I untied the towel bale I discovered that it included 2 face cloths, 2 hand towels and 2 bath towels, as we had purchased 2 of these bales it was the ideal amount for me and my fiancé. The towels are made from 100% cotton and felt extremely soft to touch, we purchased one black bale of towels and one white bale of the towels, each towel and face cloth had a plain cotton edging to it in a matching colour to the main body of the towel giving them and neat and professional finish. Each towel also had a plain cotton band down each side to form a sort of border, this is positioned slightly away from the actual edging itself, again this is in the same colour as the towel.

          Care Instructions and Durability
          As I have mentioned the towels and face cloths are all 100% cotton and are machine washable this is indicated by a small white tag on each towel and face cloth, the washing symbols and writing is written in black making it very easy to read and stays clear after many washes, so actually caring for the towels is very simple. As for durability, all of the towels have proved to be very hardwearing as we are still using them now. The towels are probably not at their best after 2 years of constant use and washing but they have done extremely well, even after putting them on a hot wash to remove tough marks including make up they still look as good as new. The black set of towels I purchased are starting to look a little bit faded now, probably due to the amount of times they have been used and washed but this is only a recent problem I have encountered, but for the little amount of money I paid for the towels I am extremely impressed with the overall durability of them.

          As I have said I purchased my towel bales from my local Argos and for this 6 piece set it cost us just £9.99 per bale, personally I felt this was an excellent price especially for such a hardwearing set. I half expected to have to replace the towels after a few months but 2 years later they are still perfectly good enough to use, a couple may be a bit faded or not quite as white as they should be but I simply just don't put these ones in the bathroom when people are coming around. I would definitely purchase these towels again at this price which is less than half the price some other shops were charging, when we were looking around for new towels we found some places that were charging nearly this for just 1 large towel so getting 4 towels and 2 face cloths for the same price is a real bargain in my opinion.

          The sizes of the towels and face cloths included in the towel bale are as follows
          *Face Cloths - 30cm (L) 30cm (W)
          *Hand Towels - 90cm (L) 50cm (W)
          *Bath Towels - 120cm (L) 70cm (W)
          Personally I feel that the towels are of an ideal size, to be honest we hardly use the face cloths but the hand towels and bath towels are used on a regular basis and for me they are the perfect size, however my fiancé does think that the bath towels are a bit on the small side which is why we ended up buying 2 bath sheets to match but for me the bath towels are plenty big enough as are the hand towels. If my fiancé uses these towels after his shower he ends up using 2 one around his shoulders and one around his bottom half but for most people I feel these towels would be an ideal size.

          As I have mentioned Argos towel bales come in a variety of colours, we purchased one black and one white bale as this fitted in best with the colour scheme of our bathroom however there is something that would suit most bathrooms including
          *Jet Black
          *Super White
          *Funky Fuchsia
          *Apple Green
          *Soft Blue
          *Purple Fizz
          As you can see there are a wide range of colours to choose from, I'm pretty sure that when we purchased our towels there was not such a large selection of colours, others have been added to the range in the last 2 years, all colours are the same price of £9.99.

          Hardwearing and durable
          Easy to wash
          Reasonable sizes
          Soft and absorbent
          Wide range of colours
          Reasonably prices

          For me there were no major disadvantages, if I had to list a couple of things it would be that when I first purchased the towels they did leave rather a lot of fluff literally everywhere, all over the floor, bath, toilet and sink, this was not a problem with the white towels but the black ones did cause a bit of a problem, I did find that I had to wash these rather a lot to get rid of the excess fluff, however this is not something that would put me off buying these towels in the future.

          Overall I would definitely recommend this towel set, they are reasonably price, extremely hardwearing and long lasting, as well as being warm and soft to wrap around you after a bath or shower. Some cheap towels prove not to be very absorbent however with these this is not the case, they are even extremely good for wrapping around your hair after washing it. I would definitely buy these towels in the future should I need to replace any of the slightly worn or faded ones, there really is something suitable for most colour schemes despite the few one or two disadvantages I have discovered,its certainly a product I would recommend.


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        • Product Details

          Size: 1030mm (w) x 590mm (h)

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