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Argos Acrylic 3 Tier CD and DVD Media Storage Rack

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Brand: Argos / Misc House Type: Storage

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2011 08:48
      Very helpful



      A storage solution for DVD's, games and CD's


      We spent a lot of time redecorating our home last year and ended up completely renovating our spare room turning it into a second sitting room. Along with new flooring, sofa and computer desk I decided that I had to find a solution to a problem that I had been having for a number of years; that of enough storage space. Having built up an extension collection of DVDs and Console games over the years I wanted somewhere to display them and give me to get easy access to them, the cupboard I was using as a temporary storage space was becoming full and we need that space back.

      Fixed shelves were out of the question as we didn't want to drill into freshly wallpapered walls and I was reluctant to buy a bookcase to store them on as they always looked out of place and not really suitable for that purpose. In the end I scoured online for free-standing DVD display units and saw the subject of this review available to buy from Argos: the "Acrylic 3 Tier CD and DVD Media Storage Rack". Slightly put off by the price tag at just under £40.00 but reassured with the reviews praising the quality and build of it I decided to part with my cash and take a chance.

      So what do I think?

      **Building the rack**

      Flat-packed in a rectangular cardboard box the storage rack weighs just under 3 kilograms in its unboxed state and comprises 2 shaped transparent acrylic sides and 9 metal tubes. There are pre-drilled holes which are ready for the metallic tubes to be inserted and screwed into and constructing the whole rack takes only a matter of minutes to put together. I'm no DIY enthusiast but even I could figure out how to assemble this in the correct order and I was impressed at just how straightforward and easy this was to do.

      The metallic tubes had nicely finished off edges with no sharp snags and the acrylic sides were smooth to the touch, I could really tell that this had been well made with careful attention to detail ensuring no problem areas. The holes were aligned perfectly on each side and when constructed the rack sits firmly in place without wobbles or a tendency to lean to one side. Once fully constructed the rack itself measures 81cm in height, 48cm in width and 22cm in depth so ideally sized for its purpose and looks a stylish, modern piece of furniture which shouldn't look out of place in any environment it is placed in.

      Although the picture supplied shows the acrylic sides to have a blue tint to them in actual fact they are completely transparent and feature cut out oval sections at the top to allow the rack to be picked up and moved if needed. Once constructed and in place it's just a case of filling up the tiers with whatever if it is you want to store, which in my case was DVD's BluRay films and games.

      **Filling the Rack**

      The rack has been designed to hold a maximum of 90 DVDs or 150 CDs and I filled mine up in no time at all. Film cases are held in place easily and if you have any room left over you are supplied with 3 pieces of shaped acrylic which act as stoppers which prevent any film cases from toppling over to one side. My rack is full so the stoppers aren't needed but if you are building up a collection of films or games and have space left over these make a handy addition. Single disc cases fit easily onto the rack as do box sets, obviously because box sets are wider they take up more room on the shelf but thanks to the space given between the shelves these are easily accommodated and do easily fit.

      **Overall thoughts**

      Although my rack is full it stands firmly on the floor where it is stood, it doesn't move when it is walked by and taking films off the shelves does not make it unstable. It has been stood in one position for around 4 months now and looks as good today as it did when it was first constructed. Because the sides are transparent the unit does not need much maintenance, it doesn't show any dust and only requires a quick wipe over every so often to remove any fingerprints. The metal poles which act as the shelves cannot be seen under my DVDs so these can't gather dust and for a low maintenance, well made DVD storage rack I have been delighted with my purchase.

      For just under £40.00 this is expensive when you consider that traditional shelves cost a fraction of the price, you are restricted to the amount of DVDs you can store on the shelves but I wouldn't swap my rack for anything else now and will be buying another soon to accommodate even more of my film collection. It is incredibly well made, durable and looks stylish, I like the fact that the acrylic sides are transparent as this makes it suitable for any decor you may have in your home, I know that I can change the wallpaper in our spare room and won't have to worry that the furniture doesn't match.

      The fact that it doesn't need dusting is a definite plus point, as mentioned I did at one time have bookshelves which acted as a place to store my DVDs and these soon became a pain to keep dust-free, this rack from Argos eliminates the need for dusting and it simply does what it was designed to do without any fuss or concerns. It is easy to construct and has a quality look and feel to it once put together and I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone looking for something to store their own collection of films or games on.

      **Availability and Rating**

      Still available from Argos for the price I paid - £39.99 this can be bought in store or online. I have been very impressed with mine for all the reasons mentioned in this review and for me this easily deserves a full five star rating. Definitely recommended as far as I'm concerned, thanks for reading my review.

      Please note that this review may also appear on ciao under my username.


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