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Argos Folding Double Canvas Laundry Basket

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Brand: Argos / Misc House Type: Laundry Basket

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    2 Reviews
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      31.05.2012 12:37
      Very helpful



      Two bags to make one job easier

      There is always plenty of washing at the end of each day with a busy active toddler. I tend to have a good clean up at the end of the day, and always do a wash load to keep on top of the washing. By the time it comes to the end of the day, I am usually feeling frazzled, which is why I like my workload to be kept as simple as possible. I like to be able to complete the chores in a timely manner, as there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Washing is a mundane task that seems never ending.

      I have mountains of washing despite doing one to two wash loads a day. For this reason, I tend to opt for a tall laundry basket to store away the dirty washing to keep it out of sight. The only problem with having a big laundry basket is that it never seems to be emptied. Plus it takes forever to sort through it all. I find sorting through washing a tedious task, and often end up rushing and mixing the wrong items together which can cause disastrous results.

      When I was in need of a new laundry basket, I decided to have a look on Argos to see what was on offer. I didn't want to spend a lot, and I wasn't fussed about the design. I did, however, want something different. I was after a laundry basket that would be unobtrusive and practical. After browsing through the Argos website, and gasping at the prices of some of the laundry baskets, I decided that the Folding double laundry basket would do, as I thought it would make light work of sorting out washing.

      I was hoping this new laundry basket would make the task easier, and prevent whites and darks from being mixed up. This is something that would happen often, as I am always rushing to get the chores done. I cannot say that I was won over by the design of the laundry basket, in fact, I wasn't overly keen. The reason why I purchased this particular laundry basket was that it had two separate bags to keep lights and darks separated, and the low price was the clincher.

      The laundry basket is flat packed, with the metal components being wrapped in cellophane for protection. The metal poles are put together with ease to complete the hanging frame, which only takes minutes. There are two white cotton laundry bags provided, which are printed with bold black font with the words 'Lights' and 'Darks' to make it easy to keep washing separated. The bags feature four Velcro tabs to secure them onto the metal poles, which makes mounting and removing them quick and easy.

      The product is nothing spectacular, and I can honestly say I am not overly keen on the overall look. I did also wonder how much the bags would hold with them only being held on by Velcro tabs. My first impressions were low, as I thought it looked cheap and flimsy, so I wasn't expecting much from it. I decided to place the laundry basket near to the entrance of my home, and it fits neatly against the wall. With it being placed out the way, I don't have to look at it too often, although it is still easily accessible to fill up throughout the day.

      With a sticky toddler it didn't take long before I was dropping items into the appropriate bags. The bags have large open tops, which make flinging clothes at it easy, and the item is sure to make its way into the bag. Each bag is held open by the way in which it is hung from the metal frame. Even as the bags fill up they remain in situ without sagging. However, the bags will start to bulge when they are full. The thick cotton material keeps the bags looking neat. Quite an impressive amount can fit into each bag, and once filled there is no tedious sorting to be done, as the laundry is separated along the way.

      Each bag holds enough to do one load of washing in my 7kg washing machine. Though, more can be crammed into the bag if needed, at a squeeze a good couple of loads in each bag. The advantages of these bags is that it is easy to see when there is enough to do a wash load, and which bag needs to be done the most. The Velcro tabs can easily be undone so that the bag can be carried straight to the machine. This makes the job easier, and more time efficient. The cotton bags can also be machine washed, so they are easy to keep clean and fresh.

      The cotton bags are reassuringly strong, and can be overloaded with heavy bulky items with no reservations. I have loaded the bags with an entire double bed set plus extras, and it holds well. Even the metal frame holds up well and doesn't look strained even when both bags are overflowing. The laundry basket has been in operation for several months now, and both of the bags and the frame are still in excellent condition with no signs of damage or wear and tear.

      The colour of the white cotton bags are still fresh and clean and they have retained their shape, and even the black text hasn't faded despite being washed many times. I like the fact that they can be rolled up and washed, as it keeps them smelling fresh and looking clean. The Velcro tabs are incredibly strong and are still intact, they never show signs of strain, even when the bags are crammed full. Whilst I'm not overly fussed with the design, it is impressive that it has been put through its paces and it is still in great condition.

      I find that I am now able to keep on top of my washing with ease, and as we have fewer whites than darks, I am able to keep them separated without any extra work. As the bags comfortably hold enough to do a wash load, it makes it easy to see when there's enough to do a wash load. Although my initial thought of this laundry basket wasn't favourable, I have grown to like it, as it makes light work of washing and keeps our clothes in better condition. I think this laundry basket is fine if it is placed in an inconspicuous place, it would sit neatly in a kitchen or in a hallway.

      This might not have been my first choice, and it was chosen mainly on price and practicality, it has certainly been a good buy and has helped keep my washing organized.


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        03.01.2011 22:43
        Very helpful



        Excellent buy

        As I have mentioned before I have just recently moved into my own place. Moving just short of 300 miles is a long way to make more than one trip with our stuff so we decided that we would buy all our house stuff when we got there. Within a couple of days I was fed up of unwashed clothes laying around so I went out to look for a laundry basket.

        I made a trip to Argos, lucky for me it's only 5 minute drive away. Who knew there were so many options just for a laundry basket? I finally made a decision and bought the "Folding Double Canvas Laundry Basket". This came at a price of £16.99.


        The structure of the laundry basket is metal; the metal is chrome so this means it is new and shiny looking. On each of the four legs of the basket are black rubber stoppers. These are in place to stop the basket from sliding around if you were to have it on a hard surface and not carpet. The basket itself stands at 77 cm high with a width of 66 cm and a depth of 35 cm. The stand is simple and modern looking.

        The basket consists of two off white canvas bags. The bags are attached by velcro to the stand by chrome handles that are removable off the stand just by lifting them. On the front of the canvas bags, printed in black bold writing, are the words "lights" and "darks". The capacity of the laundry basket is 40 litres. I find this to be a reasonable size, with just two of us living in the house I usually wait for my washing to pile up before I start loading it into the washing machine, I can leave my washing for a while before it starts to overflow.


        The laundry basket comes flat packed in a cardboard box with its individual bits and instructions. I have to say building things is not one of my strong points, unless it's Lego. The box contains lots of different poles of different lengths and instructions giving numbers of which pole should be joined to which. This confused me greatly, lucky for me my sister and her partner happened to be visiting at the time and he managed putting it up no problem.

        This design of laundry basket I find very useful. The bags are removable from the stand so instead of having to carry handfuls of washing or drag the whole laundry basket to the washing machine you can just remove the bag and take that to the washing machine. I find this extremely useful as it doesn't give my puppy a chance to steal any loose socks that I may have dropped, which would never be seen again. The canvas bags are also detachable from the chrome handles which enables the bags to be washed so your laundry basket doesn't smell out your room.

        Overall I don't think I could have picked a better basket. The two bags enable lights and darks to be split which saves time. The basket is a reasonable size not too big but big enough to fit a large amount of clothes in.


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