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Argos Seagrass Corner Linen Bin

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Brand: Argos / Product Type: Linen Bin

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2010 23:04
      Very helpful



      A handy and decent looking linen bin.

      I can't recall how many linen bins I have owned since first being married, centuries ago. Too many to remember, anyway. It's often been a case of buying what will fit best into a small space and be practical. Linen bins and baskets are not an item that I like to spend a lot on. I know that the cheaper ones don't often last long but I don't mind replacing these.

      I don't have too many spaces in my bedroom for a linen bin and the same applies to my bathroom. Also, as my bathroom gets excessively damp, items bought for in here have a short life span before becoming spoiled.
      I think it must be almost two years since I purchased the Sea grass Corner Linen Bin from Argos.

      This came flat packed but there isn't really any assembly needed; it's simply a question of pushing the sides out and attaching the bag.

      The linen bin can also be folded for storage. I have never done this as it's in constant use.

      As explained I didn't have that many suitable spaces for a linen bin when every bedroom in the house was in use, and there was lots of dirty washing. Things aren't so busy now. When I sort out an empty bedroom I might even, at last, get to have my utility room. Because of the lack of space I had come to the conclusion that the best space to house a linen bin would be in the upstairs hallway, outside the bathroom. I thought that if I could find a corner shaped bin then it would fit into a spare corner and wouldn't be in a gangway. Also, importantly, it wouldn't be seen from downstairs.

      I used to wash clothes every day but now, with less people living in the house, I find that it isn't economical, or environmentally friendly, to use the machine every day, if it isn't full. When the house was full this linen bin wouldn't have been large enough to hold all the family's laundry. But as I washed clothes every day then the linen basket didn't fill any quicker than it does at present. I now seem to often have about four or five small piles of clothes needing different wash cycles. I tend to wait until the bin is full before washing clothes.

      This is one of my better buys in this department. Not because it is of a marvellous quality but it fits well into its corner, and holds the right amount of dirty washing for my family. It doesn't get as full as it used to now that some of the children have flown the nest so, whilst it was full up at times when bought, now it is of a perfect capacity. When sheets are changed it would be full but I usually wash them as they come off the beds.

      So this seagrass linen bin fits nicely into its designated space without tripping anyone up. It's easy to flip up the hinged lid. If I haven't any washing to do on a particular day then it's nice to close the lid on the washing, and the task.

      It isn't the sturdiest bin one could find but, as everyone in my house is adult (well very nearly) and it's tucked out of the way, it appears to be lasting well. But it wouldn't take being leant, or sat upon. The top is quite strong though and things do get placed upon it, such as books, or tea trays as they are taken upstairs and left in the upstairs hallway. People in my house don't seem to be able to walk the few extra metres to put something in its proper place!

      Inside the basket is a linen coloured cloth bag which is removable for washing, or to transport the washing in. This is a handy feature. I did find it became stained fairly quickly. I washed it but couldn't remove the stain. However, this is inside. It doesn't show and doesn't come off onto the clothes placed inside it.

      There are posher linen bins and bigger and stronger linen bins but i think this looks good enough and fulfils its purpose.

      DETAILS as taken from the Argos website, www.argos.co.uk:

      * Capacity 60 litres.

      * Hinged lid.

      * Removable, washable liner.

      * Folds flat for storage

      * Size H58, W32, D32c

      I believe I probably paid the previous price of £29.99 for this bin. It currently sells for the cheaper price of, £19.89.


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