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Argos Value Peva Shower Curtain

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3 Reviews

Brand: Argos / Misc House Type: Shower Curtain

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    3 Reviews
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      07.04.2012 09:22
      Very helpful
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      An ok value product but not very pleasing on the eyes

      In my previous house we had a shower that sat above the bath and each time we showered the floor would get covered in water so while in Argos I decided to pick up a shower curtain and as this one is only £2 I thought I would give it a go.

      The appearance of the shower curtain is very basic it looks very cheap and not too pleasing on the eye but as it was just a short time measure as we knew we were moving house in a few months anyway this did not matter too much to us. It does look very tired even from day one of use and not great for sprucing up your bathroom.

      The shower curtain itself is made of very thin plastic material and is just white in colour nothing fancy just a plain product. Although it is white in colour even before it is wet it is nearly transparent and then even more so once it comes into contact with water.

      There are holes already pre punched at the top of the curtain for it o be hung up and you also receive 12 rings to attach it to the shower pole each ring is fairly easy to put on and I gave my hubby the job of attaching it. This was very easy to do and the hooks attach to the pole very easily and then it is sturdy enough my children have pulled on it a few times and it remained intact as long as there is not too much force behind the pulling and tugging then it remains on the pole.

      There is no weight in the bottom of the curtain meaning when it gets wet it tends to cling to the side of the bath as the water runs down and when it dries it does dry creased and is not a petty site to look at but after a few hours it begins to iron itself back out again so it is not too much of a problem. It does the job it is intended for it holds the water on the inside of the bath rather than it falling on the floor which is great. It does not rip or tear although it is very thin as you would expect for the price.

      It says in the Argos catalogue that it can be machine washed which is one of the reasons I chose this as with anything that gets water on it the curtain does become mouldy but when I received the product it actually said hand wash only which is easy enough to do and it comes up perfect. I still like to replace the curtain every few months just to make sure no germs are lurking and because of the small price this is not bank breaking to do.

      Over all it is an ok shower curtain it is not very appealing on the eyes but it does do the job it is intended for and for a very small price. Now we are in our new home we have brought a shower curtain that matches our bathroom it is blue with fishes on it and much more appealing both for myself and my children. The quality of the curtain is ok it lasted the few months we needed it too and so was worth the £2 we paid.

      This is an ok basic product that works well for a cheap price but not very pleasing on the eyes. It is easy to fit and is durable but not something that looks particularly attractive in your bathroom.


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        20.03.2012 17:35
        Very helpful



        Does the job but not very aesthetically pleasing.

        ---Why I Buy This---

        Well basically because I need a cheap shower curtain!
        We have an over bath shower which gets used quite often as two youngsters are back and fore to university. It was out of action for a while but way too much hot water was getting used for baths so we bought a new set of mixer taps and shower fitting (expensive) - and then I bought the cheapest shower curtain I could find. As I was ordering the taps from Argos anyway I just added the shower curtain to my basket.
        Unlike my sister, who buys expensive washable shower curtains, I have tended to go for the cheap plastic ones and then just replace them when they get to look a bit sad and sorry for themselves.
        However as I am stuck at home I bought this online when I ordered other items from Argos - in days past when I was 'out and about' I would pick up colourful and cheap shower curtains from what are basically £1 shops or when I found them on sale.

        ---The Brand---

        Argos Value Brand - basic items - but this is just as you would expect - cheap.

        ---The Product---

        The basic shower curtain comes in a plastic bag.
        Only available in white.
        Has holes punched to accommodate curtain rings.
        Comes with 12 white plastic hooks - about 2 inch ovals.
        180 x 180 cms.
        Can be hand washed at 30 degrees (as stated in packaging) - though the Argos website states it can be machine washed.
        You are advised to soak it in warm water to remove creases.
        No weighting to the base.


        Other shower curtains at Argos range from £4.99 up to £14.99.

        ---My Opinion---

        Well you get what you pay for.
        I would prefer a colourful or patterned shower curtain (I have had lime green previously) but trying to watch the cash mean that I buy the most basic items I can.
        The shower curtain I have just bought from Argos is to replace the one I bought last year. The first one is now getting a bit mouldy around the edges, and not being too well I would rather buy another curtain every year than have to scrub and wash the dirty one - sounds bad perhaps but it saves my energy - so for £1.99 I think it is worth it.
        All shower curtains get mouldy and messy after a while - no matter how much they cost - so I see no reason to waste money on them.
        This curtain is made from a sheet of thin, cheap white plastic - with no hem or weight. The top has pre-punched holes to take the 12 shower rings - these slip into their holes easily and I get my son to put up the curtain on our rail. The bad thing is hubby then takes the old one to use in the garden somewhere - what is it with men finding 'uses' for stuff that should be thrown away?
        Anyhow this curtain does the job of keeping the water from going all over the floor - which is really all you need it for - it can be clingy when wet - so try and keep it away from you when showering.
        I never bothered soaking either curtain before putting them up - any fold creases eventually fall out with the heat from the bath and shower anyway.
        Perhaps if I was out shopping I would search for a better shower curtain - but it would not be high on my list of priorities.
        If you have a fancy bathroom obviously this is not for you - but I have a lot more I would rather spend money on than a pretty shower curtain - through a Union Jack one would be nice!
        These curtains do the job and when ordered with other items from Argos do not cost any more postage.
        Great for:
        * People on tight budgets
        * Students
        * Holiday lets
        * rental accommodation
        * Plastic dust sheets.

        ---Star Rating---

        3 Stars.

        ---Would I Recommend?---

        Its OK if you just need 'something' to use with your shower. Thin and cheap looking but works ok.




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        03.12.2011 12:15
        Very helpful



        I cannot recommend this shower curtain at all.

        The shower curtain we used to have before the one we actually have now did not last us very long. Not because it fell to bits but because it was so bad we couldn't live with it any longer - it was a hindrance rather than a help to be honest.

        It was as cheap as chips from Argos. £1.99 for a plain white shower curtain, complete in it's own plastic cover. I didn't think taking a shower would be such a problem. We folllowed the instructions and it hung fine once we had immersed it in some warm water as per the instructions - this was in order to make sure the creases had all dropped out as there were an awful lot of them when we took it out of the pack.

        It comes with pre cut holes and twelve hooks which was really easy to sort out and hang up. Using the shower curatin on the other hand was not easy in my experience. This shower curtain seems to have been injected with masses of static electricity and once you turn the shower on full and get inside, it seems to get worse. The curtain makes a bee-line for your body and just sticks to it and hangs on there for dear life. This is not great in my opinion, for taking a nice relaxing shower at the end of a long day.

        I spent more time tryingg to peel the shower curtain from my body than I actually did in getting washed. It did not make taking a shower a pleasant experience at all. It was a bit of a nightmare.
        Keeping the curtain clean was is simple and easy - we just sponged it down every few days with a sponge and it came up looking fine.

        All in all not something I would recommend though.

        Review also posted on Ciao as sorehead.


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