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Argos Value Range Plastic Toilet Seat

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Brand: Argos / Type: Bathroom Accessories

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    1 Review
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      10.07.2013 22:26
      Very helpful



      You cant buy much with a fiver and get change! You can with this product.

      Before I got my bathroom and toilet renovated, I previously had black wooden toilet seats. They were quite weighty and a good quality, and cost me around £15.00 each around 4 years ago. I didn't want to replace them as they didn't look or feel cheap, but I did find that some areas around the edges were wearing away. I didn't feel it looked great, wasn't hygienic and also when thinking about it at the time my son was coming out of nappies and using the main toilet a lot more and they appeared to be too heavy for him to lift up and down. With those issues firmly in my mind, I decided to buy two of these from Argos in white, costing just under £5.00 each.

      Why did I buy it?

      It was purely down to cost. I was on a very strict budget, and although I saw other seats that took my fancy a lot more, these were neutral and priced right. Importantly, they were available at the time.

      How was it to fit?

      The one I bought was white in colour. Size wise they appear to be standard for the majority of toilets. 16 inches in length, 14 inches in width. You have the lid section and the seat section. Both areas are joined together by a hinge and connected to the hinge are two almost square sections that directly go onto the toilet base itself. To secure, you place a plastic screw into the ' squares ' then thread through the holes that are always made in toilet basins to fit seats. Once through you place a small grey ' cap ' on the end of this screw, screw it around until it its flush and against the underneath of the toilet itself then use.

      Putting it on was no problem as it came in one piece and you didn't require anything additional in the form of materials or tools which was good. Placing the caps on the underside of the toilet, where the holes are was fiddly. Not because of the product itself but because of where my toilet is positioned. Both sides are boxed in and this area comes out quite abit, meaning the amount of space I had to screw the top up was limiting. Done though, just uncomfortable.

      Fitting this product is easy, but you do have a think about the position of your toilet as an easy job could become alittle annoying.

      Made of thermoplastic. Can be adjusted to fit all toilet seats ( not essential for me as it just popped on my loo perfectly ).

      How does it perform?

      Firstly, they fit in very well in my bathroom and toilet due to their colour, as you cant go wrong with white! They are a bright white, shiny and definitely do not look as cheap as they were in price. They have a decent weight and thickness to them. They don't make a huge bang when placing the seat up or down ( despite having two very heavy handed children ), and they are very robust. No marks, scratches or damages and Ive had these in place for over 18 months.

      Very easy to clean. I simply wipe them over with multi purpose antibacterial wipes. The fact that they are made of plastic for me is a bonus because not only are they easy to clean, but very hygienic. I dread to think all of the lovely bacteria that were on my previous seats when they became damaged!

      Sitting on it is actually quite comfortable. I don't feel this is any different in comfort to my previous ones that were three times the price, in fact I would say they are more comfortable!

      Would I buy these again? Yes I would. This isn't a fancy all singing and dancing toilet seat. No patterns, no bright colours, no ornate features or decorations. It is what it is and it works well. If on a budget, fab buy!


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