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Asda A4 Notebook

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Brand: Asda / Type: Notebook

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2014 09:39
      Very helpful



      a good notebook for coursework

      ~Asda A4 Notebook~

      Asda offer a wide selection of stationary products including various types of notebooks. I am reviewing the A4 Notebook but there is a hardback and refill version of this notebook available. This notebook is available in three colours - black, blue and red. The notebook has a wire spine and features perforated pages. Inside you will find 160, single ruled sheets of white paper.

      ~Price and Availability~

      This notebook can be purchased from www.asda.com or instore and is currently priced at £1.50.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I am currently a student so regularly purchase stationary for use at home and in college. It is essential for me to have notebooks so when I started my new block back in November, I headed to Asda to stock up on new notebooks. I decided to buy three of these A4 notebooks as I am in college three days per week and figured I could use the one notebook for both classes that I am in to save me having to carry around lots of different notebooks.

      At £1.50, I consider these notebooks to be good value. They don't look fancy but are very practical for my coursework notes and are the perfect size and thickness to slip in to my handbag for carrying to college. I like that there are different colours of covers available as this helps me to distinguish which notebook I need to take with me depending on what classes I am doing that day. The polyprop cover on each notebook is very smooth and the colours used are bold. The only writing on the front of the notebook is 'NOTEBOOK' - very simple. The polyprop cover protects my coursework perfectly well.

      The quality of these notebooks is really good and I have been pleased with how good it is compared to cheaper notebooks that I have purchased in the past. The wire spine is very secure and I haven't had any issues with it detaching from the main body of the notebook. The perforated edge on each page isn't particularly easy to see and I find it difficult to tear pages out of the notebook by using this as a guide. I do, however, find tearing the page out directly from the wire spine to be very easy but this doesn't offer a neat finish. There are four holes down each page allowing them to be put in to a ring binder if necessary.

      The paper quality within this notebooks is perfectly fine for my coursework needs. The single line spacing is just right for the type of writing that I do and I imagine that it would prove to be perfect for University students or those simply writing up letters or doing budgets at home or in an office. The margin is wide as is the top line so I can add the date or my name/title of writing piece very easy with no space issues. The paper is of a good quality with easy to identify lines. I find the paper to feel smooth and it is very easy to write on. I vary between roller and ball point pens and have had no issues with the ink sinking through on to the next page in the notebook or smudging. I do noticed, however, that if I am a little heavy handed with my pen (when I am writing a lot at the one time), the other side of the page feels a little bumpy but to be fair, the notes are only for my own personal viewing so I am not overly fussed by the occasional bumpy appearance of the paper.

      ~Final Thoughts~

      Overall I can recommend these A4 notebooks. They are simple, cheap and well made. These notebooks suit my coursework needs and I will be more than happy to buy some new ones when my new block starts in four weeks time. My work is neat and held safely within the one notebook. I have noticed that Asda do a similar designed notebook with dividers in it and this may be ideal for those who don't have quite as much to write as I have but is something I may consider in the future if my workload reduces. These are definitely worth a purchase and come recommended by myself.

      Thanks for reading :)


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