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Asda Nectarine & Orange Blossom Glass Gel Air Fresh

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Brand: Asda / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2011 18:31
      Very helpful



      Delightfully Fruity.

      I have a variety of different air fresheners and room fragrancers throughout my home, ranging from plug-ins to reed diffusers. However, I have difficulty in finding one suitable for my bathroom - obviously a plug-in is a no go and reed diffusers tend to get knocked over. I have tried scented candles, but these don't hold their scent for long and I'm not keen on aerosols as it can sometimes feel that you are masking bad smells in a bathroom! But I like the room to smell fresh and clean between cleans.

      When browsing the aisles in asda recently, I came across this Nectarine and Orange Blossom Glass Gel Air Freshener for £1.63. I like a citrus scent in my bathroom and a lot of the cleaning products I use in that room are lemon scented, so I thought that this fragrance would make a nice alternative to lemon whilst still remaining fruity fresh. I opted to purchase this to see how well it worked in my bathroom.

      The freshener comes in a cardboard-backed plastic package - the sort that you have to fight to open or, usually, give in and use the scissors. The freshener itself is of a novel shape and made of glass, it is shaped like a four leaf clover or, more accurately, like you would draw a 'splat'. The glass is clear and the gel inside this is a bright orange colour. The scent could be smelt through the packaging.

      Once opened, the smell of the freshener is quite intense. It is quite a soft orangey smell, not too overpowering but citrusy fresh at the same time. The design of the freshener means that it can sit flat on a surface and you can choose to hide it away discreetly or have it on display if you like. I choose to put mine on a shelf out of sight as the bright orange colour does not fit in well with the colour scheme of my bathroom. My bathroom is fairly small in size and I find that this scents the room nicely. It gives a hint of orange fragrance when you first enter the room, without being overpowering. I would have doubts as to how effective this would be in a bigger room as I don't believe the scent to be strong enough. However, I do not think that the scent could be overpowering in any room, so it would be equally ideal for a small downstairs toilet.

      The gel in the freshener is exposed and slightly sticky to the touch. You therefore need to be careful when handling this as you easily get fingerprints imprinted on this, and the fragrance also rubs off on your skin. The gel can also gather the dust easily and is not easy to clean - worth bearing in mind if you intend to place this on display.

      Asda state that the freshener will last for four weeks before needing replacing. From my experience, this is pretty much spot on. The fragrance is very strong for about two weeks and then gradually becomes more subtle, and by four weeks is pretty much non-existent. You could perhaps get another week out of it in a smaller room, or if you only require a very light fragrance.

      This air freshener is an orangey delight, it smells fresh and fragrances small(ish) rooms perfectly. I will definitely be purchasing this again.


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