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Avon Country Rose Fleece Blanket

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Brand: Avon / Misc House Type: Throw

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    1 Review
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      25.01.2011 17:15
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      Not really worth the price - or the scars!

      On Christmas day when I opened my presents to find that my mother had bought me a blanket I remember thinking it seemed a bit of an unusual choice. I then realised that it came from the Avon catalogue and suddenly it all made sense, as my mother is an Avon rep and also her own best customer.

      I must admit, at first I just thought this was a blanket, I didn't realise that it had, uhm...features, shall we say! It was actually my mother that told me this was 'a TV blanket' her words, not Avon's, may I add, had she not told me I don't think I would have realised what it was designed for.

      What makes this different from your standard blanket, is that it has two pockets - a small one on the front which is meant for your TV remote, and a larger one on the back, which is meant for you to put your feet in to keep them warm. Whilst the TV remote pocket sounded rather ridiculous to me, I will admit being intrigued by the so called 'foot warmer pocket' as I suffer badly from cold feet and even in the summer I have been known to wear thermal socks!

      On the picture shown on the Avon website (the same one shown above), the blanket appears to be cream with pink, red, green and blue dots. In actual fact the blanket is very much white, not cream and the colours of the polka dot pattern are much brighter. The overall look is slightly reminiscent of Cath Kidston, and whilst it's nice enough to look at, I do think it looks much nicer in the picture Avon provide than it does in real life.

      The blanket is made from 100% polyester but has a lightweight fleece type feel and is very soft to the touch. It's not particularly thick and I thought at first it might not be warm enough to use at this time of year. In fact I find that most of the time it's perfectly adequate, it's only on the bitterly cold days when I swap this for the throw on my sofa, which is a bit thicker and quilted to provide extra warmth. Another use I found for it, was a few weeks ago when my boyfriend had flu, he was too hot to sleep with the duvet over him, so I gave him this, which was perfect for him as it's so light.

      The size of the blanket is 160cm x 130cm, and I find that a generous size for one person to wrap up in. You should wash this item at 30 degrees, and I find it washes well. It doesn't seem to have lost its shape at all, and it has remained soft and not lost any of its fluffiness.

      The pocket on the front for the TV remote has not really had any use, I must admit. I don't really feel the need to have a pocket for my remote, after all I've managed all these years by just placing it on the coffee table or the arm of the sofa. Even if I did choose to use it, the way the pocket is placed would mean that the remote would be resting on my chest , which is not really something that appeals to me.

      The foot warmer pocket was very disappointing really. It's big enough for me to fit both my feet in comfortably, but they don't particularly feel any warmer to me when they're in there, and it can be a little bit restricting when you move. I have also found a slight issue with lying with your feet in a pocket....

      Now, imagine the scene. You're snuggled on the sofa, under your Avon Country Rose blanket, your feet placed in the pocket, watching Bridget Jones, daydreaming that Colin Firth would sweep into your life and love you 'just the way you are'. There is a knock at the door, and still daydreaming about the lovely Mr Firth, you swing your legs off the sofa, forgetting that your feet are still in the pocket of your new blanket. You try to walk, but of course you can't because your feet are encased in the pocket of the blanket. You start sliding across the laminate floor, arms flailing as you try to stay upright in what resembles the sort of solo slapstick routine that would make Laurel and Hardy proud, until you finally fall into a heap on the floor. In short, if you're a dreamer like me, having your feet in a pocket could induce injury!!

      The blanket costs £12, but Avon are currently selling it for just £8. You can buy from your local Avon rep or online at www.avonshop.com. I personally think this is a little bit expensive. I have seen very similar fleece blankets (granted without the pockets) for around £4-£5 from places like ASDA and Primark, that are of similar quality.

      Overall this is an OK little blanket, but the pockets are a bit of a gimmick really and the foot warmer pocket doesn't really provide all that much warmth. As a plain blanket it's fine, but I wouldn't be tempted to buy another, and I do feel that it's overpriced for what it is, so I can only give it a very mediocre 3 stars.


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    • Product Details

      A soft and cozy fleece blanket with sleeves / For Kids / No constant fussing with the blanket so you can immediately snuggle up with a good book on the sofa.

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