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B&M Swing Pedal Scented Bin Liner

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Brand: B&M / Misc House Type: Bin Liner

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    1 Review
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      25.02.2012 10:29
      Very helpful



      scented bin liners

      I never really tend to bother what bin liners I buy but I recently came across these ones which were a bit different in B&M Bargains a few months ago. I never really buy scented bin liners but since I love vanilla so much and the fact that they had vanilla, I just wanted to have them. They don't just do vanilla but also do a really wide range of scents. It is quite a novel idea really and it does do them colour coded with their scent just to make them that bit more exciting.


      These come in a roll of bin bags and they are different colours, I purchased vanilla so mine was a yellow roll which had a label around the middle to say what scent they were etc. The label says that these come with tie handles and also that there are 40 bags on each roll. There are also Lavender and Lemon liners but they have a picture on the label of whatever the scent is of the bags. They stand out next to other bin bags as they are much more vibrant and look more interesting.


      These bin liners are quite good quality, to rip one off of the roll is very easy as each has a perforated line across the bottom so that you can tear them off. The handle are easy enough to hold and the bag separated well to push it into the bin. Mine fit perfectly inside my kitchen bin and as soon as I shook my bag to open it up the sweet smell of vanilla filled the kitchen, it was nice as it was quite a mild vanilla with a woodier hint to it so not just too sweet. It is a nice idea to pick out bin liners and them smell as good as these do.

      The bags are a medium thickness so that you can still see rubbish inside them but to have the handles is a great help when it comes to getting rid of rubbish. It is literally a case of grabbing the handles and wrapping everything up really easily without the usual hassle of bin bags with no handles where it can be messy to tie them up. These bags do not tend to rip easily as well which I have noticed as some other bags I've had have ripped a lot easier as they haven't been as good quality as these.

      The bags have a great capacity and can hold a lot of waste inside of them. I do find though after having these bags on your bin the smell fades within a day but you cannot smell rubbish which is a plus. I wouldn't buy these to mute the scent of rubbish though as they are not for that, it is more to create a pleasant smell in the room. I do wish the vanilla scent stayed around longer but you can't really smell it unless you are right next to the bag after it has been on but the roll does keep its smell.

      These bin liners are a great buy and I went through them quickly as I loved the smell that much. It is worth paying a bit more for these as they are less boring than the normal bin liners and hardly much more expensive They are a good quality bin bag and I'll be buying more definitely as 40 bags is a great amount to have. These bags fit in all pedal bins with ease and I couldn't recommend them enough as there will be a smell for everyone to choose from in this range.


      I purchased these bin bags from B&M Bargains for just 79p for a roll of 40 bags which to me is good value for money, definitely. I did see these also in Poundland so don't panic if you don't have a B&M Bargains.

      The official B&M website is http://www.bmstores.co.uk/ where these are listed under Products.


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