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B&Q One Coat Matt Paint

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Brand: B&Q / Misc House Type: Paint

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    2 Reviews
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      09.08.2010 14:02
      Very helpful



      A brilliant paint, can't fault it!

      Having bought our 1st house a few months ago this was the first time me and my boyfriend had ever really done any decorating and we didn;t really know what to expect and where to start.

      Due to a rather expensive boiler/radiator replacement we were forced to decorate the one room which was left with holes where the old radiators used to be. So we began with stripping the walls only to find that there were many patches that needed to be plastered and the walls were not of a great quality. We were therfore dubeious on how well we could paint the walls. In the end we reached the decision to paper the worst and pain the rest.

      We chose our wallpaper then popped to our local b&q to check out what colours we could get to match. I have to say B&Q were by the far the best for choice of colours, the range was superb. We decided to get tester from both B&Q (which matched the best) and then couple from a named brand Crown and Dulex.

      We had covered our wall in white emultion previsouly ready. We applied each tester as instructed. Firstly we notice that the B&Q tester were more realistic in that they came with a brush applicator rather than being a tube which you squueze out onto the wall. Second we noticed that the b&q even with coat provided even coverage where as the rest were patchy. We erapplied the other two tester once dry and left to dry again.

      The next morning it was clear b&q not only looked better but the coulours matched alot better too. Based on this we decided to go with the soft coffee and duck egg. On th plus side b&q is also cheaper in cost than Dulex and Crown.

      We happily painted our walls and i was very very impressed. One coat really is all you need. Considering our walls were not in the best of state and we had plastered the walls the paint gave a smooth and even coloured finish. Our parents were also impressed and even more so when they learnt it was a shops own brand.

      It also states this paint is 'washable' though this is not something we haev tested.

      I would highly recommened this paint for cost, colour range and pure quality. Happy painting!!


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      17.06.2009 16:47
      Very helpful



      Give up your dulux and go B&Q

      I really wanted to do my kitchen blue, but could not find the right colour when looking at sample pots - so on a whim I went for B&Q One Coat Matt Paint in Sky Blue.

      My kitchen had the worst walls in the house after kitchen units had been removed, boilers had been replaced etc. The house was old as well so there were big cracks and various holes over the walls. After a significant amount of time filling, cutting out, filling and sanding me and my partner got so fed up we just decided to get on with the painting.

      The B&Q One Coat Satin Paint comes in a 2.5 litre and a 5 litre tub - we brought the 5 litre which cost £14.97 and obviously comes from B&Q as it is their own paint brand. B&Q have many colours in their own brands and many coverages at all very reasonable prices.

      The paint comes in a clear plastic square tub (so you can see the paint through) with a silver lid, you remove a bit of plastic on the corner and then you can easily lift the lid off. On the front of the pot it says:-

      Colours by B&Q - Kitchen and Bathroom - Satin interior walls and ceiling - scrubbable emulsion - moisture and stain resistant and the colour in the bottom corner.

      On the back of the tub it states:-

      B&Q Colours Kitchen and Bathroom Satin is a high quality emulsion paint for interior walls and ceilings. It is durable, washable and resists moisture and stains, making it especially suitable for kitchens bathrooms and laundry rooms. It is water based and virtually odour free so is easy and pleasant to use.

      It then has preparation guidelines - Painting and drying times (2-4 hours) coverage 5litres covers 60m2 approx - After painting guidelines and Disposal. Then it has Safety, Health and Environment information.

      On opening the paint tub you see the colour in full and have to say the colour is lighter than what it dry to. Like the paint tub said it has virtually no smell - so this was great could paint away till my hearts content without getting high.

      The paint is quite a thick texture but can be poured out easily enough into a roller tray.

      The paint spreads really easily onto the wall and gives a nice even colour. As the paint is quite thick it covers a multitude of sins (we have lots). We done one coat and waited for the paint to dry. When dry (took about 90 mins for one coat to dry) we realised we were going to have to do one more coat (but this is only because our walls were in such bad condition, if your walls are in good condition you should only need the one coat. The pot definitely covers more than 60m2 just because of its thickness it covers a vast area.

      The colour dried into exactly what stated Sky Blue (you know when it is a lovely summer day - this is the colour you get). Now I always think of blue to be quite a cold colour but even on the greyist of days it still looks lovely and bright and really looks quite warm.

      Now as this is in my kitchen and I do not have a splashback or an extractor (I am going for minimalist) this does get alot of wear and tear from splashing from water when I am washing up to food splashing out of a frying pan. It is completely true what it says on the tub you can scrub this paint and none comes of on my sponge and I have used a scourer as well and still all paint is in good tact - and no touching up has needed to be done.

      Also as the paint is quite thick it has filled in quite a few small holes and cracks with the first coat, and with the second you would never know what the walls used to be like.

      Would I buy this paint again - yes without a doubt - it covers well, gives even coverage the colour was great, drying time was really good and best of all made my walls look as good as new, plus I did not get a headache or get high whilst painting as it has no smell.

      I brought dulux paint for my living room at circa £15 for a 2.5litre tin but paid £15 for 5 litres in the B&Q, and it gives better coverage. Who says own brands are not as good. In fact I am definitely going to use this in my little boys room as you can scrub it so it is great for wear and tear.


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    Dry safe ink - can be left with cap off for 2 weeks without drying out

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