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Bar Butler 4 shot dispenser - American Belt company

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Brand: Bar / Misc House Type: Lamp

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    3 Reviews
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      13.01.2009 18:37
      Very helpful




      I don't get out much - having a daughter and the expense of hiring a babysitter limit my social life a little . I don't sit at home all alone though - I drag all my friends round to my house instead, for drinks, pizza, and gossip. The bar butler is an essential for me on those nights.

      I was given the bar butler as a gift by my younger brother a couple of years ago. Its basically a revolving stand with 4 expandable optics designed to hold in place 75cl to 1L bottles of spirits. Its made from super shiny stainless steel, and looks very smart, modern, and professional . It fit in with my decor without standing out too much, and yet stood out enough to be commented on when my friends first saw it .

      It has a heavy metal base, presumably to stop it from toppling over when some dipsomaniac or other spins it too fast when a little the worse for wear, and spins perfectly silently . Fitting the bottles is easy, simply hold the bottle right way up, firmly insert the rubber bung, and then insert the clip into the stand, pulling back the peg and letting it fall into the hole to secure it .

      Dispensing drinks is easy - pushing your glass against the black thing at the bottom (sorry, I have no better word!) and pressing up, firmly but not too hard results in a one and a half ounce measure arriving in your glass! This mechanism was initially a little stiff when it was new, but is now relaxed and easy .

      Keeping it cleans easy too, with the dispensers being easy to wash up in hot water, and the rest of it being easily wiped clean.

      There are a few minor disadvantages - novelty or unusually shaped bottles can sometimes not fit , thicker cream liquers can be harder to clean off if not wiped up quickly, and of course, you need to keep it stocked as it looks far less glamourous if one of the bottles is empty.

      I do think its a great little gadget , perfect for bringing out for parties and social occasions, or if, unlike me, you can buy spirits
      without drinking them, as it does make a lovely display object .

      These are widely available - many places sell them online, prices ranging from £9.99 right up to £39.99 . They also have them to hold 6 bottles .

      Definately a great gadget - not exactly an essential, but a nice little gizmo all the same .


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        28.09.2006 08:11
        Very helpful



        A nice gimmick which serves a regular measure of drink

        Bar Butler

        As a new addition to our lives, we bought one of these bar butlers, because I had one years ago, and because we now have a room without tv, beds, dining table etc. So, what do we use it for…drinking and entertaining area!!

        This is supposed to help us to allow people to serve themselves, but they do that already, so yes, it looks as though I am now policing our friends and ensure they drink responsibly!! I’m not, but we do find that it appeals to most of the people I know (birds of a feather and all that!)

        It’s quite an attractive little number, standing at about 60 cm high, and all chrome and sleek lines, with a round very solid base, and optics.

        The Bar Butler is basically optics in 4s, although it is also available in single and double style. This one has 4 spring loaded receptacles which can hold bottles up to a litre in size, although it can hold smaller bottles. One of the good things is that you can put only one bottle on the stand, and although you think it might tip over, it’s obviously weighted, and so stands tall!

        It also revolves, so if you see your drink of choice at the back, give it a gentle spin, and your drink will come to you. The dispensers pour out exact measures, so for anyone wanting to count their drinks, it is a great idea. Bear in mind that I don’t think these are single measures. I’m sure measures come in 3 sizes…25, 35 and 50 (25 being single) and I do believe these are the measures larger than a single but not quite as big as a double.

        How to use it…

        The bottles are really easy to put into the Bar Butler. Firstly, remove the bottle top, and insert the Bar Butler stopper firmly into your bottle, then put it back into the Bar Butler. There is a little pull down clip, so don’t force the thing as himself tried to do. Pull down the clip and the stopper slides out easily.

        It suggests that the Bar Butler is washed when changing drinks, which I do tend to do unless I want to mix my drinks

        To pour yourself a drink, do as they do in the bars; place your glass under the alcohol dispenser, raise your glass until you compress the dispenser, and the drink is yours.

        Made by…

        These are made by several companies, but this particular one is by American belt company. I bought it for £20, but when I checked out the website, no prices were indicated, just lots of information extolling the virtues of the Bar Butler, and their other products (mostly drink related!). I do, however think the RRP is £39.99 as I have seen these in other shops.

        What I think of it…

        I like these because I’m the kind of person who goes for gimmicks. No, I don’t have a fully equipped bar complete with stools and bar mats, but this appeals to me.

        It’s sturdy enough for people to get their own drinks, so no fear of having to be the bar tender for the night…everyone just helps themselves, and it does save on leaking bottles, and spilt drinks.

        I also like the fact that I can count any drinks I have and so there is less chance of me over indulging and regretting it in the morning. If you know your limitations and work within them, then the world feels better the next day!

        A useful gimmick, which didn’t cost a fortune and which we enjoy.

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela xx


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          25.09.2006 14:46
          Very helpful



          Less spillage and the perfect measure.

          I first saw the Bar Butler while Christmas shopping in
          Woolworths last December,
          there was no missing them, there were loads of them stacked all over the place on the shelves and the floors.

          I liked the look of it but at £39.99 I was in two minds whether to get one or not,
          with only a couple of day's left before Christmas I was shopping in Woolworths again and saw the Bar Butler reduced to £19.99, and at such a bargain price I could'nt resist buying it this time,
          I also noticed there were less of them around so I snapped it up while I had the chance!

          The Bar Butler is a great looking gadget made of super shiny, mirror finish stainless steel and measures 52 x 26cm diameter,
          the one I bought came fully assembled and ready for use,
          It is a stand alone drinks dispenser with 4 optics and can be placed on any solid flat surface.........ie....bar, table or kitchen worktop.

          It's quite heavy due to the weighted metal base and would have to be for obvious reasons.
          It has four optics so can hold up to 4 bottles of spirits and can be adjusted to accommodate bottles up to 1 litre,
          and the bottles dont all have to be the same size.

          The butler can be loaded with bottles one smaller than the other as long as they are no more than 1 litre.
          The bottles are easliy fitted, each slotting into it's own optic and held firmly in place by the rubber retainers and are just as easy to remove.

          When I have used my Bar Butler with all 4 bottles in place it get's a lot of attention,
          I have had comments on how attractive and professional it looks,
          and it is so easy to use too,
          the Butler rotates bringing your chosen bottle round to face you,
          you then place your glass under the bottle and gently push upwards,
          the Bar Butler then dispenses an exact 1 1/2 oz shot of your favourite tipple !

          Having a Bar Butler has definitely made pouring a drink a lot easier with less spillage.........
          and it measures the perfect shot too ..........
          we all know what it's like when we've had a little too much to drink lol................
          oops...... missed the glass !
          or choking for breath because it's too strong lol.
          And for all those cocktail connoisseurs out there, the perfect measure is essential.

          When not in use it's real easy to clean, the optics unclip easily, and a wipe down with a damp cloth leaves it sparkly and shiny ready for next time!
          and it's small enough to store away in the kitchen cupboard.
          Comes with a booklet with recipes for cocktails and how to maintain your Bar Butler.

          A good quality product which has been well used and borrowed by friends and family ,
          Kitsch but fun and great for parties.
          Del Boy eat your heart out !

          4 spring-loaded holders.
          Revolving unit for easy drink selection .
          Leak proof dispensers
          Holds bottles up to 1 litre
          Heavy duty design with sturdy base
          clear measuring units
          Rubber retainers to hold bottle firmly
          Size: 52 x 26cm diameter


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        • Product Details

          The original 4-Shot Bar Butler is now joined by it's big and little brothers. The 6-Shot holds six bottles using the same leakproof dispensers, revolving stands and heavy duty construction as the 4-Shot. Amazingly the 6-Shot and 4-Shot share the same compact 9 3/4" base. The 1-Shot Bar Butler features an innovative base that can be either wall mounted or clamped to a counter top or shelf for space-saving functionality. Your guests will be lining up to play bartender with these stylish, easy-to-use conversation pieces.

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