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Betterware Add-a-Shelf

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Brand: Betterware / Type: Kitchenware

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    2 Reviews
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      06.02.2013 22:19
      Very helpful
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      A simple idea but a good one

      We never get a Betterware catalogue delivered in our area but I often browse through one when I'm at my parents house, they get them regularly. I had never ordered anything until a few weeks ago. Whist idly flicking through the pages I spotted the Wire Add A Shelf, at £4.99 I thought it was a bit on the pricey side for what it as but I ordered one in the hope of giving me a little more shelf room in my kitchen cupboards.

      The Add A Shelf is basically a little stand alone shelf made from white plastic covered metal, the idea is to stand it in a cupboard and it gives you another shelf. It stands 15cm's high, is 21cm's deep and 41cm's wide. It was all ready to go when it arrived there's was nothing to put together, the add a shelf comes with little protective rubber feet on the legs, this prevents it sliding about and also protects whatever surface you have it standing on.

      I bought mine for my kitchen cupboard, tins and jars are OK if they stack nicely but some of them don't. With the add a shelf I have in effect gained another shelf, its tall enough to be able to store tins, jars or packets underneath it and I can put anything else on the metal shelf so every bit of space can be used.

      I hate having packets stacked on top of each other, if my husband gets a packet out and the one he wants is underneath he just pulls it out! I hate this because the cupboard ends up messy and I like to know exactly where everything is. We now don't have anything stacked therefore tidy kitchen cupboards.

      I have since bought another one of these for under my kitchen sink, it keeps all my cloths, bin bags etc neat and in place, once again its help organise the cupboard and given me much needed extra space.

      Washing the shelf is no problem the plastic coating can just be washed with hot soapy water.

      Of course this doesn't have to be used just in the kitchen it could be used anywhere, under the sink, bathroom, utility or even in the garage or a shed. All in all this is a handy little thing and one I would certainly recommend if you want to increase your cupboard space and keep them neat and tidy. At £4.99 the Add A Shelf seems a bit pricey for what it is but in my personal opinion it was worth every penny.


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        30.04.2012 23:08
        Very helpful
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        great shelf for kitchen cupboards

        I have limited space in my kitchen for cupboards.
        I just have 3 wall cupboards and 2 are filled with plates and glasses.
        I hated that I couldn't stack certain things on top of each other so when looking through the Betterware book when buying my other items, I opted to get this too.

        I also bought one for under the sink for cleaning products which I will talk about too.
        Add-a-Shelf: (Kitchen)
        The add-a-shelf it made from plastic covered metal bars which have rubber ends on the legs to help it from scratching the cupboards, and also from sliding all over the place.

        I have an extensive amount of jars of things which I like to use now and again
        that irritatingly don't stack well.
        I bought this to hopefully help with that situation due to my cupboard space.

        The shelf is 15cm high, perfect height for tins and jars to go under with space too.
        I can fit pasta sauce jars underneath really well so you can guess to size is good.
        It is 41cm wide and fits almost 3/4 the width of my cupboard, leaving me room for boxed goods.
        I usually stack up tins on the next shelf down as they stack on top of each other really well compared to jars and bottles.

        The next shelf up in the cupboard stores all the Tesco storage jars I have containing pastas and lentils which are also a great way to maximise space.
        I love to play Tetris in my cupboards and constantly move things around to gain even more room.

        The top of the shelf I generally have packet mixes of things and my herbs and spices on to keep them together.
        It it a much better use of space as you can imagine.
        The underneath section is kept for jars. I put pasta sauce jars, condiment jars and other un-stackable jars to help with the space.

        They all fit really well and I can recommend this highly.
        I was a bit dubious whether it would be worth it, or it might just take up more space, but it has made such a difference and now I can stock up on things when they are on offer, when I couldn't before.

        Add-a-Shelf: (cleaning)
        If like me, your cleaning products cupboard is a mess, then these definitely help.
        My cupboard is just one shelf at the bottom so it's very high and can fit things if stacked.
        I bought this to help with my messy habits of throwing things back in there and not being organised.

        I put the most used things on top of the shelf, like my antibacterial sprays and bleaches, then underneath I store all my sponges and cloths.
        It's so much easier to have things packed away neatly and not spend 10 minutes looking for that sponge you used last time to clean the oven.

        I recommend these highly for anyone lacking in cupboard space for their dried food items like me.
        You can even use them in the fridge if you are a condiment queen like me.

        They can be bought for £4.99 each from the Betterware catalogue aswell as online.
        Thanks for reading my review.



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