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Betterware Betta Bug Katcha - Spider Catcher

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Brand: Betterware / Type: Spider Catcher

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    3 Reviews
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      12.02.2013 12:36
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      Stating that I do not like spiders is an slight understatement, I hate them. If I see one, then I am straight off to the other side of the room, jumping on beds and chairs to get as far away from them as possible! Yes, I know, slightly over the top reaction. But for some reason, I am just terrified of spiders.

      Part of me thinks it is the way that they look, their hairy body and their small front eyes popping out; some times it seems that they are steadily plotting their next move to cause my blood pressure to rise (only joking of course!).

      It is safe to say that I have not been an avid fan of spiders for most of my life. I remember one dramatic moment when I was child, watching my sister run out of her room screaming 'MUM, HELP, THERE IS A SPIDER IN MY ROOM'!. So I blame my sister for my irrational phobia of spiders.

      During the summer time last year, there was hardly a day that went by that I did not find at least one spider crawling its way around my house. There were days when there were two spiders at the same time lurking around the hallway (maybe due to a broken door seal), and of course I had to get my friend to get the spiders, as she had no problem with them and as you may know by now; i most definitely did!
      So as you can see, getting my hand on something that would make it possible for me to catch the spiders by myself was the aim. I was skipping through the pages of small catalogue called Betterware, when I came across 'the Betta Bug Katcha - Spider Catcher'. As soon as I saw it, I had to get it.

      The price at the time (around 3 years ago) was £4.99 & Free delivery, which I thought was a good price tag for such an item. Delivery time was also good, took no more than four working days for my order to arrive.

      The Design
      The spider catcher at first glance, looks like a fairly simple design. Made from plastic, it has a long stick like handle that enables you keep as far away as possible from the spider while catching it.
      It has a black plastic area at the top of the handle, with extra grip design. This is great, as that last thing I wanted was my hands to slip and allow the spider catcher to drop and set the spider free.

      The colour of the long stick is green, with a black grip area located on the top. Just below the handle is the main area in which the spider will be captured. It is a see through plastic component that has a shutter underneath, which i found to easily slide open and shut to capture the creepy crawlies.

      Put To The Test:
      A number of times since I have purchased this handy item, I have managed to find courage to capture the spiders. All that is needed, is to open the shutter at the bottom of the catcher, and place on top of the spider. Once I had it trapped, all I did then was slowly slide the shutter shut (slowly to make sure that no harm came to the spiders). rotate the catcher to make sure the shutter remained closed, and then open the slide by giving it a slight flick with some wrist action to let the spider out.
      I have used this many times and it has been a life saver. The best factors about this is that is a humane way of capturing spiders and safely letting them back into their environment. I for one, used to feel very guilty if a spider got harmed any way while we were trying to capture it. Now I can feel at ease, and have no guilty concious lurking over me.

      I have had this item for around three years now, and it is still going strong, with no parts coming lose of breaking off, which shows that it is quite a sturdy item.
      Overall a great product, that is clearly worth the small price tag. I would even say that I would spend up £8.00 for this item, it is that useful. It has managed to help me get rid of spiders, insects and even flies surprisingly easily and effortlessly.

      If you have had reservations about catching spiders, that I would definitely recommend this item.


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        06.06.2011 18:55
        Very helpful



        Definitely had my moneys worth.

        To say I dislike spiders is an understatement, whenever I see one I want to run the other way. I'm very squeamish to the thought of killing a spider and trapping them in a glass or jar means having to get close to it in order to do so, which isn't something I'd want to do.

        When browsing through the Betterware catalogue ages ago, I came across this spider catcher. What attracted me to this product was the handle seemed long, meaning I could use it at a distance. For £5.99 I thought why not! Can't run away from the pesky things forever.

        The spider catcher stick measures 14 inches long, but to my delight also comes with an extension. It's very easy to put together, there is a joining midway, simply pull it apart and slot the extension in. Once fully extended I think it measures around 20 inches. The catcher is plastic and the top end has a rubber hand gripper. The base of the catcher is just a plastic square with a lid. The concept is very basic yet very useful. All you need to do is slide open the lid, place the catcher on top of the spider and close the lid. Once trapped, just release outside.

        Now for the flaws. When catching a spider at a high distance such as on a ceiling or top of a wall can be quite challenging. This is because once I've placed the catcher on top of the spider, I can't reach the lid to slide it shut. Even if I nudge the spider to fall inside, it would mean having to move the catcher away from the ceiling in order to close it. That is something I wouldn't want to risk doing, since the spider could easily get out. The only solution I've come up with is to stand on a chair.

        Another thing that can make the spider catching a little difficult, is tight spaces or curved surfaces. If a spider is on a curved surface, such as a pipe it does come down to just waiting for it to move. Placing the catcher on such an area will just cause the spider to fall and run away, for me the thought of the spider falling so close to my feet then frantically start running around for freedom makes me feel petrified, I can not risk this happening. Then there's the times where I'm getting close to the spider and it quickly sneaks behind the TV or in-between something small, small enough so the catcher won't fit into that area. It does sometimes feel like a game of hide and seek.

        I would suggest on carpeted areas when sliding the lid shut to push downwards slightly, sometimes if I just close it quick as I move the catcher away I see the lid closed above the spider, meaning the spider didn't get caught. Also when carrying the catcher I'm always certain to make sure the lid is fully shut and I hold the lid upwards, this preventing the lid sliding open whilst carrying the catcher outside.

        Flaws aside, this is a great product for flat areas. Every time I see a spider now I still get a moment of panic and wanting to run away, but I tell myself "get the catcher". I act upon it quickly before it runs away, this actually makes me not think about the fact of I'm walking towards a huge spider. Once trapped it is a sense of relief. I have actually bought another one of these, so I can keep one upstairs as well as one downstairs, which is very beneficial during the warmer months. I've had mine now for about 3 years and it hasn't broken or gotten damaged, yet.


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          28.03.2011 16:05
          Very helpful



          An excellent way to catch any bugs that wander itno your house.

          Although I am not over keen on creepy crawlies I never kill anything unless I absolutely have to - the way I see it we are all God's creatures after all.

          When my dad was alive he used to just pick up any invading spiders gently between his fingers to carry them outside but I am afraid I'm not quite that brave!

          Imagine my delight when I was browsing through my Betterware catalogue and I found a Betta Bug Katcha! I have had mine for many years now so I have no idea how much I paid for it all that time ago but they are currently available from the Betterware site for £5.99. I assume that they are also available in the Betterware catalogue although I can't be certain as I haven't seen one for ages. They can also be purchased via Amazon for £7.49.

          The entire structure is sixteen inches from top to bottom, the lower two inches of which is the catcher bit. The handle on mine is red plastic with a black rubber end with ridges to make it easy to grip.

          The catcher end is clear plastic and the base of it is three inches square. There is an angled piece of plastic going from each edge up to the handle of the bug catcher. This is a bit difficult to explain so take a look at the picture at the top of the review if I have baffled you completely!

          The bottom of the catcher end is a plastic square trap door which slides in and out so that the bug container is either open or closed. There is a small ridge of plastic on the slider which catches on one inside the container so that it is impossible for it to slide out completely.

          The idea is that you hold the rubber gripped end of the bug catcher and turn it round so that the sliding base slides out as far as it will go thus opening the bug catcher. You then place the container over the bug and, if the bug catcher is horizontal (on a window for example), you then just turn it round slowly keeping the contact between the catcher and the window until the base slides back into place thus closing the container. If you are using the bug catcher on the floor then you'll have to bend down and slide the base back into place by pushing it gently with your hand.

          Then all you have to do is to take the whole thing outside, turn it round again to open the container and then release the bug unharmed.

          I used to use a glass and slide a piece of card under the bug thus creating a sealed container and then carry it outside and release the bug. The problems I found with this was when the bug was out of reach at the top of a wall or window and sometimes I wasn't very steady when carrying the glass and card the bug would escape! Both of these problems are solved with the Betta Bug Katcha.

          The only word of caution I would give about this catcher is that the slider needs to be moved into place carefully so that you don't catch a stray leg in between the two pieces of plastic - that's the spider's leg not yours by the way!

          Over the years I have used the catcher to rescue bees, wasps, spiders and even small lizards brought in by the cat! £5.99 may seem a bit expensive but as I say I have had mine for at least 15 years now and it is still perfectly sound and it does mean that I can reach bugs that have crawled into in what would otherwise been out of reach places.

          So unless you are happy to pick up spiders like my dad used to I would happily recommend this bit of kit to you all!


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