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Betty Boop 2011 Calendar

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Betty Boop themed wall calendar / Year: 2011

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2011 08:07
      Very helpful



      A cute calendar for any Betty Boop fan

      As I am sure you are all aware I absolutely adore Betty Boop. Whilst my family and friends will not attempt to buy me any figurines, particularly as they are unsure of what I actually own, they are never lost when it comes to other Betty Boop merchandise. My sister always manages to locate unusual presents, as she is so thoughtful in carefully handpicking items that are very personal to the recipient and I was delighted on Christmas day to unpack a gorgeous Betty calendar. Whilst I would normally try and test a product for a good while before posting a review, obviously this one is a little different, so I subsequently made a product suggestion to Dooyoo to advise you of the 365 days of Boop!

      Whilst I would normally present my review with headings, particularly as I believe it to be easier on the eye, it is not possible to do so with something such as a calendar, so I hope you still enjoy reading. As I have got older I seem to have become more forgetful, which I also put down to the fact that I'm always on the go, so it is essential that I keep a note of all appointments for both my husband and myself.

      I was thrilled to receive this Official Betty Boop calendar 2011, particularly as it is considerably large and measures 31 cm square with the front page displaying the September image where we see Betty promoting "Boop Soap". When the calendar is opened we see a large image of Betty on each of the upper pages where she is advertising various fictitious products such as the Klondike Phone Company, Betty Boop Parfum and Boop Fashions. What I love about this calendar is that each advertisement displays a cute little comment, such as the Klondike Phone Company states "Your Phone Company - Sealed with a kiss" or the Parfum with the slogan "be unforgettable tonight".

      If you are familiar with this cute little lady you who be fully aware that she tends to show rather a lot of flesh and the images provided throughout the calendar show Betty in some rather revealing poses, such as wearing her black stockings with a red cuff and displaying a considerable amount of thigh and in April she is raising her dress to reveal even more naked leg! The lower pages are the days of the week with one page allocated for each month of the year with a fairly good sized spaces for each day, which measure just over 3½ cm in width and 3 cm in height. You may think that I have totally lost the plot by providing measurements for each of the days and the reason being is that over the years I have purchased so many calendars where there is insufficient space to write appointments, so this size is simply perfect and I felt it an important point.

      The days of the week are clearly marked in black ink showing various Bank Holidays with the weekends displayed in red and of course, we have the additional holiday this year on 29 April for the Royal Wedding, which happens to fall on my 5th wedding anniversary. The lower section of the pages provide a small area for notes and on the right hand side are two small calendars with one relating to the previous month and the other to the forthcoming month. The calendar has been made from a good quality glossy paper, but it easily allows me to write down my appointments without any of the text accidentally wiping away. Although I hate wasting paper, I cannot bear those really flimsy calendars where the pages tend to fall off, as they are simply too thin. There are small holes through the upper centre of each of the pages, which allows you to hang up your calendar. However, they were a little too small for the hook on my kitchen wall, so I have tied a little ribbon through the hole, which allows the calendar to be perfectly presented.

      This calendar is currently available from a number of retailers from Amazon from £5.99 and will be presented to you in a sturdy cardboard envelope, so you have the assurance that it will not be damaged by Royal Mail whilst on its' way to you. Obviously, as this is paper you can recycle it on 1 January 2012 although I think I will probably cut out many of the Betty Boop images, but I'm not sure what I will actually do with them!

      You may be aware from reading my previous reviews that The Hearst Holdings Inc are the owners of the Betty Boop Trademark and this calendar has been produced for them by Global Calendars. This is such a cute calendar and perfect for someone like me who adores Betty Boop. Consequently, five stars from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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