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BioBag 10lt Kitchen Caddy Liner

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Brand: BioBag / Type: Bin Liner

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2012 16:30
      Very helpful



      These are good quality, environmentally friendly food caddy liners

      Review of Bio Bag Caddy Bags

      During 2011, our local council announced that they were introducing a waste food collection system and all households would be issued with waste food receptacles to collected raw and cooked food waste and scraps. These were to be put outside on bin collection days for empting.
      My other half, normally a mild tempered and sunny natured person, threw a monumental hissy fit over this. It was totally bizarre, quite out of character and actually rather funny. He objected most strongly to the scheme as he said we had no need of it, we have a compost bin, we cook sensible amounts, do not waste food and anyway we have a dog who eats table scraps. He said it would be unhygienic and he did not like the idea of mountains of rotting food in people's houses!
      I suppose, yes, there was an element of truth in some of what he said, but he took the whole thing to a ridiculous extreme, even haranguing the local MP about the 'filthy' idea on the doorstep when the poor man called to canvas for votes in the local elections.

      The family did not help by keep mentioning the subject when they visited. My granddaughter took great delight in asking "Got your food waste box yet, then?" at regular intervals.
      Anyway, like it or lump it, the said food waste caddies arrived, a small grey indoor one and a larger green outdoor one, both with locking lids to deter scavenging animals, and we began using them. The council issued one roll of caddy liners with the bins, with instructions that householder would have to buy their own liners in future or line their caddies with newspaper, no plastic bags were to be used under any circumstances.

      **The Bio Bag Liners**

      Having used up our issued supply of caddy liners, we did briefly experiment with lining the caddies with newspaper, however this was not successful and I resigned myself to having to buy purpose made liners. We tried several brands before coming across the BioBag version.
      I found these on a stall at a local farmers market and at around £2.25 for a roll of 25, they were cheaper than the supermarket equivalent I'd bought previously.

      The liners are made of a pale turquoise coloured plastic feeling material, which is 100% biodegradable. It has a slightly rough texture and the feel is rather weird, not plastic-y in the same way as a carrier bag or normal bin bag, but a sort of cross between a very soft, thin rubber glove and a polythene food bag.
      The material these liners are made of is called Mater-Bi. This is produced by Novamont, an Italian research company who produce environmental alternatives to polyethylene-based plastics. Mater-Bi is made from renewable raw materials of agricultural origin and from non-genetically modified starch. These bags are designed to compost within 48 days once in soil, so are also suitable for composting purposes. Although the bags rot down quickly, providing they are stored in a cool, dry place, they have a shelf life of over 2 years.
      BioBag Caddy liners are fully certified to the European Standard EN13432, and the bags bear the compost-able SEED logo of a corn sheaf.

      Each bag will hold up to 10 litres of waste food and they fit the indoor caddy perfectly. The bags measure approximately 430 x 450 mm have a tie handles at the top edge for ease of sealing waste food. As all our waste is tied into the indoor caddy liner before being transferred to the out door caddy, I do not bother lining the outdoor one any more and have had no issues with smells or leakages.
      The BioBag company do stock other sizes of bin bags, caddy liners, kitchen bags and other household bags that would otherwise be made of plastic. They have a website, www.biobags.com.
      The lady I buy my BioBag liners from is an agent for a 'Green' company who sell a myriad of household items through markets and fairs. I am not sure of the company name but the stalls are instantly recognisable by the huge green logo on their marketing literature.
      If you happen to come across one, their products are well worth a look.

      The BioBag caddy liners are an expense I could do without, but I have to admit that I would prefer to spend a few pounds on these than have smelly food waste to deal with!

      **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

      Well in spite of my other half's complaining and his initial obsession with the whole food waste scheme, things have worked out well. We do actually produce more food waste than I would have thought, things that do not go on the compost heap (or in the dog's stomach!) mount up quite quickly and I would say on average our household of 2 adults and 1 dog produce at least half a caddy liner of food waste each week. The council collect the outdoor caddy weekly on a Friday morning and it really is no hassle to put this little bin out.

      I think lining of the indoor caddy in particular is necessary, particularly in summer months to avoid any unpleasant odours or unwanted visitors, such as flies. We are quite happy with these BioBag liners, I feel we are doing a little bit for the environment by reducing the landfill refuse, the food waste in our area (south east Kent) goes to a central depot where it is composted and turned into a nutrient rich, mostly organic compost.
      It has been quite startling to realise just how much food waste my small household generates and although I do shop and cook fairly sensibly to avoid wastage, we still have food matter to put out each week. I am more than happy with BioBag Caddy Liners, as they are easy to fit in the caddy, pleasant to use and are environmentally friendly.

      I would recommend these BioBag liners to anyone who has a food waste scheme in their area or indeed to people who make their own compost. Your kitchen waste is a valuable addition to home made compost, but you don't particularly want to look at it or smell it en route to the compost heap!
      Thank you for reading
      © brittle1906 April 2012

      N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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