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Brabantia Laundry Bin

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Brand: Brabantia / Misc House Type: Laundry Basket

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    2 Reviews
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      19.03.2013 17:33
      Very helpful



      A great purchase

      It was late last year when we finally put the finishing touches to our new bathroom. The bathroom itself had taken an age to complete and, putting the final touches together we noticed that our wicker laundry basket needed replacing. We had been given our wicker basket years earlier as a wedding present and it had lasted us very well. However, due to the damp the wicker was beginning to lose its edge and was looking a bit green around the edges, therefore we headed out to buy a replacement. Being that our new bathroom has a number of chrome details including the taps, mirror and toilet roll holder, I was looking for something in the same colour way to match, plus I also wanted to avoid buying wicker again. It was in Argos that this Brabantia 30L laundry Basket caught my eye. Standing tall and looking quite sturdy and stylish in construction it caught my eye immediately and although it cost more than I wanted to pay, I bought it there and then.

      ~The Product~

      When we purchased our Brabantia laundry bin, it came packaged in a tall cardboard box which illustrated the laundry bin on the front. Taking my bin out of its packaging it looked pretty modern and stylish in relation to the other models I had seen and this was due to the fact that this product has a stainless steel body with a matching lid and a cream laundry bag inside making it all very shiny and reflective. The body of the bin is cylindrical in shape and is stainless steel in material and it has a series of holes punched into the bottom to enable the laundry inside to breath. The removable lid of the bin is also stainless steel in construction and has a large round hole in the top with rounded edges which enables dirty laundry to slip easily inside. Inside the body sits a cream bag which can be removed and this has an elastic rim which enables it to grip tight against the body of the bin. Both the cream bag and steel lid have the Brabantia logo imprinted onto them, and in my neatness I do like to ensure that both logos match up whilst the bin is sat in our bathroom. As the bin is stainless steel and has a moderate weight to it, I did worry initially that it might scratch the tiles on my bathroom floor, however Brabantia have already thought of this and have put a plastic ring around the base so that not only does it not scratch but it also grips the floor effectively.

      In terms of dimensions, this laundry bin is around 65cm tall and has a diameter of around 30cm. In our house where there are just the two of us, this allows us a good five days storage of dirty laundry before the basket needs emptying and the cycle continues again. However, there are bigger Brabantia laundry bins for larger households.


      As with all laundry bins, this one is no different in being a means to store dirty laundry throughout the week in between washes. The beauty of this bin in my opinion is that it is made out of stainless steel and this is a material which is non corrosive. This means that hopefully my laundry bin will last for years to come without getting rusty marks. When I need to do a wash load, the lid of the bin can be pulled off and the elastic bag removed and taken into my kitchen to unload the dirty washing. This method means that I do not need to carry the entire bin around with me every time I need to do a wash. The holes in this bin ensure that our dirty laundry is ventilated throughout the week, and I can testify to having no nasty smells coming from our laundry during the week so the ventilation clearly works.


      I love the shiny surface of this laundry bin, and believe that the reflective qualities only make my bathroom look bigger. However, the shininess does have a disadvantage and that is cleaning. Being a bit of a neat freak, I do clean all the shiny surfaces around our home weekly and this bin does have a tendency to pick up its fair share of finger marks and water splashes meaning that it requires a jet of cleaning spray and complete rub down every time I want it to look clean. In terms of the bag, it is made out of a cotton fabric and therefore I have given it a standard 30°C wash since we bought our bin just to keep it smelling fresh.


      When I bought my laundry bin, I was impressed to see that it came with a 10 year guarantee. In my mind this only reassures that it is a quality product although I have kept my receipt just in case.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Price wise, I believe I paid around £65 for my laundry bin and this was with some money off the original price. A quick look online reveals that they can be purchased more reasonably from Amazon where you can expect to pay £52.95 for the stainless steel option and £52.21 for its white alternative. Having owned my bin for a few months I feel that this is a reasonable price to pay, particularly when you consider the classic look of this bin and the fact that it has a 10 year guarantee.


      I have been really pleased with my laundry bin purchase and can confirm that after a quick rub down my bin still looks exactly the same as the day I bought it. It stores our dirty washing during the week in an aesthetically pleasing way and fits well into the colour scheme of our bathroom whilst being sturdy in construction. This is an excellent product in my opinion and one which I continue to recommend, and for that it scores five stars from me.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading! x


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      10.02.2013 18:37
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      a great item

      A laundry basket is somewhat of a necessity and one that you do ont want to spend a lot of money on. Usually anyway! I bought a brabantia bin for the kitchen and on looking for bins, I came across the laundry basket online. I felt like it would give the bathroom the finishing touch and decided that it was a must have item. I was slightly displeased with the price and my boyfriend was even more shocked, but it is a high quality item and guaranteed for ten years.

      ==Price and availability==

      I paid £74.99 for the bin which included delivery from an eBay shop. It was brand new when we bought it and I think we saved around a fiver from buying on eBay.


      The bin is made from steel and it has a nice matt sheen to it but it is not that shiny that it is reflective. The base is plastic and the top is made from rubber wood. The dimensions of the bin are: 64 cm tall x 29 cm wide and 45 cm deep. The capacity of the bin is 30 L. The bin features two holes so you can separate laundry easily as there is a double section laundry bag. The lid holes are small and look like little port holes so you cannot easily see the contents, this keeps underwear out of sight from any bathroom dwelling guests. The bin is sturdy and stands proud in the bathroom. At the base are ventilation holes so wet laundry does not sit sweating in its own filth.

      ==My observations==

      This laundry bin has made my life much easier as we have it positioned so that whites go in the left side and coloured items go in the right. This makes washing much easier as I do not have to sort through clothes. That is, until a dopey man comes and throws his coloured socks in the wrong section!


      This is a very attractive item and it looks typically like a brabantia item which is nice as I love their designs and I love their products. I like the way it looks, very contemporary and modern so it fits in nicely with the stainless steel touches I have in the bathroom. The top of the bin is lovely and smooth and the rubber wood means that it does not easily warp under water or condensation from the bathroom. The metal is also made of corrosive resistant materials so it should be a very long last item.


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