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Bud Aroma Duck Mini Sets

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Brand: Bud / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2009 14:30
      Very helpful



      Highly Recommended

      I think these are so great, I just had to write a review about them to let everybody else know that such a thing exists!

      Bud Ducks are quite a well known brand of Rubber Ducks. They make all kinds of ducky novelties for fans and collectors, including these aroma ducks (or "smellin' duckies" as the grandson calls them). You can buy medium sized aroma ducks seperately, or you can buy these little triple packs of mini aroma ducks.

      There are loads of different sets available including 'Dark Brown, Lime and Khaki' and 'Pink, Orange and Yellow' which are the sets that we have. Each set retails at £6.99 which is a very reasonable price for the product. If you have a look at the JustDucks.co.uk website, you can see all five sets. They're also on the official Bud Ducks website but the official site isn't too easy to navigate around.

      The aroma ducks are all individually scented with smells that compliment each other. The earthy coloured ducks are scented with Coconut, Eucalyptus and Ginger Lily. The girly coloured ducks smell of Banana, Orange and Bubblegum.

      What I love about these is firstly how detailed they are. They look like proper miniature versions of the big Bud Ducks. If you've ever seen a Bud Duck, you'll know that they're not like the cheap rubber ducks you buy in the supermarkets or cheap toy shops. They're well constructed with cute features and realistic little eyes, beaks and wings.

      We've had the earthy coloured ducks for nearly a year now, and they smell as strongly as they did when we first bought them. That's what makes them such great value for money I think. If you paid 99p for a twin pack of airfresheners, you'd have to replace them in three months. So these are actually really good value for money in that respect.

      I wouldn't say they work as well as air fresheners do though in fairness. They give off a little scent, but they don't actively freshen and scent the room. So I wouldn't use these in a bathroom for example where an active air freshener is required, but I think they're brilliant little things to have around the living room or a bedroom.

      They definetely make a very novel present, and they're affordable as a token gift too. You can get them for £6.99 a set from JustDucks.co.uk or you can buy them from Amazon. With Amazon, the prices jump up and down a bit with these so it's best to watch out for a bargain. I bought the Mrs the girly coloured duck set for just under £3 not long ago which is a bargain.


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