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Bugbuster Spider Catcher

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2008 15:07
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      I think it's fair to say I am petrified of spiders, it's one of the few things in life that will turn me into an hysterical, shrieking woman. So this autumn, like every autumn before this one, I was terrified of coming across a spider practically everywhere I went and naturally I came across several. It wasn't until "the spider incident" that I decided something needed to be done.

      "The spider incident" happened one night in October, it was very late and I'd gone to bed about half an hour after my partner. I had my two boys (cats) with me who were both purring and generally thinking about which beds they might like for the night when it happened. Both my boys stopped purring and stared at the door. If they'd continued to purr I'd have known there was nothing there, it was just a feline trick, but as the room became eerily silent I knew what it would be.

      And it was. Gone are the days when my lads chase spiders, they'll still go crazy for moths but apparently they taste nice whereas spiders don't so they don't exert themselves for nothing. The spider in question was on the edge of the bedroom door, curled around it actually as it was pretty large, and beginning to move. I armed myself with a flip flop (not a weapon of mass destruction I can tell you!) and attempted to hit it.

      While searching the floor for the body (we arachnophobics need to know it's dead don't we?) I realised I'd missed and the beast was now running for it's life! One more badly aimed swipe had the spider heading for the set of drawers, more precisely underneath the set of drawers and that's where it went leaving me panicking and wondering what to do.

      I couldn't turn on the main light as my partner was asleep, I had a poxy little lamp on, a flip flop for a weapon and a torch with a beam so feeble it may as well have been an LED fairy light. What to do? While pondering this and keeping a beady eye on the floor for signs of movement my torch died and my partner woke up and switched the lamp off! So I'm left in the dark with the spider.

      Panic ensued and I resorted to asking my partner if he would help me. For the first time in our 11 years together he said no and promptly went back to sleep. I knew there was only one thing I could do. Sleep downstairs!

      So an uncomfortable night later with about an hours sleep I revisited the scene of terror and found the pesky spider (not so huge in daylight if I'm honest) was casually sitting on the wall. Some insecticide exchanged hands and it was goodbye to the beast. But it made me realise I couldn't rely on my partner to help me with them anymore.

      That's what prompted the purchase of the Bug Buster. I don't have the Lakeland version but mine is very similar. I bought one for myself and another for my sister-in-law (also terrified of beasts) on ebay for £8.99 each. They vacuum the spider up, you tip the gadget upright to keep the beastie in there then tip it out of the window.

      A few days later they arrived and I opened my gadget, jumping with shock at the photo of the spider on the front of the box of course. It's as the picture except mine doesn't have the blue section partway down the tube. It has a tube that's 60cm long with the second part added or 30cm long without.

      My first worry was the lack of the section in the middle to hold the spider away from my hand. The blue section on the picture above is one of these I believe but mine doesn't have that so I may have to adapt it. As it is the area the spider will be in is about 15cm from my hand so not far enough away for a true beast!

      It came supplied with a PP3 battery which can be changed as necessary so once opened and the tubes slid onto the handle it was ready for action. Could I find a small practice spider? No, of course not.

      So the Bug Buster sat on my chest of drawers for a month or two waiting for the perfect specimen to try it on. A couple of weeks ago a huge (it was daylight, this really was huge) spider came creeping out from under the set of drawers (what is it about that set of drawers??) and headed for under the bed. It was really big and picking up speed as it went so I didn't have time to psyche myself up to use the Bug Buster so that one got killed with one blow from my shoe.

      Then yesterday I noticed one of those very spindly spiders in the bathroom. The ones with the very thin legs and very small body but pretty big by spider standard. That type don't scare me the same as their stockier cousins so I knew I'd found the perfect specimen.

      I immediately started to feel a bit queasy at the thought of using the Bug Buster but decided I really had to learn to get on with it before next autumn. Before I could wimp out I took it into the bathroom, positioned it, pressed the button on the handle to activate the vacuum and sucked it up. That done I was determined not to freak out, drop the gadget and the spider and run screaming into the bedroom so I immediately tipped it upright.

      The spider was indeed unharmed, frantically trying to crawl out of the tube and giving me the heebie-jeebies in the process so I opened the window, tipped the Bug Buster upside down and it fell out. Suddenly I realised I'd dealt effectively with my first spider without killing it. A proud, proud moment!

      So, at present I can deal with the skinny ones and the small ones but need to either increase my courage or adapt the gadget to have a "holding bay" in order to attempt a huge one. I'm going to practice throughout the year until I'm more used to the device.

      The Bug Buster does require courage but is excellent if you need to deal with a spider, wasp, fly, moth etc but remember for flying insects you will have to keep the vacuum on before you tip them out or they will just fly out!

      Gripes? I wish it had a blow function to expel the insect rather than having to tip the tube and hope for the best. If it's dark you'd struggle to see if the spider has gone. Also I long for the section halfway down the tube to keep the beast away from me . One more gripe is the vacuum isn't as powerful if you have to use the device held upwards so for ceiling and wall dwellers it's not got as much power.

      It's quite good thogh and I'm still basking in the warm glow of pride! My sister-in-law has yet to try hers but we've jokingly said we could do with holsters to carry them round with us during the autumn!


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    • Product Details

      A battery operated bug trap that can take spiders off ceilings, walls and from almost anywhere. Simple point and press operation vacuums up live bugs without harm.

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