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Candlelit Names - Mum

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    2 Reviews
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      25.07.2014 10:40
      Very helpful
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      • "Pretty and good value"
      • "Makes a fabulous gift"


      • None

      Your name in lights.

      About a year ago I read a review on this site (thank you lak11) about these candlelit names. A name or letter is cut out in a lacework design on an ivory porcelain tealight holder which measures 7cm x 7cm x 7cm. When the tealight is lit, the name or letter is illuminated. The holider is very pretty and when lit up looks really special throwing out a gentle light.
      You can get all sorts of girls’ names as well as letters of the alphabet. They are also holders for teacher, grandma, etc. There’s a wide choice and if they don’t have the name you are looking for you can spell it out in letters.
      I was looking for a christening present recently and remember reading lak11’s review. It was for a christening of a four-year old whom my friend and her husband had recently adopted. The christening was also a way of welcoming Gemma into the family and I was looking for something that she might appreciate.
      I found a nice chest with the slogan ‘What are little girls made of’ and popped in four of the candlelit names spelling out G E M M A. Each holder came with a tealight but I replaced them with battery operated tealights so that they would be safe for Gemma to have in her bedroom. I’m told that she loves them so a great success. It’s such a simple idea but they are very effective and make terrific gifts.
      ***Where to buy***
      Candlelit Names are distributed by an American company, History and Heraldry. I’ve seen them in garden centres but I ordered mine online from Keillers China Shop. You can also find them easily on Amazon and ebay. Keillers charge £3.99 per name. Standard delivery is free. They came very quickly and were well packaged.
      Definitely. These make a great gift and are very reasonably priced. The full 5 out of 5.


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        08.07.2013 15:46
        Very helpful



        A good gift idea and I'm very pleased with mine.

        **A THOUGHTFUL GIFT FOR THIS MUM (but not only for mums!)**

        As a mother of four now grown up children, I always receive several presents for Christmas, my birthday and, of course, I am not forgotten on Mothering Sunday. I am always telling my offspring and their partners not to buy me much as it really is the thought that counts. The sentiment rather than the cost of the gift is something that I have always believed in and tried to instil into my children. I feel I have succeeded; at least I hope I have.

        But I can accept a (slightly) more costly gift on my birthday or at Christmas than on Mother's Day although I would still rather have something bought for the thought rather than an expensive gift. In all honesty the presents I receive are always lovely and are thoughtful too.

        For Mother's Day my children now know very well that my favourite gift is flowers; this why on this special Sunday last march I received flowers from them all but they were naughty and still included extras such as wine and some other treats.

        Since meeting his girlfriend, who is now his fiancée, my youngest son has got to quite enjoy looking for gifts and he and his fiancée have now cottoned onto the fact that I have become 'hooked' on candles, teal lights and wax tarts and, along with this addiction is a fondness for candle/ tea light holders and burners.
        Along with the flowers and some smelly candles, my son and his fiancée presented me with a pretty and, what I thought was a novel idea, of a Candlelit Names Tea light Holder.


        These tea light holders make lovely presents and not only for mums as they come with different names or are even for named relations and are very nicely packaged as well.

        My 'MUM' tea light holder came very nicely presented in a small transparent plastic package with the addition of some card which reinforced and added a decorative quality to the packaging. The card contained some text and pretty illustrations on the top and sides which added to the effect.
        Underneath the text 'Candlelit Names' is printed 'MUM' in capitals and underneath this more words saying 'Mum is another word for love.'

        Also was written 'reveal your name by candlelight.'

        Information on safe candle use is printed on the base of the packaging.

        **THE DESIGN**

        The white tea light holder is manufactured by 'History and Heraldry.'

        The tea light holder consists of a small porcelain pot which measures very nearly three inches (7.5cm) high and its diameter is just a fraction less than this. These are my own measurements.

        All around the holder is an effective cut-out design which looks effective even when the candle isn't alight. On the front of this pot is cut out in tiny shapes the word MUM with the cut out flower type design underneath this.

        I consider this design to be quite modern and I would say quite a bold one too.

        The tea light is fixed with a small pad of adhesive to make it sit fairly securely inside the holder.


        When the tea light is lit and the room is dark then the cut work design and the letters show clearly and indeed manage to look effective as well as very pretty.

        With the tea lights flame flickering gently inside the holder showing off the design; it makes not only a good and functional tea light holder but also a very pleasant looking ornament.

        **THE SCENT**

        I am still fairly new to the delights of scented candles and tea lights and I am beginning to improve at detecting scents. However, in the case of this tea light, I couldn't at first be sure I had detected the true scent. I knew the aroma was familiar and it made me think of white chocolate such as a Milky Bar. I later discovered that the scent was in fact of vanilla and so I was surprised that I liked it, as I am not overly keen on vanilla scents in toiletries, yet I do like the aroma in food.

        But I would say that the scent is a very subtle one which, in my opinion, is gentle and non-pervasive and neither is it particularly long lasting. But I do not feel that the scent being light and perhaps short lived makes any difference to the quality of this gift especially as tea lights are soon used up and replaced. Mine has now been used up and now I use others in its place both of the scented and the non-scented variety.


        I don't know where my Candlelit Name gift came from but it could have quite possibly been from on-line retailer Amazon.
        These candles are readily available. I have noticed them in several high street gift and greeting card stores on the high street. They can also be found on many on-line outlets as well as on Amazon. A few examples are:
        http://www.rockongiftshop.co.uk £3.99

        http://www.candle-essence.co.uk £2.99 (reduced from £3.50)

        http://www.keillerschinashop.co.uk £2.99


        I think a Candlelit Names tea light holder would provide a welcome gift to many recipients. One saying 'Mum' of course makes an ideal Mother's day gift or indeed simply a thoughtful gift to show a mum she's loved.

        Theses tea light holders are supplied in so many names that they will surely make a lovely gift for Alice, Kate or perhaps even for Wendy (I would have assumed they come in 'Zoe' lettering but haven't found that name so far.

        As the holder can be found with 'teacher' lettering then it would, in my opinion, make an attractive end of term present for a child's teacher.

        They also come in 'sister', 'aunt' and 'thank you' forms and many more, which makes them a good gift solution in many cases.


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