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Caraselle Direct Chrome Under Basin Storage Unit

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3 Reviews

Brand: Caraselle / Misc House Type: Storage

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    3 Reviews
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      05.02.2014 03:56
      Very helpful



      A basic solution to storage that didn't work for me.

      I'm reviewing our under sink storage rack.
      It was bought about a year ago from B&M and cost around £10.


      ===WHY THIS UNIT ===

      We saw this on sale in B&M and my husband thought it would be an ideal solution to storage in our rather small shower room.
      It was reduced from £19 because the packaging was damaged , but we were assured everything was included in the box. It was indeed.

      ===USING and MY OPINION===

      This is a chrome unit which is sold as self assembly rather than as a completed/built solid unit.
      The assembly is very easy as far as I'm concerned, but then I DO like the challenge of self assembly things. Even so, yes, I would say assembly is easy.
      Once completely constructed the unit consists of four 'pillars' which support two shelves.
      The shelves are not solid. They are simply more (thinner) chrome strands with about an inch gap between each strand.
      The shelves are located as follows.....one around 4" from floor level , and one around 12" above that .
      Access to each shelf is easy, because there is just one strand of wire on the outer edge around 4" above each shelf to stop bottles etc falling off, but above that there is nothing barring access to items.
      There is no shelf toward the top since this part is designed to hold towels draped over the uppermost rail.

      This was bought to replace our white melamine vanity unit, which my husband thought looked wrong and didn't suit our shower room.
      I disagreed, but I was willing to give this a go, so he paid for the new chrome unit and I stashed the white vanity unit in the spare room and stored blankets in it. Luckily .
      One year on and the chrome under sink storage rail was recycled on Freegle ( our local recycle site) and my white vanity unit was back in place.

      So, what went wrong ?
      Well, in my opinion several things really.
      First I hated all our shower and hygiene products out on display. I thought it was just something I'd get used to, but I never did. The four or five items and pretty jars on it on the box picture looked ever so neat, but the reality is a hodge podge of half used bottles and tubes and it really grated on me, but I bit my tongue .

      Next were the rickety shelves. Slimmer bottles will wobble because of the gaps between the wire. Not every time, but often enough to irritate . Tubes of course slip into the gaps and lodge there if not placed carefully (and I don't always have time for 'carefully') and as for small tubes ? ..... forget it . They won't be secure on this. I was resetting bottles etc more often than I wanted to, and while my other half said this was a small price to pay for such a nice looking unit, the fact remained HE never did the tidying of it but blithely ignored any avalanches that occurred.

      Then the towel rail part at the top became redundant because grabbing a towel hurriedly from it causes the unit to wobble and bottles etc get dislodged and fall over. So the hand towels ended up back on the wall rail beside the bigger towel .

      Next there is no 'stop' at the end of each shelf. Yes, there is a wire 'wall' to stop items falling into the CENTRAL well of the unit , but if you knock against the unit causing it to shift from the wall things fall off the dislodged edge (where there ought to be a wire in place) onto the floor.

      The actual quality of the unit has been fine for us, no rusting and no pitting of the surfaces and in that respect it is well made, but I just think it poorly DESIGNED .

      The final death knell for our unit came with the arrival of the two toddlers that we now look after on a daily basis. Believe me, wobbly wire constructions and little children flolopping around do not mix. I spent every visit to the shower room loo picking items off the floor, rearranging bottles and pushing the unit back in place. My husband suggested fixing the unit to the wall permanently. I laughed a humourless laugh and left him lying there. There is NO way I was drilling my lovely tiles to accommodate a £10 wobbly unit.
      So the PROPER vanity unit/under sink cabinet was put back in place and the chrome unit was passed along to a grateful freegler (with no small children).

      So in summary, this is a really nice LOOKING unit and in the right circumstances I am sure customers will adore it, but it just didn't suit me aesthetically or in a practical way.

      Again , I stress, the quality is VERY good.....but the engineering side of things leaves a lot to be desired .
      This just didn't work for me at all and in fact irritated me in so many ways. In my opinion bottles and tubes and all things bathroom should be either behind little cabinet doors or sat firmly on solid shelving .This was neither fish nor fowl in that regard, but a stop gap solution .

      Two and a half stars would be perfect for it. I'm settling for three because while it didn't suit MY needs I believe others will probably think it ideal and in fairness when passed on after around 14 months of use it was pristine with no rust or pitting on the chrome finish.

      Thank you for reading and I hope this was useful~~~myloh.


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        19.09.2010 15:43
        Very helpful



        A must for small place

        When moving from my old flat to my new one I had a slight problem with storage my old bathroom had room for a storage shelf for my bathroom products whilst my new one unfortunatley did not. Thats where this under basin storage unit comes in. A deluxe chrome finish Under Basin Storage Unit. The unit intself is Height : 67 cms, Width : 55 cms, Depth : 33.5 cms and fits neatly under my sink my sink has quite a thick underneath and it still fits snuggly out of the way.

        The unit means I can store my shampoo, conditioner, bath bubbles etc all in one place. I also means you can see everything you have with one look and you can even hand your towels on it perfect if you have limited space.

        There are two sections to store your products an under and upper the upper has slightly more room and you can fit the big bottles in my case of radox on the top and then smaller bottles on the bottom.

        The unit itself is flat packed but is simple enough to put together it has a chrome finish so looks nice and shiny. For products which are smaller like my face masks I have lie down so they don't fall through the gaps but thats not a problem. The unit is free standing which means no messing around drilling it into the wall this was also a selling factor for me because I am renting and any holes in the wall would mean extra filling and painting when I move.

        This unit can be purchased for £49.99 from www.caraselledirect.com that may seem a little steep but its worth it for me 1 to keep the bathroom tidy and 2 to save me loosing my deposit as I do not have to drill the walls of the bathroom.

        4 stars because it was a little pricey but it was worth it.


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        19.09.2010 04:44
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        great unit to place all your lotions and potions

        When we moved into this house, the bathroom had no storage space at all, there's no where to put a cabinet as it's mostly tiled, so I bought on of these under sink storage units. They fit snuggly beneath the sink and look pretty good.

        There's two shelves on it, the bottom one being smaller than the top, the top is more suitible for bottles of bubble bath and the like and the bottom one more suitable to shorter bottles and tubs of creams and other bath products.

        The unit comes in a few different parts but was very simple to put togther even without taking any notice of the insrtuctions. The whole thing is made out of stainless steel, and the shelves are like wired shelves rather than solid, which is a good thing as you don't end up with puddles of water or products on the shelves!!

        The unit can also be used as a towel rail as you can see form the photo above, as it has a rail around the top.

        Overall I think it's a nifty little unit, that takes up little room but houses all your bit's and pieces in the bathroom!

        I paid around £5 for mine in B&M Bargains.


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