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CAT Safe & Sure Mousetrap

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Brand: CAT / Misc House Type: Mouse Trap

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2011 20:32
      Very helpful



      RIP Squeak I, II, III, IV and V

      A few weeks ago I spotted a mouse scuttling across my garden but thought little about it as I live on the edge of a village very close to farmland and there are loads of critters around. Last week my Kitten, Simba, seemed to be getting really excited about something and then he started running after a mouse which escaped into a hole in the brickwork of my house. Closer inspection of the area revealed it was littered with mouse droppings and that a family of mice had set up home underneath my back step. Luckily they have not invaded the house but I decided I needed to get rid of them before they made it inside and started peeing everywhere and chewing the electric wires. A trip to my local Spar shop saw me come home with a pack of CAT brand plastic mousetraps which cost me £2.99 for two, they are also available directly from CAT for £4.99 including postage.

      There are a surprising number of mousetraps to choose from. I decided against the old fashioned wooden ones as I had the job of disposing of my phobic sister's mice corpses from them last year and I hated the fact you had to prise the wire off the body. The humane traps seem like a nice idea but apparently a huge proportion of the mice trapped this way die shortly after being relocated due to stress and being unable to find food in a new location. The plastic ones seemed like a good option as you didn't have to touch the bodies to dispose of them.

      The safe and sure moustrap looks like a computer mouse when it is closed. You press the trigger on the back to open it up to add bait. There is a small holder to place the bait but the spikes are so tiny and blunt that it would be almost impossible for them to spear any food onto it. I chose a snickers bar as a bait as I heard mice like both chocolate and nuts, it was easy to smear a tiny portion onto the trap.

      Once the bait has been added it is time to place the trap in any problem areas, it is best to put the traps around the edges of walls as mice like to wander around here. The trap is exceptionally sensitive to movement and every time I have put them down they spring closed several times due to moving them which is annoying.

      I have caught 5 mice using these traps so they obviously work. In theory they should kill the mice instantly as when the top falls it should break their fragile little necks but in reality it is not always a clean kill. I heard the trap fall and rushed to see what was happening and saw squeak III was trapped and trying to pull his head out, after around 20 seconds of this he did die but it was not nice to watch. I have noticed that the smaller mice seem to be further inside the trap so it does kill them by breaking their necks but with the bigger mice it traps their heads instead. I have heard that some traps are not sensitive enough to be triggered by baby mice but this is definitely sensitive enough to catch them and the first mouse I caught was tiny.

      Disposing of the mice is easier than using the old fashioned wooden traps. You simply press the button on the back to release the mouse and it falls out meaning you never have to handle it and there is no blood as the skin is not broken. If you are a sensitive person like me it will make you feel really guilty seeing the little mouse bodies looking sad and broken but unless you live trap them then this cannot be avoided. It does help if you don't have a daughter who insists on naming the dead mice and demanding a proper burial for them, strangely when I told her she could be responsible for pest control and employ more humane methods she declined my offer!

      I wanted any mousetrap I used to be cat safe and this one is. Simba has managed to set it off by brushing past it and apart from startling him it will do him no harm. Even if you trap your fingers inside the trap it won't hurt or do them any damage, it requires surprisingly little force to kill a mouse.

      I've got mixed feelings about these traps, yes they work and are reasonably easy to use but I think they could have been designed slightly better to ensure they catch the mouses neck and not the head. Not for use by the squeamish but they definitely do work.


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