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Argos Colour Match Tufted Bath Mat and Pedestal Set

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Brand: Argos / Misc House Type: Towel

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    5 Reviews
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      06.12.2013 12:29
      Very helpful



      pointless item as its wet after every single use

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Introduction ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      Having laminate in my bathroom i needed something on the floor to stand on after a shower/bath (why people still sell the toilet rug is beyond me!). My bathroom is black and white so wanted a black rug, the rug i originally wanted was sold out and this was the only other one left in black so i had to settle (it also matches the towels i have), and for the price and i thought it looked great.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Price And Availability ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      I believe the set has now stopped being sold in Argos (the only place you can buy it) but they now sell the mat by itself for 5.99 full price or 4.49 on sale which i feel is better as most people tend to not use a toilet rug anyway...its only urinated on anyway!

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Colour Match ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      The colour match range is only available at Argos, its an affordable brand selling accessories for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, curtains, blinds, rugs, lighting etc. The products come in a wide range of colours allowing you to be able to stick to the colour match range throughout your whole house. Hence the name, prices start at 4.99 making it affordable.

      Colours include:
      *Purple fizz
      *Marina blue
      *Funky fuchsia
      *Apple green
      *Smoke grey
      *Super white
      *Jet black
      *Jellybean blue
      *Tuttu frutti green
      *Bubblegum pink
      *Aswell as a few stripped colours

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ The Bath Mat ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      The set came in a clear plastic bag, clearly indicating 'colour match', suitable for recycling. You can see the colour of the set as soon as they bring it out so can easily be changed should you not like it, saves getting it all the way home to find its not the right colour.

      As said above, i binned the toilet rug. I have a 4,5year old who would just urinate over it, where as on plain laminate i can bleach it when needed.

      The rug is 95% cotton and 5% polyester, L75 W50cm. Its pure black so suits my bathroom well against the white walls and black accessories. It is machine washable which is ideal having 2 little boys about. As you will notice from the pic above, it has square embroidered detail in the middle. It is also VERY thin, you can feel the laninate right under your feet.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ My Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
      Would i reccomend this to somebody??? No! White it looks nice and suits the bathroom well it soaks up every single drip of water. I tend to dry myself before getting out of the shower so the only little bit of water is on my feet yet the mat is saturated as soon as you stand on it. This means it needs washing after every single use which is very frustrating.

      The mat also doesn't stay in place, my old bath mat had a slight grip on it so it stayed put, this moves all over the show, which isnt a problem, its just annoying to keep re-adjusting it.

      It also picks up every single little thing so needs hoovering often but even my powerfull 2000w vax struggles. I dont think its down to the colour, just simply how poor quality it is. The mat has very short 'hair' so there is no comfort under your feet. My last bathmat was soft to stand on, this just doesnt work as a bathmat unless you dont mind washing it after every single use. My first colour match product, and makes me wonder if all the products are poor quality due to the cheap pricing.

      overall rating, 2/5, simply for how wet it is after use.


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      26.02.2013 10:42
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      4 stars

      We have two pairs of these. One set is in our caravan bathroom and the other at our house in our ensuite. We bought them because they were just right for our colour scheme and a reasonable price.

      I like to have a mat and pedestal set in my bathroom as I think it helps to keep the room clean as these can be washed. I also think that it adds some colour to the room too.

      The set that we have is cream in our caravan and the one in our bathroom at home is a deep red.

      What I have found is that they fit in both the different bathrooms fine, they are a standard shape and so will fit around any toilet which is good. They lie flat as they have a hard underside which makes them not slip about on smooth flooring.

      One thing, however, is tat they do move gradually over time. I find after about a week these have moved a little bit across the floor as they have been stood on so have to keep putting them back.

      They take a long time to dry too. When we wash them we always wash them separately to other items especially the red one as it's likely to run. They come out of the machine sopping wet through and take a long time to dry. They also take a long time to dry if they are wet from people stepping out of the shower onto them and so they need to be regularly cleaned to stop them from smelling.

      They work perfectly fine, I like to think the are protecting our flooring and helping to keep the place as hygienic as possible. I do recommend them although I think you can get ones which are better quality from elsewhere so it's 4 stars from me.


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        09.02.2013 07:23
        Very helpful



        A basic bath mat set that came in handy

        My bathroom has floor tiles and i've always had a bath mat and pedestal set for it.
        We don't go through too many of these and so have only bought a few.
        One was a creamy/white one which I found looked dirtier than a darker colour would have done so I decided not to purchase a plain light coloured one again.

        Shortly after having our bathroom re-done and changing the colour scheme to black and white, I decided we needed a new bath mat set.

        Looking through the Argos catalogue I found these priced at, I think it was £8.
        What drew me to it was that they had a range of different colours apart from the purple you see above.
        I ended up buying the black one which was mainly black with a dark grey coloured stripe running around it as a border.

        I instantly thought it would be good value for money and would look nice in the bathroom.
        As you can't really tell from a picture in a catalogue, I wasn't sure what the material would be like but I was sure it would still be suitable.

        I paid for the item and waited to collect it, when it arrived I found it didn't really have much packaging, it was in a clear plastic bag which just had the item number on it.

        Getting home and opening out the bath mat, I found it to be a good size and perfect to place in the bathroom. I did think it was a little on thin side though in comparison to the previous one I had.
        The material of the mat and pedestal set is soft, which made it nice as I would of hated it to feel scratchy if you were on it barefoot.

        I give the product 4 stars. It loses a star as I felt it was thinner than I would have liked it and also because I found the mat did not sit still in one place and shuffled forward.. I think it would have been better if it had more grips on the base of the mat, instead I have to move it back every now and again.

        The mat is machine washable and it did not change in anyway after washing.
        It is currently priced at £5.99 on the Argos website and there is still a range of colours to purchase it in.

        I still have this bath mat set and has been in use quite a lot, I tend to swap in between this one and a different one I have when it is needing a wash. Overall, a basic bath mat set that came in handy.

        Thanks for reading :)
        (this review may also be on ciao)


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        19.08.2011 16:53
        Very helpful



        A nice bath mat set from Argos.

        === The product ===

        This is a 100% cotton bath mat & pedestal bathroom set. The size of the bath mat is 70cm in length & 50cm in width. The size of the pedestal mat is 50cm in length & 40cm in width.

        === The design ===

        These bath mats are shaped to suit your bathroom. The bath mat is a rectangle shape and the pedestal mat is a square shape with a circular shape cut out of it to ensure that this fits next to your bath and around the base of your toilet with ease.

        The two mats are the same colour match colour, depending on the colour you've purchased of course, and the colours are designed to go with the other items in the 'colour match' range from Argos. I have a shower curtain in the same colour as my soft/light blue and I like that I can coordinate my accessories, buy them as & when I can afford to and know that the colours are still going to go with each other. Both mats have a double square/rectangle kind of pattern to them and this is for all mats across the range.

        === Where can I buy this from & for how much? ===

        These mat sets can be purchased from Argos. I believe that the full price is £5.99 but I paid just £2.49 for my soft blue set which, at the time of purchase, seemed to be the only set that was reduced at all. This can be purchased in store, reserved for store pick up online or ordered online for home delivery (charges may apply).

        === Overall opinion ===

        I like these bath mats. The bath mat is a good size so that both of us can use it together, if need be, after having a nice shower together. The pedestal mat is a good size for our new toilet and it fits well around the base. It does need adjusting sometimes but that is to be expected really with a mat. The mat works well at retaining water but I do find that when my husband fails to dry his feet before stepping on this that his foot prints are then left in the mat. This obviously looks a little messy if we have guests over and means I end up washing the mats again.

        I wash the mats at either 30 degrees or on a cool wash but I have even washed these at 60 degrees with no problems at all. The mats are fairly soft, they fluff up nicely after being washed and even after owning this for a few months and washing on a weekly basis they have stayed in lovely condition and have not really worn at all. I usually give these bath mats a good shake before I wash them, over my bath top, it is amazing the amount of dirt and hair that comes off the mats, however, they always look spotless when they are on the floor. The mats are very good at concealing dirt and mess. The only downside is how footprints mould in to the mat and that makes it look untidy.

        Overall I think these mats are brilliant, they look nice on the floor and they are good at concealing dirt as well as absorbing water. I don't like the footprints that are left behind but that would be rectified if my husband just learnt how to wipe his feet as he gets out of the bath!


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        21.07.2011 19:50
        Very helpful



        An ok set for the price

        Since carpet went out of fashion in bathrooms, most people have some form of bath mat set. I have a laminate effect floor in my bathroom and we have mats by the shower and around the base of the toilet. The mats we had were a beige colour, but had a couple of marks on them from hair dye/ bleach and I'd changed the colour scheme by going to dark red towels and flannels, so I wanted something that matched and didn't look scruffy.

        I don't have much money, but I did have some Argos vouchers so I decided to see what they had on offer. I found several on offer, but what caught my eye was a colour match set at £5.99 - they were cheap and in a colour that matched my towels (also from Argos). I decided to reserve some at my local branch which was when I happily discovered they had been further reduced to £3.99.

        Even at £5.99 I wasn't expecting fabulous quality, as the saying that you get what you pay for is usually true. These mats were packaged in what can loosely be termed a clear plastic bag, but to be honest there might as well have been no packaging for all the point it served. It was immediately clear that the mats themselves are very thin material, although they felt nice and soft to the touch. The pedestal mat was also smaller than normal, although for someone with a small bathroom like myself this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

        Since I've been using these I've noticed two things:
        1) They don't seem to stay in place (but what mat set ever does?) They really need a thin strip of rubber or something underneath to give friction between the surfaces and stop 'floor creep'. That said they don't slide across the floor as you step on them so you don't need to worry about collapsing on the floor in a heap as you step out of the shower/bath.
        2) When you step out of the shower/bath, the small amount of water that's dripping off your body immediately soaks the mat - so much so that if you then move your feet, you can see the sodden imprint of them on the mat. Now of course I expect bath mats to get wet, but I do expect some degree of absorbancy, whereas these seem to have none and take ages to dry afterwards.

        Available in the following colours:
        Super white
        Purple Fizz
        Soft blue

        I have the cranberry set - in the photos online and in the catalogue, this has a purple tinge to it, but in real life these are a rich and deep red. Suffice to say this may be a problem for some people if you can't rely that the colour you see is the colour you will get - I don't know if this 'misrepresentation' of colour is consistent with all the available colours.

        We've had the mats for about 3 months now and aside from the above issues, they're not holding out too bad - when dry they still look almost new and in good presentable condition, they haven't thinned out or started to go bald. However don't buy these expecting them to last a life time, or even a few years - I wouldn't say these are appropriate for the rough and tumble of a family life, but I think they are a cheap solution for a single person or working couple, especially if they have a small bathroom.


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      • Product Details

        Size: 1360mm (w) x 1000mm (h)

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