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Croydex 3 Function Shower Head

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Brand: Croydex / Misc House Type: Shower

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    2 Reviews
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      25.02.2013 21:18
      Very helpful



      better than the last

      We have just had a new shower fitted and it came with the worst shower head you can imagine. It was really short so you had to get very close to the taps to be able to use it. The neck of the shower head was really small and the head was also quite pathetically shaped. I couldn't really complain as I had blindly picked the shower from a catalogue so I decided to go online and buy a new head that gave its measurements and was much bigger than the previous one! I knew from experience that changing the shower head is simple so I knew I would be able to do it myself.

      ==Price and availability==

      The cost of the shower head was £12 and I bought it brand new from Ebay, I was pleased with the price as the recommended retail price is £15 - £20.


      The shower head is white, which was one of the drawbacks that I considered before I bought it. The new shower head is plastic whereas the other one is silver and looks slightly better in the bathroom. The aesthetics are a small part of the shower though as I really was not enjoying showering in the old one. The dimensions of this shower are 350 mm (h) x 170 mm (w) x 80 mm (d.) It weighs 300 g but this does not really come into it.

      The settings as described by the company are: "Saturating: a standard wash, with maximum coverage. Bubbling: light water, soft on the back with thicker more concentrated coverage than saturating. Massage: setting is high pressure water concentrated over a small area. Helps relieve pressure and tension."

      Now I will describe them in more detail and tell you what they are really like! Each setting is easily altered as there is a little lever on the side of the head which alters the amount of water that gets pushed through certain holes, it really is not very complicated nor is it cutting edge technology. The saturation setting basically means that the water comes out of all the holes, the outer holes are the main ones the water comes from and then in the middle it trickles out. I find that this setting is less successful than the others as I feel quite cold when I use it, the water does not come out quick enough. The next setting, called bizarrely bubbling; means the water comes out of all the holes but not the outer section, it is more concentrated and this is a lovely feel, just the perfect shower for me. There is enough water, its warm and the head is big enough to keep all my body warm whilst showering. This is my setting of choice. The last one is massage and the water only comes out of the holes right in the middle. This is the setting i use to clean the bath and tiles with as it is very powerful and like a little jet wash. You cannot wash with it, I do not want to use it to massage with but it makes a really good bathroom cleaner. The head feels so powerful in your hand on this setting; the water is very concentrated.

      ==Fitting and maintenance==

      The head comes with a washer which needs placing on the neck of the hose before screwing the head on. The head comes with a standard thread so you can fit it to most showers. The thread is given the measurements of a standard 1/2" B.S.P. threaded fitting. The head is compatible with a range of shower types; including, Power Showers; Wall Mixers; Bath Mixers; Electric Showers. The shower head needs regular cleaning to keep the holes free from water build up. I clean it with a cloth and make sure it gets hung up after use.


      This is a good shower head when you compare it to the last one but there are much better ones out there. The head is good value for the money, I just feel frustrated with the marketing as this is not a three way shower, all you get is a little switch that alters the flow of the water! I like the middle setting though and I always shower with this setting on, it keeps me warm and there is plenty of water to wash with. The last setting, the one where the water only comes with the holes in the middle; this is very powerful and it is impossible to shower with, you just get a burnt scalp. I like it to give the tiles a good soaking though once I have squirted the bathroom cleaning foam on them, makes a boring job much quicker! Overall, I recommend it if you can buy it for a good price, if not look elsewhere.


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      17.05.2009 16:37
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good idea for a shower head but not as effective as it could be

      I love showers and have always preferred them over baths. Maybe this has something to do with growing up in Australia. I was quite shocked when we came back to England and found hardly any homes even had a shower installed.

      For the first nine years of living in my current flat, if I wanted a shower, I had to make do with one of those shower attachments fitted to the bath taps. What a poor excuse for a shower. Without any fitting on the wall, I had to hold it over my head while the water trickled down. Unfortunately, the higher I held it, the less water came out. This was because we had hot and cold water storage tanks which were on the same level as the shower so there was no head of pressure. We'd asked a plumber once what we could do for a decent shower and our only option was to install an expensive water pump costing over £1,000. So we carried on with our pathetic shower.

      However, this all changed a year ago when we had a new boiler installed. This meant the removal of the old cold and hot water storage tanks and we were now connected directly to the mains pressure. The hot water would heat up as and when we turned on the hot taps. This now also meant we had fantastic water pressure resulting in what feels like a power shower. Ah, the luxury. I was in my element. I purchased a new shower attachment and fixed it to the wall and we're all very happy.

      A few months ago I read something about different shower heads and how different types can mix lots of air in with the water that will somehow saving on your water consumption. So, while in a hardware shop recently, I happened to notice these 3 function shower heads from Croydex and thought it looked like a good choice.

      ~~~About the Shower Head~~~

      The three functions of this shower head are:

      Saturating, bubbling and massage. It's compatible with power showers, wall mixers, bath mixers and electric showers. In order to switch between the different water outputs, there's a little switch just underneath the shower head that you simple slide along left or right and the water output changes.
      They can be purchased in various hardware stores or online or anywhere that sells products such as bathroom attachments.

      This cost me £18 in a local independent hardware store.

      ~~~My Thoughts~~~

      Fixing the shower head was very straightforward. I simply unscrewed the old shower head and took off the washer. The new shower head comes supplied with a new washer so I put that in place and just screwed on the new shower head and was ready to go.

      The first water output setting is saturating. This is basically a very fine spray where the water comes out of the holes around the outside of the shower head. Inside, nothing comes out at all. I don't like this setting as I can almost stand underneath and avoid the spray completely.

      Pushing the slider to the middle setting and you arrive at the bubbling setting. This moves the water output from the outside ring of holes to the next set of holes further in. This immediately seems to reduce the water pressure and produces thicker jets of water mixed with air. It's quite a nice feeling and rather relaxing but I prefer a more powerful jet of spray when I'm showering.

      Moving the slider along and the output changes to massage. This is my favourite. Now the water comes out from the middle holes but is mixed with lots of water and very forcefully. Although the area of spray is quite narrow, the power of the spray is good.

      All in all, although it's useful having different settings, I can't say I'm 100% happy with any of the settings on their own. If the saturating setting came out from all of the holes instead of just the outside holes, it would be much better. Likewise, if the massage spray came out of more holes it would be perfect. The bubbling setting isn't really worth bothering with.

      A good idea but not as good as it could be.


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    • Product Details

      Three function hand set with rub clean nozzles. Compatible with all ½in B.S.P. threaded fittings.

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