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Dunhelm Bunch of Poppies Metal Wall Art

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Brand: Dunhelm / Type: Wall Art

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    2 Reviews
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      29.11.2012 00:36
      Very helpful



      A brilliant way of adding a splash of colour.

      ~*~*~ Dunelm Gallery Collection Bunch of Poppies Metal Wall Art ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a delightful display of metal poppies for attaching to your wall to make a nice feature and add a splash of colour.

      ~ Why did I buy it? ~

      I ended up buying this after reading a review by xxfoxyredxx.

      As much as it isn't nice to say, until recently my mother-in-law wasn't a very house proud person. She was rarely there to notice the mess and shabbiness but after having a new kitchen put in she seems to have all of a sudden gone a bit OCD on us and is now very house proud indeed. She decided that after having smart oak coloured units put in she was going to go for a red and white colour scheme keeping the walls white and bringing in touches of red to brighten the kitchen up, her friend bought her a lovely set of poppy plates/bowls/mugs/etc for Christmas last year so that was the main theme for the kitchen, but as of yet, the dishes are the only poppy related items there.

      We don't have a Dunelm Mill near us and she doesn't have online access and it never occurred to me in the past to look for her, but after reading xxfoxyredxx's review I had a good idea as to what I would get her for Christmas.

      I have decided to do a nice poppy themed kitchen hamper for my mother-in-law for Christmas as otherwise she would have ended up with pyjamas, slippers and a dressing gown again! I went online to -


      Where I typed Poppies into the search bar. I really wasn't expecting the result I got as they have a massive range to choose from, but I knew I wanted this art work and then I added a few other bits, tea/coffee/sugar canisters, salt & pepper shakers, mugs in a metal holder, a small tea tray etc. Needless to say when I finished my total was nearing fifty quid! More than I had intended to spend but as I think these are items she will truly appreciate and use I didn't want to remove anything, so I placed the order and hoped that everything would look amazingly fantastic when it arrived to justify the cost!

      ~ The wall art ~

      I paid £12.99 for this and I was simply going by the review I have previously mentioned as the picture whilst nice didn't look anything too special, however when it arrived I was surprised by how nice it really is, the pictures online do not do it full justice as it is much nicer in the flesh so to speak.

      It comes backed on a large piece of strong black card and is covered over in a clear polythene wrapper. Through this the Bunch of Poppies Metal Wall Art is clearly visable and it looks outstanding.

      The online pictures make it look a bit plasticky in my opinion yet to look at it when you have it in hand, it looks a lot more expensive then thirteen quid. The piece of art contains a bunch of eight poppies, each poppy measures at roughly four and a half inches in length from the widest points and about two and a half inches in height. The poppies are arranged on a green metal frame which makes up the stems, the green is quite light and is an attractive colour, the poppy heads themselves are finished in a deep yet bright red with a black center, amongst the heads are small green buds.

      It is a very attractive item indeed and I have to admit I was tempted to keep it!

      The art work as a whole stands at a very generous 26 inches x 17 inches.

      The overall finish makes it look glazed, shiny and glossy and looks like it would be very easy to keep clean with a simple wipe over.

      Included in the pack are also the fittings to hang it on the wall.

      I think what makes this particularly nice is that there are other items in the range that you can buy to match up all the art work and get a nice bright theme going.
      As well as this Wall Art piece you can also get -
      A poppy sculpture
      A poppy clock
      A photo frame
      A table lamp

      And all the prices are very reasonable.

      Just looking at the product reviews on the Dunelm website shows how nice this actually is and I really hope that my mother-in-law loves it as much as I do, if she even makes one bad comment, eye movement, anything ... It'll be coming back home with me!

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        16.11.2012 23:20
        Very helpful



        A really lovely quality piece!

        Recently I have been decorating my flat and cheering it up at a bit. With plain cream coloured walls at the moment in my living room the walls looked so plain and boring and I wanted a splash of colour here and there without committing too much.

        I had never thought of getting wall art, metal framework depicting allsorts and was going to opt for a couple of paintings however my Mum is a fan of wall art and off I headed with her and my stepdad and their cash to get a few new bits and pieces.

        Now I am a very plain person when it comes to household things really. I tend to stick very much to keeping to a brown, cream and white colourscheme hence my living room being magnolia and my bedroom recently being done in white..... again though my parents are very different to me and although I'm scared to implement colour they are not and I decided to take their advice as they have a lovely home and I drastically felt I needed a change!

        It was my stepdad that spotted this and pointed it out to me. Only costing £12.99 I couldn't believe how pretty it was although I am not usually a poppy fan at all and seeing as we all really liked it he treated me to this one.

        It simple came packed in a a large black cardboard tray and with a see through plastic cover over the front of it so you could see it and check it wasn't broken or faulty or anything and the price was clearly labelled on the front of it and that was it. All we got was the wall art and no screws or nails or anything like that.

        Putting it up was a doddle for my Stepdad....pick a place and use a nail and it attaches well via a small hole in the back of it. It isn't a heavy item and you can use another nail if you want to straighten it though we liked it slightly on an angle.

        I simply love this! It is made from wipe over metal that is meant to be long lasting and durable and it measures 66cm x 44cm (26" x 17") and only is available to purchase in that one size, perfect for where we all felt it would look best hanged.

        What you get is sturdy metal depicting a bunch of poppies. The colours on this are vibrant but still classy and one of the reasons I don't usually like poppies much is the garish coloured red they can sometimes be however this bunch has 8 poppies all slightly different sizes and shapes in a really nice metallic deep red colour with blackish coloured centres to each one of them making them really stand out. They look tin to me and are made into such a way that they appear 3D which really they are. The stems are again a nice rich metallic green shade, thin stalks, some with oval buds on and this is a rather large piece really and looks worth much more in my opinion that the £12.99 we paid for it.

        I simply dust over mine occasionally and it stays put without moving and I actually have now fallen in love as much as my Mum with art work such as this opposed to paintings and the likes! Its easy to take down and move without to much effort and hole filling and this draws the eyes to it without being in your face and also in Dunhelm they have lots of other matching kind of items such as a mirror and a clock (both of which I have as well) so you can have as much or as little of this design as you want to.

        For me this is a nice way to experiment with colour and looks rather unusual. My friends who have all seen it since it has been put up have all commented on it and so it gets a massive thumbs up from me!

        Only available in Dunelm Mill stores.


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