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Elliot & Buttons Mum's Cushion

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Brand: Elliot & Buttons / Misc House Type: Cushion

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    1 Review
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      30.03.2011 15:38
      Very helpful



      a great present that's lasted well besides being given some rough treatment!

      Despite living with her I often by my mum 'just because' presents. Usually, since it's not for an actual reason I tend to pick something up because it catches my eye and has a meaning. This particular present I bought about a year ago. I found it in my local newsagents and it was so cute and the words on it related to us, so home with me it came.

      The cushion measures 38 x 36cm but looks close enough to be a square (I believed it was until I measured it). Around the outside there is a 6cm light pink border; inside which is a white square. The square is bordered by white stitching and in the top right hand corner there is a sown on bright fuchsia pink bow.

      Inside the white square there is a picture of a baby elephant carrying what reminds me of those wicker Easter egg baskets filled with hearts of different colours. The elephant is standing on grass and looks as if he's about to offer one of the hearts to a pair of what I assume are mice standing at his feet. Surrounding the elephant are yet more hearts - some are printed on, some are light pink plastic and sown on, there are also a few butterflies (I've just realized how soppy I actually am now I'm describing this!) There's also a card attached to the top right hand corner where you can write who it's to and from.

      The picture actually looks very cartoonish and is something that would appeal to a child. Whilst it is something designed to be given to a mum I quite like that it will appeal to a child as I feel it would make a nice present that a child can pick out for themselves. Above the picture are words that read "Mums... hold their children's hands for a short while but their hearts forever." The cushion is 100% polyester both inside and out, this is of course exempting the plastic hearts and the bow.

      As I said, I bought this about a year ago now and I expected mum to put it up in her room to try and protect it but no, it's stayed downstairs where it can get sat on, thrown across the room and generally be given some pretty rough treatment. She originally said it would stay down here to be shown off until it started getting dirty at which point it would go upstairs. I guess the fact that it's still down here is testament to its durability. There are two loose stitches, one has worked it's way free from the stitching around that centre square the other I actually have no idea where it's come from. Whilst looking at it for this review I found it sat across the picture but can't see any place that it seems to be missing from. Besides these two stitches however it still seems to be in perfect condition. The bow and plastic hearts haven't come loose at all, the edges aren't fraying and the colours are just as bright as the day I bought it. It has lost some of it's plumpness due to being sat on by countless bottoms every day but it's still extremely soft - the kind of material you want to pub over your skin just so you can feel it (think Lenor advert!) and to be fair it's designed to be used as decoration, not as an actual cushion anyway so it's stood up to this quite well.

      As for cleaning it hasn't really seemed to attract dirt so hasn't really needed a clean despite being in a place where it is likely to get dirty. There are no cleaning instructions provided with it, again probably because it's not designed for use as an actual cushion, but if you do have need to I would worry about putting it in a washing machine since you can't remove the padding. I have a paranoia about machine washing cushions in case the inside isn't dry properly and it grows mould. For this reason I would just wipe it with a damp cloth then put it to dry, based on how well it's stood up to everything else I see no reason why this should be a problem at all.

      I can't remember exactly how much I paid for this but it is available on their site (http://www.elliotandbuttons.com) for £9.99 and this is probably similar to what I paid. For that price I would highly recommend it. It's stood the test of time well, despite being put through some rough treatment and would make a great gift, it was certainly appreciated when I gave it to her.


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