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Elliot & Buttons Pot of Dreams Money Box

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2 Reviews

Brand: Elliot & Buttons / Misc House Type: Money Box

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    2 Reviews
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      14.02.2012 19:53
      Very helpful



      saving my pounds!

      *Please note that I suggested the 'Spending Spree Pot Of Dreams' to dooyoo and they have asked me to put it here as they won't add individual designs*

      'Pot of Dreams' is a range of pottery money pots. The pots are available in various designs including 'Sports Car', 'New Home' and 'Wedding'.

      ~Spending Spree~

      This money pot measures 15 x 15cm (approx) and is designed to be a 'one use' money pot. The pot features a wide slot which allows you to save up coins and notes. It is recommended that when you place your first coin in the pot, you make a wish. To get the money out of the pot, you need to smash it open.
      The 'Spending Spree' money pot is cream coloured and features glitter decorations and images of handbags. 'Spending Spree' is engraved on one side of the pot and the other side features a little saying..

      'A pot to help you save,
      your pennies, pounds and more.
      So you can buy all the things
      you really do adore!'


      This money pot is available from several websites.


      and Amazon UK. The average price for this money pot is £9.99 but it does vary a little.

      ~My Thoughts~

      My family would say that I am a 'money box addict'. I have to agree - I love them and have various tins and fancy banks floating around the house with spare change in them. I personally bought this 'Spending Spree' money pot from a local business attatched to a Post Office. I paid £7.99 last year but would happily pay £10 for another. They are a little cheaper than Terrimundi pots but do serve the same purpose. I also have a pot from B&Ms but this one is much nicer in my opinion!

      ~Design, Appearance and Quality~

      I love the design of this money pot. It isn't massive but it is really pretty. The pot is curved with a flattened base which allows it to sit neatly on any surface. I have my pot in my living room and it fits in well. This pot has a high quality finish. The writing is neat and the pictures are precise and pretty. The actual pot is cream but the colours used on it are really lovely and not OTT.

      The pot has a polka dot design with pink, green, purple colours and there is a small amount of glitter around some of the dots. The glitter has fell off a little in the few months that I have owned this pot. Attention has been paid to the small details on this pot. The handbag drawings have little gems on them which are simple yet classy and add to the overall appeal of the pot.

      I love that there is plenty of design options to choose from. I personally chose 'Spending Spree' as it sounds 'versatile'. These pots would make lovely gifts and are presented in a box. They are very solid and fairly heavy when empty.

      ~Saving My Pounds!~

      These sort of money pots are perfect for saving up for special shopping trips or occasions. As they fill up quite quickly, I prefer to save my higher value coins and notes. I keep my smaller change (1p, 2p, 5p etc) in my Coca Cola bottle. I am currently saving up my coins in this pot for a special trip with my Mum and sister. We are going to go on a trip to the Christmas Markets next year and I would like to have a little amount saved up. If I have access to money I normally spend it so this pot is perfect!

      This is basically my 'Spending Spree' fund for the markets! The slot is wider than many other pots I have seen. I don't think it really *has* to be as wide as there is a chance coins could slip back out if the pot is turned upside down! All the coinns fit it including £2.00 and make a satisfying 'cling' as they hit the other coins inside. The notes fit in with ease - no tearing or clogging the slot.

      The wide base of this pot means I can fit lots of coins in. The pot obviously becomes heavier as it fills up but never heavy enough that I cannot lift it. I have been popping odd coins in for the past few months and would say my pot is 1/4 full. If my estimations are right, I have around £50 saved up so a full pot could accommodate up to £200 of mixed coins. Not bad really and you get a pretty looking pot to have sitting out.


      I will keep saving in my pot until October. I love this pot - so pretty and I am not tempted to destroy it for the money no matter how skint I am - it would be a waste to destroy it! Overall I can recommend this money pot and the Pot of Dreams range in general.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        02.07.2011 11:21
        Very helpful



        A lovely money box

        I have always liked the look of the fancy money boxes, known as Pot Of Dreams, mainly as they are a good way of saving for people like me who are a bit useless at saving! Though I really fancied having one, I couldn't really justify buying myself one as I feel that they are more of a present than something you would buy yourself. For Mothers Day this year I was thrilled to open my present which revealed an Elliot & Buttons Pot Of Dreams!

        For those of you who haven't heard of it before, Elliot and Buttons (an elephant and mouse) are soft toys which now have a range of gifts and collectibles that can be found in many card and gift shops. A pot of dreams is a clay pot with a single slot at the top in which money is inserted. There is no hole at the bottom for you to empty the pot which is what makes it ideal for someone who has no willpower for saving as you have to break it open to retrieve your money!

        The pot itself is shaped just like a pot and has a circular "lid" at the top which sticks out slightly over the top of the pot. The design on the pot is really cute and features a picture of Elliot the cute elephant holding a bunch of flowers which also houses some little diamante dots. Above Elliot you will see the type of pot you have, in this case "Mummy's dream fund". On the back of the pot is another picture of Elliot along with a short verse:

        "Mummy - you're special and so caring too, save your pennies in this pot for your dreams to come true!"

        The lid on this pot is a dusky pink colour which really goes well with the design on the pot and the white background. The pot of dreams comes in a square box which features a picture of Elliot on each side and makes it a lovely gift to recieve - so much so that I couldn't even bear to throw the box away!

        Inside my pot of dreams was a pound coin ready to start off my savings, and initially I didn't want to use it for the purpose of saving as I couldn't even think about smashing such a lovely thing to get the money out. However, my mum told me to stop being soft and get saving in it so I now put any £2 coins I have inside as I thought that would be a good way to save without missing it too much. I have been saving now for a couple of months and would estimate I have about £40 in there which isn't a great deal so far, but each pot of dreams is said to be able to hold £1000 in £2 coins!!

        When the pot is full, that is when you are required to break the pot open so you can count up your money. As I say I haven't got that far but I have friends that also have these pots and they can be broken quite easily - either giving it a good bang with a hammer, or more delicately with a chisel. I have to admit that I will not break my pot open, and have already tested out how easy it is to retrieve the money from inside using a knife through the slot and am happy to say that it is reasonably simple though time consuming so when my time comes that is the way I will empty it. If you do decide to break the pot open, if you carefully use a chisel the remove the lid you will be able to use the pot for other uses - for example placing some artificial flowers inside or even a candle (they are two uses my friend has done with hers).

        The price of the Elliot & Buttons pot of dreams is currently £7.99 and can be found in various gift shops, or online at Amazon or direct at elliotandbuttons.com. There is a good range of pots available - Mummy, Mum, Nanna, Auntie, Daughter, Little Princess, Sister, Special Friend and more and I think they make really lovely presents. I have since purchased three of these pots of dreams for family and friends and have had fantastic feedback from them.

        I cannot recommend the Elliot and Buttons Mummy's Pot Of Dreams enough, it is such a lovely present to receive and not only looks lovely on display but is a great way to save.

        Thank you for reading my review.


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