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F&F Home Lace Cushion Oblong

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Brand: F&F / Misc House Type: Cushion

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    1 Review
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      04.11.2011 13:48
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      A pretty addition to my home

      Near our house we have a regular size Tesco store where we do most of our weekly shopping, however from time to time we do like to travel a little further a field to a much larger Tesco which stocks not only food but household products, clothes and much more, A few weeks ago we decide to go and have a little look around, not wanting anything in particular really, I find that my attention is draw to any items for the house which come in a pink option, whilst looking around the soft furnishings my attention was caught by the F&F Home Lace Cushion in pink and black, I loved the colours and the design, it was perfect for our bedroom, being the perfect shade of pink so I decide to purchase one.

      The F&F Home Lace Cushion is basically an oblong shaped cushion made from a polyester material. The majority of the cushion is made from a slightly shiny black satin type material, towards the right hand side of the cushion as you look at it are a few pleats gathered into a thick pink band, the other end of the cushion is also black but covered in a silvery grey lace fabric, the back of the cushion is plain black made from the same satin type material. The stitching around the cushion is done in a way so that it cannot be seen and is finished to a very high standard.

      The cushion measures 50cm x 30cm, this was the ideal size for what I wanted, I personally wanted the cushion for display on my bed once it was made in the mornings rather than something to rest my head on, it is the ideal size for this as I find it sits nicely in the middle without covering up too much detail of our duvet cover and pillows.

      Although I only use the cushion for display, the length and shape of the cushion would make it ideal to lean against as it reminds me of a mini pillow similar to what you have on your bed, only this one is a little more detailed and pretty. The cushion is stuffed with a 100% polyester material, it is extremely soft to touch and would be lovely and comfortable to lean on, the cushion has plenty of filling in it too which keeps it looking puffed up rather than thin and flat, I find that the thickness of the cushion helps to keep it in place on the bed. I do think however that if you used the cushion to lean or lay on on a regular basis it could loose it puffiness and go a bit flat.

      I do like the fact that the colours in the cushion are quite dark as this means it will keep clean for longer, especially as it is only for display, this is also handy as I have cats who think the bed is theirs, light colours are not the best with black fur. However I have checked the labels and the cushion is actually machine washable, I was pleased about this as it means I can put it in the machine every now and again to keep it looking good, it is also suitable for the tumble dryer, this is not applicable for me as we do not use a tumble dryer, however if you do this is handy as it means you can get the cushion dry quickly, drying time can be a bit of an issue with this item even on a warm day due to the thickness of the filling, this is an item which is likely to only be washed in the summer months when I can hopefully get it dried quickly in the sun.

      Obviously I brought the F&F Home Lace Cushion from Tesco, personally I thought it was very reasonably priced at £7.00, I did wonder what the quality would be like with it being sold so cheaply compared to some other brands of cushion, however it was, as with a lot of Tesco home wear products, of an excellent quality, it was finished to a very high standard and so far appears to be hardwearing, mine is placed on the bed for display however it does get put on the floor at night and I'm sure it has been leant on from time to time but it is still looking in perfect condition. As I have said I do think it would flatten a little if used on a regular basis, however this is not a reflection on the cushion but something which I personally find happens with most cushions after a while. I would definitely say this this was well worth the money we paid for it.

      I would certainly recommend the F&F Home Lace Cushion, it brings a bit of colour into the room without being over the top, it is ideal as a scatter cushion or even as a cushion to use, the shape and size makes it like a mini pillow. The cushion is finished to a high standard and is very reasonably priced. I didn't notice that the cushion came in any other colour combinations but for me it was the perfect colours for my bedroom and is an excellent addition.


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