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Febreze Hollyberries & Frost Aerosol Air Freshener

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Brand: Febreze / Type: Air Freshener

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    1 Review
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      09.12.2013 13:55
      Very helpful



      a lovely, festive air freshener

      ~Holly Berries and Frost~

      Holly Berries and Frost is a limited edition scent from Febreze. This scent is available in different formats including a candle, reed diffuser and aerosol spray. I am reviewing the aerosol spray which is part of the 'Air Effects' range offered by Febreze.

      This aerosol spray can be used around the home. The packaging, to me, is festive and appealing. The aerosol cannister is green in colour with snowflake and berry designs printed on it. The cannister features a trigger spray and should be aimed in to the centre of a room, pulled back and sprayed in sweeping motions for best results.

      Febreze claims to eliminate household aromas as opposed to masking them and this particular aerosol spray has a holly berry and frost scent. Other scents are available depending on your preference. Febreze is made up of a nitrogen propellant.

      ~Price and Availability~

      The Holly Berries and Frost aerosol should be around for the next few weeks as it is a festive product. A 300ml cannister retails at around £3.00 and can be purchased from most supermarkets. You can currently pick up a cannister for £2.00 from Asda and www.asda.com.

      ~My Thoughts~

      When it comes to aerosol air freshener sprays, I favour Febreze. I am happy to pay that little bit extra money for Febreze as I find their sprays to be much better in terms of quality and performance. I recently purchased some new scented bits and bobs for our flat and this included the Holly Berries and Frost aerosol. I was mainly attracted by the festive packaging as I love anything to do with Christmas. I have also tried the Apple Spice scent too and like them both but for different reasons.

      An aerosol air freshener is the perfect and quickest way to give my home a burst of scent and eliminate any unpleasant odours and I always have some in the house. The trigger spray on my aerosol can is simple and easy to operate. I find this product to be very easy to use and within seconds, my home smells gorgeous. A quick pull back of the trigger encourages a very fine and substantial amount of liquid to be released in to the air. I have mainly wooden flooring in my home and find that this air freshener mixes in with the air in my home rather than immediately dropping to the floor. It doesn't cause my flooring or furniture to become slippy or damp in any way.

      This air freshener performs really well. I find it quick and easy to use through the day to keep my home smelling clean and fresh. I also use other products too but like to go around all the rooms and give them a quick spray through the day. It is too cold to have windows open all the time at the moment. I find this particular scent to be appealing. I don't need to spray much to benefit from how pleasant it is and it doesn't induce any coughing fits as it lingers in the air. I find that this aerosol is very effective at eliminating any odours around my home. If I have been cooking something particularly strong in scent, the aroma disappears and is replaced with a gorgeous festive aroma which smells exceptionally fresh, clean and slightly fruity. It is a lovely, natural scent which I am happy to have lingering in my home.

      The scent of Holly Berries and Frost is very bright and uplifting in my opinion. It is a fragrant aroma which leaves my home smelling refreshed and fragrant. It is perfectly suitable for using in all rooms including the bathroom. I find that the scent lingers well in my home and I don't need to keep spraying this air freshener to top up the aroma. The scent is very natural and not overpowering. It doesn't smell like it is packed full of chemicals like some of the Air Wick/Glade air fresheners that I have previously used.

      ~Final Thoughts~

      Overall I really like this aerosol air freshener. It performs well and offers long lasting results. Because the scent and freshening benefits last for quite some time, one cannister of Febreze lasts me longer than most other air fresheners so I don't mind the extra cost associated with purchasing Febreze over other brands. This particular scent and also the Apple Spice scent are perfect for the festive season and I recommend purchasing this product.

      Thanks for reading :)


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