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Febreze Plug & Refresh Air Freshener

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2 Reviews

Brand: Febreze / Product Type: Air Freshener

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    2 Reviews
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      16.10.2011 11:44
      Very helpful



      My favourite plug-in air freshener

      I purchased this plug-in air freshener as it was on offer from one of the supermarkets and I needed something to mask the doggy smell that my labrador seems to emit!! It promised to last up to 90 days (something that I took with a pinch of salt as they all tend to say that and last a couple of weeks) and would alternate between two scents to ensure you continue to notice it. With Febreze products, they also promise to eliminate smells rather than simply mask them, leaving behind a sweet smelling fragrance.

      Before plugging in, I read the instructions carefully to ensure I could prolong the life of it for as long as possible. It advised having it set to low for no more than 12 hours a day to make sure it would last for the 90 days. Therefore, I always make sure I switch the unit off before I go to bed (this reduces the chance of the unit overheating and causing a fire also).

      The unit is fairly unobtrusive with a cream plastic plu-in unit and glass refills. The unit has a little green light that comes on when switched on to show which fragrance is currently being circulated.

      I have had the unit for about 3 weeks now and the liquid within the refills has hardly gone down. It has done it's job of eliminating my dog's odour and is still noticable due to the changing of fragrances. The fragrance isn't too overpowering as some air fresheners are and there are many variations available so you can try new fragrances when your current one runs out. The units and refills are quite expensive, however, as it appears to be living up to it's long lasting promise, I think this unit provides good value for money. I think this will be my plug-in of choice from now on!


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      30.08.2011 11:05
      Very helpful



      my home loves febreze

      Febreze is a brand by Procter and Gamble. They offer a range of scented sprays and plug in products to fragrance your home.

      {Plug and Refresh}

      Plug and Refresh is a range of plug in air fresheners. They claim to eliminate odours within your home whilst scenting the room in which they are placed. You will need to purchase a plug in unit which can be plugged upright into a socket in any room you wish to scent. Refills are also required. The refills for Plug and Refresh offer two different but complimentary scents which alternate every 45mins. Febreze claim each refill will last 80days when placed on the lowest setting for 12hours per day.


      Febreze offer a refill to suit most tastes. Some can be purchased as a pack with the unit whilst others are available as a refill only :

      *Cotton Fresh/Cleansing Rain (pack or refill)
      *Thai Orchid/Oasis (pack or refill)
      *New Zealand Fresh Spring/Green Fern(pack or refill)
      *Spring Time/Simple Moments (pack or refill)
      *Soothing Sandalwood/Warm Amber (pack or refill)
      *White Floral/Delicate Petals (refill)
      *Blossom and Breeze/Soft Jasmine (refill)

      A few others appear to be limited edition but can be purchased through Amazon. These include Melon Splash and Sparkling Citrus, Apple Spice and Holly Berries, Lavender and Vanilla and Winter Evening and Frosty Fresh. Each refill has a total of 26ml of essential oil liquid.


      Once you remove the plastic packaging, you find a bulky, white unit with a 3 prong plug. The unit has two open holes at the top for the fragrance to be released. The lids on the refills need to be removed and the refill should be clicking into the base of the unit before being plugged into a socket. On the reverse, there is a slider to select low or high setting. The refills come supplied in a small, cardboard box.

      {Availability and Price}

      The actual unit is available with a refill from supermarkets. Asda appears to have the best selection and the pack is priced around £9.00. Alternatively you can order the pack from Amazon for around £9.00. The refills are priced around £4.00 in the supermarkets but are often on a 2 for £6.00 offer. Asda offer the best selection of refills compared to Tesco.

      {My Thoughts}

      As you all know, I love to have a lovely, clean smelling home and spend a small fortune of treats for it. Whilst I adore the Ambi Pur 3Volution plug in, I like to try different products depending on what is on offer. A few months ago, I purchased a Febreze Plug and Refresh unit during a promotion in Tesco. I actually purchased this on a recommendation from my Mum who is daft on these sort of things..can you tell where I got my craziness from? I have since purchased another 2 units (whilst down to half price a few weeks ago) and have one in my hallway, kitchen and our bedroom. The units I have purchased have included the Sandalwood and Amber scent and I have used one of this fragrance and kept the remaining two in my cupboard for future use.

      I think it is important to source out special offers especially on products such as this one. I wouldn't pay full price for any unit and this one is no exception. I had a look on Amazon around 6weeks ago and found some cracking deals on refills. I managed to purchase a pack of Apple Spice/Holly Berries and a pack of 3 Spring Time/Simple Moments for around £7.00 inc postage. It is well worth checking this out as some are still on offer whilst others are around £8.00. At the moment, I have one of each scent plugged in so can discuss each scent. The packaging offers a scratch and sniff option which reflects the included scent perfectly in my opinion.

      {Setting The Scene}

      A light indicates which scent is currently being used. Each scent is held within a glass bottle and clicked into a plastic casing. There is a diffuser which runs through the tinted liquid and slots into the unit. This combined with the electricity from the plug releases the fragrance into the air for 45mins at a time.

      The unit itself isn't as compact as my 3Volution and although looks decent enough, it does stick quite far out from my walls. With this in mind, I have tried to ensure the units are out of my son's way. I do however have a habit of bumping them whilst cleaning the floors so please bear this in mind when deciding which plug to use! The unit is very simple to set up and I have mine on the low setting throughout the day and turn them off at night.

      {Soothing Sandalwood and Warm Amber}

      A combination which is simply gorgeous. I find this to be one of the most appealing scents available and although similar to the Ambi Pur one, has a more natural, comforting scent. This is definitely an Autumn or Winter type scent due to its cosy, warm aroma. The scent is quite noticeable even on the low setting.

      The sandalwood is the most prominent scent and comes through strong and has a gorgeous, creamy woodiness about it which creates the perfect ambience for a cosy night in. The amber isn't as strong but is deeper, warm and welcoming. The scents change smoothly and a continuous enchanting aroma which lingers around my kitchen. It isn't too heavy and is more relaxing than it is freshening though keeps cooking smells at bay without interfering with any food. 4/5

      {Apple Spice and Holly Berries}

      I was so happy to get hold of a few of these and they will be back in the supermarket when the Festive season is upon us. Of course this one is aimed at Christmas use but I like to keep hints of Christmas in my home all year round. It is my favourite time of the year so I actively encourage it! This is the perfect combination of scents and is like Christmas in a bottle. Because this is by far my favourite, I have this one in our bedroom.

      This is a delicious smell which freshens up our bedroom perfectly whilst creating that happy, Christmassy ambience. The apple spice is crisp, fresh and ultra sweet with just a delicate hint of spices. The holly berries is very natural in scent and offers a leafy, plant like aroma which is tinged with festive fruits. The change between the scents is barely noticeable due to how well they compliment each other and they are equal in strength. The aroma freshens my bedroom and also eliminates any "smelly man/sweat" aromas! This will be chosen refill for November - December and I recommend purchasing on Amazon whilst they are on special offer. 5/5

      {Spring Time and Simple Moments}

      The final scent I have tried is this one. Its title gives away the season it is recommended for an I agree with this but also believe its ideal for Summer time use. The Spring Time oil is quite floral and fresh. It creates a clean aroma which is tinted with the delicateness of Spring flowers. I much prefer the Simple Moments oil as its light and has a sweet, fruitiness about it. I cannot quite put my finger on it but it reminds me of some kind of berry. This is a welcoming scent which fills my L shaped hall and allows visitors to experience its beautiful aroma when they enter my home. It is quite energizing and because I have no windows in my hallway, it creates an open, airy feeling which I love. 4/5

      {Lasting Power}

      The scent from each oil lingers in the air without becoming overbearing. I did try the high level and found it a bit too much for regular use but would consider changing it for a short period when I know I am expected visitors. Each scent is very natural and reflects its name perfectly. As I said, low on 12 hours a day does allow the refills to last around 10weeks so near enough 80days. The liquid drains down evenly in each oil and the level of scent remains consistent regardless of how much is remaining. Removing the refill is very simple. I do remove the plug in a give the top a wipe with a dry cloth to avoid dust gathering.

      {Recommendation and Conclusion}

      With so many scents to choose from, there is one to suit every home, season and personal tastes. The 3 I have tried so far have all been incredibly appealing and I plan on purchasing more as and when I see them on offer. I am also planning on purchasing another unit for my living room and perhaps one for my spare room. I love the alternation of the scents as I although I don't immediately notice the change if sitting in one room, when I go out to the shop and come back to a different scent, I immediately notice the change.

      The refills are quite highly priced in the shops but for the choice and natural, favourable aromas produced make them worth purchasing. I do feel this unit is more appealing that the 3volution now and have started to slide over to the dark side so to speak! I appreciate going from room to room and experiencing a whole new scent. A high quality home fragrance product that comes highly recommended from me.

      Thanks for reading :)

      Update - since posting this on ciao, I have tried the Thai Orchid one which is simply beautiful and brightens up any room. The current amazon offers include a 3pk of the Melon or the Lavender refills for just over £4.00. The Cotton Fresh starter kit is priced at £4.59 just now.


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