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Firestar Fondue Fuel Gel

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Brand: Firestar / Type: Fuel for fondue sets

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2011 20:57
      Very helpful




      I am quite into my cooking and dinner parties, probably since the Come Dine With Me trend but I am always looking to make really interesting things. It wasn't until I came across an amazing recipe that involved toasting marshmallows that this product caught my eye. Obviously my home does not have a camp fire burning away but instead I did some research and noticed that you can buy fondue gel packs which you light and they burn and are actually a very clever idea but I just hoped they weren't too pricey.


      These Firestar safety fuel packs come in a box which states that there are 3 95ml packs inside the box and on the front is an image of them. When taken out of the pack these pretty much look like cat food tubs. They are in a foil tub with a peel back lid and are easy to open and are not too big in size either so can be kept quite central on a table and are very easy to use.


      You can buy these in a number of places, online on their own or in a pack of 3 which is probably better value for money. These fuel packs are very highly flammable of course and should be kept out of reach of small children. These should also be kept away from sources of ignition and if swallowed medical advice should be sought. Also, if these have contact with eyes then you should rinse immediately with plenty of water and also seek medical advice.

      Now, with these I was a bit uneasy about using them as I wanted no house going up in flames and also I just hopes they were as good as I hoped for them to be. When ready to use, I placed these on a plate for safety and you can just peel back the foil lid and then you are faced with fluorescent yellow gel which I have to say was not what I was expecting. When ready you use matches or a lighter and light the gel and it does seem to light very quickly and easily which is good.

      Once the gel pack is lit, it does stay alight for about 10 minutes at the most I'd say which was annoying as I did hope it would stay lit longer. The gel fuel does tend to spit when lit and it did crackle a few times which frightened me but other than that it did keep a good flame for the party and it impressed everyone. It is a fantastic way to give fire for a fondue set or to toast marshmallows like I did without the fuss of using a fireplace and it is small and portable which is great.

      I do think these are easy to use and they are safe to use but you just have to be carefully. Once the fuel has all burned up it just goes out but in a pack of 3 you are getting about half an hour of flame time which isn't so bad in terms of value for money. These are not the cheapest but I'd say you should get them if hosting a dinner party or something quite fun which has people around this to use it. They are not easy to track down but once you have them in it is easy to get a flame going with these and even if just for the experience, you should try them.


      I looked everywhere for these and was going to buy them online but if you go into John Lewis which is where I finally found these then you can get the pack of 3 like I did for £5 which isn't so bad considering what you could be paying. Another option is to go on Amazon as you can get these from a number of different sellers but you will have to pay postage so it probably doesn't work out that much cheaper. You just have to look around as a lot of online retailers sell these.

      There is no website for these that I can find but if you go here http://www.johnlewis.com/183770/Style.aspx then you will get a closer look.


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